The Bachelor of Medicine degree of UAE is a full post-graduate degree, which provides the graduates with their diploma which enables them to go to their home nations and start practicing. This degree in Medicine is often earned with a Bachelor's degree in Surgery and the combination of the both is referred to as MBBS.

A Bachelor of Medicine in UAE, provides the students with an in-depth study in clinical knowledge and practice. The degree provided by UAE is similar to the degree of US, named Doctor of Medicine.

Within the students of India, there's a rapid increase of interest in pursuing MBBS in abroad. UAE with the highest literacy rates, with the full postgraduate feature of their degree, is a great catch for the students. Moreover, Dubai is a great place for doctors, nurses, dentists, and other healthcare professionals to advance their careers.

Comparing with the top Institute of India, i.e. AIIMS, holding a world ranking of 732, the institutes of UAE secures the world rank of 300s. Also, the similarity of its degree with the degree provided by US is another feature.

UAE currently is thirty-sixth largest economy of the world. It is also a member of the United Nations, the Organisation of the Islamic Conference, the OPEC, and the World Trade Organization. The country is fourteenth largest in purchasing power per capita and has a relatively high Human Development Index for the Asian continent, with a global rank of 35. It is also classified as a high-income developing economy by the IMF. The International Schools Consultancy (ISC) says that UAE has 507 international schools. The ministry of education, of the country, states education as a national priority and also sets up a huge proportion of its budget for the education sector. For Indian students, UAE provides with diverse culture, sunny weather, a variety of educational options, a safe learning environment, travelling opportunities and life-changing experiences.

The climatic conditions of the country are generally dry with the weather being hot. July and August holding the records of being the hottest months, while the average maximum temperature stands at 48°C. Average minimum temperatures range from 10°-14°C in the months of January and February. The average annual rainfall in the coastal area is less than 120mm, but in some mountainous regions it reaches up to 350 mm.

The studies for the degree take around six years’ time period for completion, after building off a foundational year. In the foundation year, the potential medical students complete studies of courses in medical sciences, which include subjects such as Biochemistry, anatomy, physiology. The required medical students are to first complete this foundation course study as it is a must requirement for eligibility for the full medical program. Moving forward to the next step that is to sit for an examination called UMAT, which is required for applying for a Bachelor Medical Program. International students might have to go through an additional step, that is, sit for IELTS or TOEFL for a thorough test of proficiency in the English Language.

Now talking about the course, the first three years of the study, generally consists of building up the foundation in the health sciences of every student and in-depth learning of clinical practice fundamentals. Now here comes another additional feature for the international students, along with the biomedical sciences, the students can take up courses focusing on English language for medical science. Then moving forward to the fourth year, that is the time to put all the theory read during the past three years of medical and clinical sciences into practice. This includes taking part in teaching, practice in hospitals, etc.


Well, all those learning years, and time spent in colleges, does get you a degree. But for international students to get a job you'll need practice or what you can say you'll need the experience to get an actual job. 

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Dubai Medical College For Girls, Dubai

This is the very first private college giving away the degree of Medicine and Surgery in the UAE. Established in the year 1985. The college states a commitment to providing students with education on clinical studies and medicine to obtain the aim of getting an accredited degree of Bachelor in Medicine and surgery in UAE. The institution will get to its main goal by giving a learning atmosphere, also the institution aims to achieve the highest measures of educational intelligence.

The Institute has set its target to create, maintain and glorify the Islamic identity. The institution follows the Islamic code of dressing. The institute is running under the leadership of the dean: Prof. Mohammed Galal El-Din. And is located in Muhaisnah, Dubai, UAE.

The university works in fields such as:

• Dubai Health Authority

• Sheikh Khalifa Medical City

• Hamad Medical Corporation

• Tawam Hospital

• Al Garhoud Private Hospital

The college does the following:

• Healthcare services

• Education

• Development of Business

• Consultancy

• Information Technology

• Sales and Operations

• Work in Research Sector

The only gender allowed are Females.

Fee structure:

AED 100,000 that sums up to 19,47,083.05 INR.


Gulf Medical University, Ajman

It was known as Gulf Medical College in earlier days. It was established in the year 1998. And is a private university in the country UAE. The University states to provide various courses in medicine. Moreover, it is the first medical school to provide admission to both males and females from all over the world. The motto of the institution states Learn fromthe World. The university is located in Ajman, UAE. The institution gives away quality education in the field of Dentistry, Nursing, Medicine, Physiotherapy and Pharmacy. Moving apart from these subjects there are courses which are famous, as they are the most preferred post-graduation courses of the crowd. Some of those courses are Public Health, Clinical Pathology and Toxicology. Apart from these features the University also provides certifications for career and skill development. The ministry of education of UAE has approved the courses provided by the university. The institution has started up a partnership with Thumbay Clinics, Hospitals and Pharmacies which in turn provides lucrative trainings to the students of the university. And moreover, the group also helps running the university for it to reach better outcomes of qualitative education. The vast campus is spread across an area of 25 acres. The university provides all the latest facilities required for the better quality of education. The Institution seeks balance in the academic life of the students.

 The main campus includes the library, classrooms, laboratories and research centers. But the extended campus does include coffee shops, sport complexes, health clubs, ATMs etc. The library of the institution lets the students get access of all the eBooks required for the studies, study materials, notes materials, guides, and even with a separate audio video room.

The college does also provide scholarship to the deserving students. The university has set up detailed information on the knowledge required for appearing in the exams that will provide the students with scholarship for their academic years in the institution. Also, with this the university focuses on internships, as they state that they want their students to get an insight of the real labour world in accordance of the medicine world. The lucrative internships help the students think a little more than just academics curriculum and also pushes the certain candidates to their limits. This at times helps enhance creativity, with an in-depth knowledge of how the real-world works.

Talking about alumni, it is home to 900 plus alumni throughout the world, or simply saying across the globe. The alumni are living up to the standards of the institution, in the career world of medicine. The institution aims to create a strong bond within the students and the alumni and hence it creates a lot of events for them.

For the duration of Six years, the institution has set up its fee of 23.2 lakh per year.


Gulf University Bahrain, UAE

Popularly known as GU. It is another private university, setting its location in Sanad, Bahrain, UAE. Comparatively talking this university is a new one setting up its history in the list of universities of UAE. It is so because the establishment of this university has been done on 17th September 2001. The Bahrain Ministry of Education licensed this university. SAT, GRE, PMI these are what you can officially test in the university premises or in other words, the university campus provides you with the official authority to hold such tests.

Talking about the motto of the university, it's Learn & Contribute. The college campus provides a lot of options to opt for students who are going for under graduation. Saying so because, it provides under graduation courses in finance, administration, computer engineering, medicine, law.

The other offices present in the college campus are: student affairs office, E-learning office, language development centers, certification and consultancy centers, quality affairs office and community service office.

The university has been found on the basis of the vision ensuring quality higher education and providing the strong intellectual and social foundation to the students pursuing graduation from the institution. The college society aims at making their students a great intellect not just in the academic world but also in the real world. So that their education does not get limited up to the boundaries of books so that they can help to build a better society.

This institution is already distinguished as a higher education provided to the international students.


R.A.K Medical and Health Sciences University, Ras Al Khaimah

Here comes the university that falls in the type of government university. The government of Ras Al Khaimah regulates this particular institution. Another institution with a very recent establishment, saying so because this particular institution got established in the year 2006.

Also has a nickname, i.e. RAKMHSU, located in the lands of Ras Al Khaimah. The institution provides again a handful of courses. Starting with medical science, then dental science, pharmaceutical science, and nursing. The institution provides a lot of other activities other than the academic world activities. Such activities are: book fairs every year, medical camps, cultural day, etc. It does allow the students to approach different fields such as sports and culture. Also allows competition among the students and also among universities. Also provides a campus to students of all nationalities. With all of the above mentioned, it provides internships to its students to enhance the quality of working in their students. Another proud affair of the university is that it holds a place in the World Directory of Medical Schools.


University of Sharjah

This is a private national university, with its location in the university city of Sharjah. It was established very early in the decade, in the year 1977. The founder is the ruler of Sharjah, he established this institution with a vision to meet the educational needs of Sharjah. Well, the university aims to become the leading university of the Middle East and around the world. With this aim, it provides campus to the students of all nationalities. One very unique feature of this university is it has various campuses, one in the middle of the Sharjah city, and the other throughout the Emirate to make it reach its aim easier. The goal to provide education should be fulfilled seems to be the motto of the founder of this institution.

This university has 1800+ staffs including administrative and academic. The urban campus is situated in a campus of 36,328 sq. meters, also has a newspaper of its own called The University Forum. Being precise to the location of the urban campus of the university, it is spread I'm the southern edge of the city.

Another feature is that it offers the largest numbers of accredited programs in the whole country, giving away 80 academic degree programs, including 54 of them just for bachelor's furthermore providing 23 degrees for masters, then 11 in Ph.D. Accredited by Higher Ministry of Education and scientific research of UAE.

Moreover, other than that, the university offers a training programs for the surgeons of different fields from that region. The university also has international partners to help them with training programs. It holds the 551st rank in the World ranking of universities also is ranked as the 5th best international university by the government of United Arab Emirates. The university has a student body of around 15 thousand students, providing them with the best quality education, and opportunities. It also contains a Research System of its own for the students to get rid of the chaos required to search for a campus for research. It also supports equivalently the field of athletics.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What is the approx. fee for MBBS in UAE?

ANS: Nonrefundable fee: AED 2,000; tuition fees: AED 1,36,500

But the fees can get altered according to different institutes. But the given data could be used as an approximate amount that might be required.

Q. What's the number of years required in total for the degree?

ANS: It requires 6 total years for the completion of the degree. One year of fundamental studies and the rest 5 years for clinical and medical knowledge. Or you can say the 5 latter years are in-depth knowledge into the medical world.

Q. How to get jobs being an international student?

Ans: You need to have an experience for 2 years to get a proper job. Even you hold a degree without experience you can't land yourself into a job scenario. But then if you are a resident then you don't need this. And also, if you hot yourself a degree say, from India; then also you will require an experience worth 2 years or more to get yourself a job in UAE.

Q. How much does a job in UAE pays you after you got a MBBS degree?

Ans. The average pay would round up to 21,300 AED. The pay depends also on the tank, post, your experience, your practice. The pay could be even less than this or can be higher than this.

Q. Can you work internationally with a bachelor's degree from UAE?

Ans: Yes, you can. The degrees provided by UAE institutes are valid all over the world. You can even apply for further education or you can apply for jobs absolutely everywhere in the world.

Q. Are there scholarships available for MBBS degree?

Ans: Yes there are scholarships available for Indian students for the bachelor's degree in medicine. Although the amount of scholarship may vary in different schemes. And sometimes the institutes you are applying to can also have some rules regarding that. Please check yourself out beforehand to avoid any unnecessary chaos.

Q. Can you apply online for the form as for applying for the degree?

Ans: Yes, there is an online facility for international students. You can even contact the institutes via email.

Q. The study environment is safe for students?

Ans: Yes, it is absolutely safe for the students. The students won't have any turbulence in their academic environment.

Q. Will the climate be an issue for the students from India?

Ans: The heat won't be a very difficult scenario as the average the maximum temperature is 48°C and the cold ranges between the temperature of 10 to 14°C but the sand storms can be a bit difficult for the students from cold places.

To get admission in Dubai Medical college:

For Indian students:

CBSE students:

High School certificate with a minimum score of 75%.

Results of language such as Arabic and Islamic (ministry exams) for grades 10, 11 and 12.

State board students:

Higher School Certificate with a minimum average of 80%.

Results of language such as Arabic and Islamic (ministry exams) for grades 10, 11 and 12.

Admission Procedure:

The procedure for admission begins from mid-May and ends by mid-July this year.

Fill up an online application for the degree chosen. Take care of the requirements mentioned while filling the form.

The documents required for the application are:

• Certificate of board examination of 10th and 12th Standard.

• TOEFL/EmSATs/IELTS score reports.

• Character certificate

• Personal photographs say 6 (the number can vary with institute to institutes)

• Copy of passport

• Copy of ID card

• Copy of Birth Certificate

Applicants should pay the required fee for the application. Also, the applicants will be required to pass an entrance exam of the following subjects:



And a personal interview


Final selection of candidates will be based on the higher secondary marks, scores of entrance test, and interview results.

The selected candidates will be contacted via email within the given time limit as per the institutions might have notified.