Ausbildung in Germany

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Vocational Ausbildung Courses in Germany

Ausbildung in Germany

In Germany, Ausbildung is a distinctive dual system of professional training programs, which provides a combination of classroom-based theoretical education & work-based practical training, providing an apt setting for students as well as professionals to excel in their respective professional careers. One of the notable advantages of this course is that it is accessible to both Germans & non-Germans. The course allows young individuals to undergo an authorized apprenticeship in a specific field while gaining practical experience within the company. This blog will further explore the idea of the Ausbildung program, its advantages, requirements, mandatory documents, applying process, available positions as well as the finest companies that are hiring post-completion of the course. 

What is the Ausbildung Program in Germany?

Ausbildung is a unique program in Germany designed to provide a vocational training program to individuals. This program is aimed to provide theoretical as well as practical knowledge about the profession. The term Ausbildung means "apprenticeship" or "vocational training" in English. It is a structured program developed historically combining on-the-job training with classroom sessions to gain hands-on experience.

Ausbildung in Germany is a pathway program for students coming from non-European countries, seeking training and work opportunities in Germany as apprentices along with a well-structured classroom program at the institute. Individuals known as "Auszubildende" or apprentices are required to split their schedule between working at the job location and attending theoretical sessions at the vocational school in Germany. This twofold approach enables the apprentices to attain practical knowledge of a specific profession while gaining the necessary required theoretical approach to enhance the skills required for the profession.

Ausbildung covers over 300+ professions ranging from plumbing, electrician, clerical posts, baking, and banking jobs to skilled professions of IT and healthcare fields and many- many more. This program is highly regarded in Germany as well as among non-EU students preparing for a successful career in Germany. The apprentices or Auszubildende receive a recognized qualification or certification upon the completion of the Ausbildung program in Germany. This adds to their proficiency in the chosen field of occupation and adds value in the real job market thereby providing them an employment pathway in the respective industry.

Advantages of Complete Ausbildung Program in Germany

Ausbildung program in Germany, as explained is a vocational program to prepare the individuals and polish their skill set required for a specific chosen profession. It bridges gap between the classroom education and practical exposure at the workplace.

Some key advantages of choosing Ausbildung in Germany are listed below:

  • Skill Development: As this program aims at providing practical training to the apprentices, it produces a skilled workforce to meet the market's job demands. It prepares individuals to face market competition.
  • Structured Program: Ausbildung in Germany is a structured vocational program divided into on-the-job training combined with classroom studies about the technicalities of the respective profession. This ensures the systematic progress of the learners in the chosen field to achieve competence.
  • Employability: Successful completion of the program assures the required skill set for the respective profession consequently leading to a valued employee with recognized qualifications and an increased chance of employment opportunities in the long term.
  • Earn while learning: The apprentices are paid modest compensation/salary during the vocational training program. These earnings help the individual to support their living. These earnings are especially helpful for individuals who desire to move abroad but have to drop the plan due to financial constraints.
  • Smooth Transition to Employment: Since this program is designed alliance with industry experts to train the individuals for skills required according to specific job roles, it ensures a smooth transition to long-term employment opportunities. The graduates can directly move to full-time employment on completion of the program.
  • Varied Career Opportunities: Ausbildung programs are available to train candidates for roles available in various industries. The candidates are open to choosing the career option that suits their interests and skill set.
  • Pathway to higher education and full-time employment: Post-completion of the Ausbildung program, graduates are allowed to go for higher studies at the university which helps their academic growth. Also, professionally skilled, they can take up full-time career options in Germany.
  • Recognized qualification: Ausbildung program is recognized all over Germany. Graduates receive a certificate of completion at the end of the course tenure. Further, this enhances both personal and professional growth.
  • Job Security: The demand for skilled labor is high in Europe in the current scenario. Having a skilled set and being professionally trained for a specific job role, provides job security over unskilled labor.
  • Financial security: Unlike any university programs, the structured Ausbildung programs in Germany offer lucrative compensation to the candidates ensuring financial security for them even during the program. The salary varies with the specific industry norms. However, it can be between €600-€1500 per month.

Requirement for Joining Ausbildung Program in Germany

To be eligible to join the Ausbildung program, one should fulfill all the requirements to legally travel to Germany and take up the program.

  1. Educational Qualification: One is required to complete at least the basic education up to secondary level in one home country to be competent to apply for Ausbildung in Germany
  2. Age: While there is no restricted higher age limit to enter the Ausbildung program, the minimum set age is 16 years. The program is designed for young individuals but there can be exceptions. Usually, the preferred applicant's age range from 16-25 years
  3. Language Proficiency: German language proficiency is a must to get into the Ausbildung program. A minimum B2 language proficiency is required. However, exceptions may exist
  4. Residence Status: You are required to have a legal German residence status for the said program. This can either be through the country's citizenship, PR, or a valid visa for Germany to undertake the Ausbildung program. If you are a non-German, it is mandatory to ensure a valid work document or residence document.
  5. Apprenticeship Contract: This agreement outlines the terms and conditions of the training program. It includes the details from the institution offering vocational training in the context of work pay, hours of work, duration of the program, and related details
  6. Health Insurance: A valid health insurance is a must to complete the documentation apply for a visa and undertake a vocational program in Germany
  7. There can be additional documents concerning the industry or role one is applying to undertake the Ausbildung program. Our experts at Jagvimal Consultants can help you navigate through the entire process of documentation and fulfill the eligibility criteria to get an early offer.

Necessary Documents for Ausbildung Program in Germany

Necessary documents for making a successful Ausbildung application may first of all vary depending on the chosen program, region, and vocational school. However, list of common documents & requirements is mentioned below: -

  • School leaving certificates: -Depending on the Ausbildung program, applicants will typically need school leaving certificates from lower secondary school or intermediate secondary school.
  • Proof/ certificate of German proficiency: -The main requirement is that the applicants should be able to speak, comprehend, and write the German language. Having at least a B1/ B2 level of proficiency is important for most apprenticeships, however, it may vary as per the field chosen.
  • Letter of confirmation (German Employer): -It is important to provide a confirmation letter from the relevant employer to participate in the Ausbildung program.
  • Curriculum Vitae or Resume: A detailed copy of the curriculum vitae of the applicant is required, outlining details of educational qualification, work experience & other relevant skill sets in EUROPASS Format.
  • Health Insurance: -Candidate shall need proof of health insurance coverage.
  • Covering / Motivation letter: -A cover letter explaining your motivation for applying to the Ausbildung program with other details of your career goals, and why you are a suitable candidate is required.
  • Letter of Recommendation: - Some programs may require recommendation letters from school teachers, and ex-employers, assuring for conduct, qualification & character.
  • Application form: A duly filled application form with all the valid details is required.
  • A valid passport & passport-sized photos.
  • Accommodation proof.
  • Valid Visa.

Kindly note that the German Mission reserves the right to ask for additional documents as well. Additionally, it is advised to seek complete guidance from a career counselor or educational consultant for an effective & timely application process.

How Can One Apply for Ausbildung Program in Germany

Often denoted to as the center of research and innovation as well as the economic & cultural powerhouse of the world 'Germany' is the 5th largest economy, which has opened its door to non-Germans, who can significantly contribute to the country's commercial growth & development. With a booming economy and high standards of living, Germany is one of the best countries to shape your career & life.

Thankfully, you will not be alone in this journey toward a new life. We at Jagvimal Consultants & Management Services Private Limited. are one of the most celebrated consultants for Ausbildung in India that provides one one-stop service solution to all your queries and doubts about the Ausbildung program in Germany. We take pride in our reputation, being one of the leading, affordable & recognized consultants for Ausbildung in Germany, who have successfully assisted numerous clients by smoothening their career path for Germany. We provide unbiased services to every client, based on their interests and requirements. We have many years of experience and have successfully dealt with many complex and demanding cases. Thus, all your apprehensions about finding a trustworthy and reliable consultant for the Ausbildung program, in Germany end at our doorstep.

Having hands-on experience, and in-depth knowledge of the Ausbildung vocational training program in Germany, our consultants are best placed to personally handle your Ausbildung application in a professional and timely manner. As each case is different, we tailor our services to suit your circumstances, educational qualification, German proficiency level, as well as current dates & deadlines for Ausbildung in Germany. Taking the right path to a successful application is our specialty. We are the most affordable agents for the Ausbildung dual vocational training program in Germany. So what is stopping you? With our help, progressing to Germany for the Ausbildung program will be faster and a trouble-free process.

Set off your future in Germany, a vibrant country with umpteen opportunities to work, study, do business, or permanently settle.

Positions Available in Ausbildung Program in Germany

Germany has more than 350 vocational occupations available in various industries and for each of these, you can find an Ausbildung program. Every program has differing prerequisites and it is possible to find training with any educational background. The most interesting part of the Ausbildung apprenticeship is that from day one, the participant starts getting a monthly salary, doesn't need to pay any training fees, gains sufficient theoretical knowledge, and gets a legitimate entry to Germany's labor market, entitling the participant, to live permanently along with their family. Ausbildung program in Germany, covers a wide range of professions and industries, providing opportunities for individuals to receive practical training and education in various fields. 


Thus, it can be established that Ausbildung is the foundation of Germany’s education system as well as personnel development and is playing a significant role in reducing youth unemployment as well as preserving the country's reputation of excellence. Moreover, it highlights the demand for skilled workers with vocational qualifications in Germany's job market, which remains quite high, making Ausbildung graduates the most looked-for candidates for jobs.

So, 'No more months-long wait' for a place in Ausbildung apprenticeship or 'hours-long Skype interviews', just call at 9982377888 or email us at Skilled specialists at Jagvimal Consultants & Management Services Private Limited will guide you through the entire application process right up to when your visa for Germany is granted.

If you wish then you can find a place in the Ausbildung program.  

Germany calling!  

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Our FAQ's

I have no knowledge of the German language; Can I still apply for Ausbildung program?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to apply for an Ausbildung program in any field without knowledge of German language. Minimum of B1 level of German language proficiency is required to enter the program.

Yes, it is permissible to do a part time or full-time job along with Ausbildung, however there is a restriction with regards to the number of maximum hours that are legally approved. Moreover, it may require approval from your current employer.

The requirements for Indian students for Ausbildung program are as follows: - · B1- B2 level of German language proficiency certificate. · Translated and Legitimated academic certificates. · CV in Europass format · Letter of motivation · Valid passport · Work experience certificate (if applicable)

Ausbildung is a vocational training program which is open for Germans as well as non-Germans or foreign nationals. However, the foreign nationals may require some additional paperwork of B1- B2 level of German language proficiency depending on the selected course/field, translated and legitimated academic certificates (preferably grade 12th completion), CV in Europass format, letter of motivation, valid passport and work experience certificate (if applicable). In order to apply & gain deeper insight and understanding into the application process of Ausbildung, feel free to contact our experienced consultants, who will guide you through the entire process.

Generally, the process is same as getting into other Ausbildung programs, which is, you need to find for the employers who are offering the Ausbildung programs, which you can find on sites like, and also many more sites. You can apply to them via email, in which you mainly need to attach your academic qualification and your Resume or CV. Also, it is recommended to do some research about the program, which usually comes handy during the interviews and gives you a push in the direction of getting into the program.The application should be strictly written in German Language. However, in Dual program, you need a High-school graduation degree, or senior secondary with work experience. It varies from company to company and depends on the course that you wish to opt for.

It totally depends on the field that you are applying in, sometimes you need a high-school graduation degree or sometimes you can also get into the program using your senior-secondary education. However, with senior secondary. you may need work experience as well to get into the training program

No, you need at least B1 certification level in German language to get into the program. Also since your application needs to be in German to apply for Ausbildung, you need to learn German to a certain level, so as to be able to read, write and understand the language. Both Embassy and company demand for the language proof before the approval.

The degree might be Bachelor's, diploma or the Master's, it again depends on the company and the nature of employment.

The salary completely depends on the nature of employment and your work ethic. The more efficient you are, the more you can gain on your salary receipt. for example, you may start from 1300 EUR/mo and it can get higher during the time of the training program, also if you show great work ethic it might get even higher.

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