Popular Ausbildung Courses in Germany

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Popular Ausbildung Courses in Germany


The Ausbildung in Germany also known as vocational training aids students in getting a particular job in a related field. Many students worldwide, especially from India, apply in the Ausbildung Program while going for higher education. This blog will highlight and focus on the most popular Ausbildung Courses in Germany and list some FAQs to redirect your query in simple words. 

What is the Ausbildung course?

In Germany, an Ausbildung course is a kind of training that combines classroom instruction with real-world experience. A vocational training program is another name for an Ausbildung program. Both domestic and foreign students can enroll in this program, which normally lasts two to three and a half years. The Ausbildung program is open to students between the ages of 18 and 24 who have completed their high school education. It is an education system that is focused on preparing students for a specific career in a related field. With this program, students can begin earning money right away. Students in Germany who complete Ausbildung programs earn a monthly stipend in addition to important skills and credentials in industries like engineering, medicine, IT, etc.

Popular 6 Vocational Training Programs in Health

Do you know the most popular vocational training programs in health? Well, here are the top-rated courses of health that you should know. Below is a list of all 6 courses, let’s check them out together. 

Top Ausbildung courses list in Germany


Students enrolled in physiotherapy vocational courses enable the students to facilitate care through physical therapy. The duration of these courses lasts three years, depending on the nation and program.

Anesthesia Technical Assistant

The fundamental knowledge and abilities needed to support anesthesiologists during medical procedures are usually covered in anesthesia technical assistant vocational courses. Depending on the school and program, the course typically lasts between one and two years.

Medical device reprocessing specialist

Medical instrument cleaning and sterilization procedures are taught in the medical device reprocessing specialist course. Generally, depending on the program and institution, the course lasts anywhere from a few months to a year.


Students enrolled in the nursing/midwifery vocational program are prepared to assist with patient care, deliver medical support, and assist in childbirth. Students who complete the two to three-year program will have the necessary skills for careers in healthcare. It integrates clinical experience with academic learning. 

Anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, nursing care, patient care, drugs, and healthcare ethics are among the topics covered for students. In care facilities or hospitals, they obtain practical experience. A valid nursing credential is awarded upon completion. Students get ready for the challenges they are going to face in their real life. For those hoping to work in Germany as competent and caring healthcare providers, this is an essential first step.

Medical-Technical Radiological Assistant

A vocational program called Medical-Technical Radiological Assistant teaches students how to use radiological equipment and support doctors during diagnostic procedures. This program, which typically lasts three years, offers thorough training in patient care and medical imaging techniques.

Surgical Technical Assistant

Medical equipment, sterile procedures, and surgical procedures are usually covered in the Surgical Technical Assistant vocational course. The course lasts for one to two years on average and gives students useful skills for helping with surgeries.


So these are the most popular Ausbildung Courses in Germany that you should know. These courses make you a perfect fit to get the desired role in the healthcare industry. So, if you want to become a next-generation healthcare expert, enroll now in the Ausbildung Program in Germany

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Our FAQ's

Which Ausbildung courses are in high demand in Germany?

The most popular Ausbildung Program in Germany is Healthcare. 

Yes, you can learn Ausbildung in Germany in English.  

To apply to the Ausbildung in Germany, students should meet with following requirements: Completing the 12th grade, National Type D Visa, Aware of the German Language, B1/B2 Visa, Minimum of 17 years

The salary of a nurse in Ausbildung is €2,600 per month.

Well, there are multiple Ausbildung Courses in Germany available and you need to pick the right one as per your preference. Also, if you are finding any difficulty in choosing the right one, you can consult with the WayUp Abroad Team. 

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