September Intake UK, Fall Intake UK Universities Deadline 2023

September Intake UK is the primary intake for the admission at UK universities. In the UK, the academic year starts in September every year. However, admission in the UK universities is also available in January and May. January and May Intake acts as an option for those students who have missed the primary (September) intake.

September Intake UK

September Intake UK is the primary intake for the admission at UK universities. In the UK, the academic year starts in September every year. However, admission in the UK universities is also available in January and May. January and May Intake acts as an option for those students who have missed the primary (September) intake.

Today’s post is only for you if you want to get admission in top universities of the United Kingdom to pursue foundation, undergraduate, or postgraduate courses.

Almost 80 percent of candidates prefer fall intake UK. Just like coin, September intake also has its own set of benefits and drawbacks. So before coming to the conclusion, let’s explore the September Intake UK.

It is essential to look at each step of the admission process. You may think you have enough time, but actually you don’t have, especially if you are an international students. Thus, we have breakdown the steps of admission and discussed all the important details regarding the September intake at UK universities for you convnience.

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Why is September Intake Universities in UK Preferred?

September is the preferred entry for all international students seeking admission to graduate or postgraduate courses. The primary reason to choose this intake is because the academic year in the UK begins in September, and a huge number of universities accept applications for the popular UG and PG courses/programs. Let’s understand this through the points mentioned below.

  • Reason number one why September intake in the UK is chosen is a large group of students because the top UK universities accept applications during the September. Plus, there are a number of options (courses) available when registering for admission.
  • During the September entry for the UK, maximum financial support and scholarships are offered.
  • Students can apply between December and March, prior to their final exams at their previous university, and have enough time to relocate to the UK without having to wait for a semester.
  • The admission calendar for the September intake in the UK corresponds to the academic schedule of students worldwide.
  • You will also be able to effortlessly plan and prepare to take entrance exams, with results arriving just in time for admission.

When to Apply for UK September Intake?

Now, do you want to know when is the suitable time for applying? Admission to institutions in the United Kingdom for the September intake is extremely tough for international students. Since, the universities get a high number of applications, therefore, you have to apply as soon as possible. You can begin the admission preparations one year before the program's scheduled application date. Depending on which course and the university you choose, the application procedure may take 2 to 5 months to complete.

The students can apply from the month of February and March for September academic year. However, When it comes to admissions in the UK, this will always depend on the courses and shifts of the university. If you apply before the September deadlines, you will be halfway through the application procedure by now.

How to Apply for UK September Intake?

You can apply for the UK September intake directly through UCAS, via the online application, or through a university-approved agent or representative. It is essential to know the admission deadline for the September intake at UK universities so that you will not miss the opportunities of September intake. We have described a step-by-step application approach. Let's look at the procedure:

Steps Month Action to Perform
Step.1 April- September Make a list of universities to which you want to apply and research the application process, requirements, and deadlines. Learn about the various financial aid alternatives.
Step.2 June- December Register for and prepare for the many competitive examinations required to study in the UK, such as TOEFL, IELTS, GRE, GMAT, and so on.
Step.3 December By this point, you should have decided on your institution and be ready to fill up and submit your application through UCAS.
Step.4 January- July The UCAS final application deadline for September intake in the UK is approaching, so complete your applications and gather all required papers, such as transcripts, SOPs, and LORs.
Step.5 April- July Universities begin delivering admission offers, so this is the time for you to make some significant decisions. Make an informed decision by considering which university best meets your needs.
Step.6 June - August After accepting the admission letter, you must proceed with the visa application and purchase your plane tickets.

Top Universities in UK Offering September Intake?

In the United Kingdom, there is a lengthy list of universities taking applications for the September intake. Whatever university you apply to, ensure that you put your best effort forward and apply early to take advantage of all the advantages of the intake. The top five universities offering September admissions are the following:

Manchester Metropolitan University is a well-recognized public higher education and research institution in the UK. Its history dates back to 1824, when it was founded as the Manchester Mechanics Institute. Before achieving university status in 1992, the institution went through various structural and name modifications.

Manchester Metropolitan University has two campuses: All Saints Campus in the city center and Birley Campus on the outskirts of the city center.

Manchester Metropolitan University courses comprise around 361 undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs given by several faculties such as the arts and humanities, business and law, health and education, science and engineering, and others. Metropolitan University's undergraduate tuition is between £17,000 and £18,500, while postgraduate tuition ranges between £17,000 and £19,000.

Birmingham City University, shortened BCU, is a public-funded higher-learning institution based in Birmingham, England. It was founded in 1843 as the Birmingham College of Art and was given full university status in 1992. BCU is Birmingham's second-largest university.

With a total enrollment of 26,900 students, the university has the greatest proportion of international students in Birmingham. Furthermore, through nine schools and four faculties, BCU offers 368 undergraduate courses and 312 graduate programs. International students at Birmingham City University are eligible for a variety of financial aid options, including scholarships, student jobs, subsidies, discounts, and grants.

Durham University is one of the most prominent universities in the United Kingdom, ranking 82nd in the QS World University Rankings 2022. It is ranked in the top ten in the world in Archaeology, Geography, Theology, Divinity, and Religious Studies. The university has around 20,000 students and ranks highly in the QS rankings for foreign student ratio. It has more than 300 programs, including 99 undergraduate and 200 graduate programs.

Durham University's top programs for the September intake include:

  • Bachelor of Science in Finance
  • LLB
  • BSc in Computer Science
  • MBA
  • MSc Finance
  • BA in Social Science
  • MSc in Mechanical Engineering
  • MA in Education
  • LLM in Corporate Law
  • Master of Data Science

Lancaster University is another reputable university in the UK education system that is taking applications for the September intake. The institution is ranked 132nd in the world in the QS Rankings 2022 and 122nd in the THE World University Rankings 2022, and it is also ranked in the top 15 in the three main league tables in the United Kingdom. According to the Research Excellence Framework, the institution is a research leader, with research designated as world-leading and internationally excellent. Lancaster University's Top Programs for September Intake are as follows:

  • BSc in Computer Science
  • BEng Engineering
  • BEng Engineering
  • C in Business Analytics
  • Analytics (C)

Coventry University is a 5-star accredited university that ranks within the top 600–650 universities worldwide. It is the fastest growing institution in the UK, with over 30,000 students on UK campuses and over 15,000 students globally. Surprisingly, Coventry claims to educate one out of every seven higher education students in the West Midlands. Coventry University accepts applications three times a year, with programs beginning in January, May, and September. Coventry University's top programs for the September intake are:

  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
  • BSc in Business Information Technology
  • BSc in Computing
  • BBA
  • MSc Mechanical Engineering
  • MBA
  • Human Resource Management
  • MA
  • Master of Science in Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  • Master of Science in Software Development

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Other Universities Offering Fall Intake in UK

Almost 80% of UK universities accept applications for September intake. Hence, you will not get out of the options when applying in this primary intake. The fall intake UK is the primary intake and marks the beginning of the academic year. Practically all programs are accessible during this intake. Explore more famous institutions of the UK accepting September.

  1. University of Strathclyde
  2. University of East London
  3. University of Birmingham
  4. Regent’s University London
  5. Northumbria University
  6. University of Portsmouth
  7. University of Bradford
  8. University of Law
  9. University of South Wales
  10. University of Westminster
  11. University of London
  12. Kingston University
  13. Newcastle University
  14. Buckinghamshire New University
  15. London Metropolitan University

Application Timeline for September Intake Universities in the UK

A number of universities in the United Kingdom are accepting applications for the September intake. But we will never suggest you wait until the UK September intake deadline because the application process for overseas students is complex and cannot be completed overnight.

Candidates can apply for undergraduate courses in the United Kingdom through UCAS. UCAS is a centralized application system process of UK universities that allow the international students to apply for various programs.

However, the applications for master's degrees in the United Kingdom are accepted through the university's online application system, thus, the last dates will vary from one institution to another. As an international student, you should apply at least three months before the program's starting date. Applying a couple of months prior to avoid last minute hassle.

How to Get Scholarships for September Intake UK

The United Kingdom has the unique reputation of being one of the greatest study abroad locations in the world. Various universities in London, as well as other public and private organizations, offer thousands of scholarships to international students in order to alleviate their financial burden.

Scholarships are available to international students in the UK on the basis of merit, need, student-specific, or course-specific scholarships. Aside from scholarships, most UK universities provide tuition cost reductions if initial deposits are made by a certain date. Merit-based scholarships are extremely competitive and necessitate a focused proposal as well as an outstanding statement of purpose.

The UK government, as well as many private and public institutions, provide several scholarships and bursaries. When applying for any of these scholarships, make sure to thoroughly read the eligibility requirements as well as the application deadline. The basic eligibility criteria for international (Indian) students are given below.

  • The candidate must be an Indian citizen.
  • The applicant must have completed his/her higher education in English medium.
  • A strong academic background is required.

September Intake UK- FAQ’s

Can I apply for the September intake in the United Kingdom without IELTS?

Yes, you can apply for the September intake without IELTS if you meet any other requirements for demonstrating English language competency, such as a grade point average of 60% or more in class XII exams, your prior program being taught in English, or by enrolling in a language course.

The application deadline for the September 2022 intake in the United Kingdom is January for UCAS equal consideration and June for sending applications to institutions via UCAS. In the United Kingdom, the final deadline for September intake is September.

You can apply for the UK September intake through UCAS, directly to the institution through the online application, or through a university-approved agent or representative.

There are two principal intakes in the United Kingdom: September/October and January/February. For a few programs, a few universities in the United Kingdom offer an April or May intake.

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