Birmingham City University, United Kingdom

BCU, also known as Birmingham City University, is considered the second-leading public institution located in the city of Birmingham. Founded in 1992. It first came into existence around 1843, placing its footing at the Arts College of Birmingham. Whereas, in 1992, the educational institution was given recognition for opening their two college grounds in Birmingham, which were mainly the center city and the south city hub. Both campuses offered distinctive programs and specialized courses in different areas of study. The slogan of the university is described as ‘attend your business and do what you are doing'; location of the academic establishment is prime and situated in the 2nd predominant city of England, UK. As per data from organizations like Guardians Rank Criterion 2022 with regards to programs, at present, BCU provides admission in four departments of education, such as journalism, design, arts, healthcare, social science, business management, and technology. 

Reasons for Choosing Birmingham City University

The educational establishment in Birmingham City provides a wide range of opportunities for international candidates. This university offers a top level of academic excellence with practical exposure with regards to students. It is popular for making a huge difference in a learner’s professional journey. Some of the key factors to select BCU regarding further studies and shaping career prospects in a better way are as follows:

Core Center for Foreign Learners

An academic institution in Birmingham City has accepted admissions of more than 25,000 foreign candidates worldwide. This establishment welcomes students from different communities and racial backgrounds. The city is quite affordable, attracting a large number of students coming from abroad. More than 40% of candidates' ratios include people with varied cultural diversity, ethnic communities, and diverse nationalities residing in the UK.

Provides Exceptional Amenities

This academic establishment funds various resources provided by the university. In current circumstances, they have majorly financed more than £340 billion with regards to required amenities. It has been enforced so that learners' academic journeys become easy and effective in a variety of industries. These investments have provided support to make advanced, technological friendly labs and excellent centers of education. It is irreplaceable and budget-friendly in comparison to other universities based in the United Kingdom.

Outstanding Work Opportunity

BCU approves candidates to upgrade its research quality with real-world expertise and receive practical work experience. Furthermore, teaching professional aspects required in their specific area of study will help them to enter a competitive market. It places students with big, prominent organizations at international level, such as the NHS, IBM, Cisco, Dolby, Microsoft, and so on. These undertakings also provide attractive remuneration for candidates.

Proficient Tutoring Layout

In BCU, the faculty member’s count is approximately 1800, allowing the learners to effortlessly interconnect with their teachers. This educational institution transforms its study pattern into an adjustable and up-to-date style. It enables students to apply factual aspects learned at such universities in the real world. The blueprint of programs is created to furnish a hands-on teaching style in relation to industrial knowledge.

Top Considerable Points

  • One of the biggest reasons to choose Birmingham City University is to invest in your future prospects. This institute had invested more than £400 million in providing students with a variety of amenities on campus. It also offers various different programs like social science, sports, and quality research work conducted in their advanced lab facility.
  • It offers lucrative job placement opportunities for candidates studying on their premises and getting real-time experience to work with big companies offering professional exposure in organizations like Sky UK, Jaguar, Microsoft, etc.
  • The university curriculum is really flexible and up-to-date with regards to various courses offered for students to further get paid while studying and completing their course under the association of candidate employment services by the university. Furthermore, giving professional feedback to students and attaining skills required in their work applications.
  • Various programs of this educational institution are recognized by the British Architect Royal Institute [RIBA], Chartered Certified Accountant Association [ACCA], Institute of Management for Chartered Accountant [CIMA], etc.
  • There are a wide range of scholarship programs offered to support the education of deserving students, furnishing additional sponsorship for initiating their academic journey with BCU. 

Birmingham City University Programs & Fees

At Birmingham City University, students get to experience a broad range of programs with various facilities provided on campus. There are several courses at both undergraduate and postgraduate level that are majorly placed at the top rankings, holding reputable positions worldwide. It offers more than 12 programs providing expertise in areas like legal studies, journalism, technology, and education, proposing approximately 153 full-time and 41 part-time bachelor degree diplomas. Furthermore, offering post-graduation courses in the UK roughly around 60 programs for part-time students and 133 regular degrees. 

The BCU fee structure in general is budget-friendly and majorly preferred as a prominent destination to study abroad by international candidates. This educational institution does not impose additional costs, like enrolment fees, on foreign candidates. In most cases, tuition expenses vary from 13,500 to 20,000 GBP, approximately, in the upcoming session for the bachelor program. On the other hand, in post-graduation courses, fee structure is estimated somewhere between 11,500 and 20,000 GBP, while a doctorate degree [PH.D.] in a specialized field consisting of tuition costs approximately 15,500 GBP. Whereas, the cost of residing in the UK is roughly around 10,000 GBP.

MSc in Mechanical Engineering - 1 years

Intake: Jan,Sep

Tuition Fees: 16,870/year

MSc in Islamic Finance - 1 years

Intake: Sep

Tuition Fees: 16,870/year

MSc in Finance - 1 years

Intake: Sep

Tuition Fees: 16,870/year

Birmingham City University Rankings

The rank criterion is a significant factor in determining topmost academic establishment based in the UK. Such factors position BCU considering their characteristics and practices. The university is regarded as one of the most renowned educational institutions located in Birmingham city, UK, among top 100 universities in the United Kingdom. As per Times Higher Education, Guardian, and Complete Guide Ranking classifications.

In the QS Ranking of World University 2023, BCU has been positioned from 1001 to 1200 rank, offering various courses and degrees to students coming from abroad.

The Times Higher Education Ranking System 2023 has positioned this educational institution on or after 501 to 600 with regards to specialization in humanities and arts-related courses. It has placed healthcare and clinical programs ranging from 201 to 250.

The Complete Guide to Universities Rankings based in the UK 2023 has been positioned at 89th rank. The courses offered by BCU have been ranked on an individual basis. In the case of Business Administrative study, complete guide has been ranked at 103rd position. The Finance and Accounts department is positioned on 88th rank. Various other disciplines, like civil engineering on 52nd, Electronic engineers are ranked at 57th position, and automated technology related course is placed on 62nd grade, computed science is ranked at 89th position, the study of psychology has been put within 70th position, arts & design is positioned at 53rd rank. Other programs like journalism and media are placed on 24th rank, while nursing and legal studies have been ranked at 46th and 81st spots, respectively. In 81st position, the study of sociology is listed within Complete Guide UK Rankings 2023.

On the other hand, the Guardian Ranking System upholds educational institutions based in the UK at 100th position, providing a variety of courses. Firstly, business and administrative study ranked at 95th; secondly, accounting and finance are placed at 82nd. Thirdly, the placement of courses related to economics listed in the 55th position. In fourth place, the civil engineering course was ranked 33rd as per the Guardian ranking criteria. Other programs and degrees offered by educational institutions based in the UK are positioned depending on various factors, like academic excellence, etc. Where electrical and electronics engineering is put by the organization at 35th position, architectural diploma degree is placed on 37th rank. Mechanical engineering is being positioned within the 64th grade. The study of media and communication is at 49th place. In accordance with the Guardian list, School of Acting and Theatre in 31st position. Whereas, sociology and legal studies are positioned simultaneously at 81st and 89th ranks. 


This educational establishment offers scholarship programs for students in order to provide support and provide financial aid with regard to their education. The BCU fee range is quite cost-effective, where the university awards grant of 2000 pounds. Henceforth, a studentship program is provided for every student. Here are some scholarships for various courses offered by BCU, such as:

A scholarship offered for the bachelor's program is permitted to candidates passing their senior secondary education with outstanding grades. There are several degrees exempted from scholarship by the university, such as the Chartered Certified Accountant Association, nursing, and midwifery programs. Generally, admissibility norms for deciding deserving candidates for studentship are determined by an individual’s academic excellence or if they have passed their 12th standard above 65% marks. In this case, BCU will provide a grant of around 2000 pounds.

Scholarships furnished by the university with regards to master’s courses rely on their undergraduate program scorecard. Students can benefit from various scholarship initiatives just by applying on the BCU portal. Where eligibility criteria for determining capability of a candidate to avail scholarship requires an individual graduating with a score of 65% or higher before receiving a studentship grant of 2000 pounds, approx. However, in cases where the candidate has passed their bachelor program below 60%, a scholarship of at least 1000 to 1500 pounds might be offered by the university. Scholars pursuing doctorate degrees are not admissible to avail scholarship schemes at Birmingham City University. 

Birmingham City University Entry Criteria

The most important question that arises within the minds of international students applying to a UK-based university, BCU, is related to entry-level criteria. It requires candidates to adhere to the following criteria. In undergraduate courses, this educational institution permits students to have marks between 55 to 60% in their senior secondary grade. While enrolling in a post-graduation degree, candidates should score 55 - 60% at their graduation. However, there are certain exceptions to this, where a student passed out of a qualified academic establishment with 50% marks can study master’s program at BCU. There are certain admission criteria followed as per the norms of the university, such as:

  • Firstly, in terms of educational qualification, if a candidate wants to pursue a bachelor’s degree, they must score above 55 to 60% in their senior higher grade. The same criteria applies if the learner is looking for a master's course at BCU, where required marks are 55 - 60% in bachelor's program. Lastly, students aspiring to enroll in a doctorate degree are eligible if they complete their post-graduation somewhere between 65 and 70% marks.
  • Secondly, as per requirement, candidates must have cleared the IELTS exam in order to pursue a bachelor's or master’s degree. The student should score 6.0 or 5.5. Whereas, if a scholar is aiming for PhD courses in a specialized area of study, then their IELTS must be 7.0/7.0.
  • Thirdly, individuals appearing for the PTE test must attain 59 to 64 or above marks for pursuing a masters or bachelors program at BCU. On the other hand, in the case of doctorate degree, PTE score is not accepted.
  • Fourth, the TOEFL score should range from 72 to 80 or above for studying undergraduate or postgraduate courses at BCU while enrolling in Ph.D. program this scorecard is not admissible.
  • There are several language learning courses, like Duolingo, which is not approved by BCU.
  • Other language programs, like the Medium of Instruction Certificate [MOI], are accepted by BCU in masters and bachelors courses, whereas in doctorate degrees, such credential does not hold any value. Thus, it is not admissible as per university norms.
  • The Common Letter of Recommendation [LOR] holds great value. To pursue undergraduate courses, students should submit at least one reference letter. On the other hand, candidates should submit two LOIs for admission in post-graduation and doctorate degrees at Birmingham City University, UK.
  • The students applying for various courses at BCU are encouraged to submit their professional experience with their application form.

Whereas academic institutions based in the UK rarely approve language proficiency credentials like Duolingo and MOI, BCU necessitates an English Linguistic Assessment scorecard like IELTS as a basic requirement with regards to admission criteria. 

Birmingham City University intake

Birmingham City University most probably takes intake twice a year. Students coming from abroad can apply at BCU During January Intake and September Intake. It is compulsory for candidates to obey the timeline of enrolment form and submit it before the closing date. This educational institution starts their admission opening in autumn during September and closes its application somewhere in the last month of June. On the other hand, during spring season, a second intake is initiated, starting from January and closing their enrolment form by the end of October. 

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Our FAQ's

What is the approval ratio at Birmingham City University?

This educational institution mainly approves applications of students coming from overseas, depending on numerous factors like their individual description and educational qualifications, with other credentials depending on the level of program. In general, acceptance rate with regards to students enrolling in BCU is estimated at approximately around 52%.

Definitely, BCU is regarded as a top-tier university in the United Kingdom. This academic establishment offers up-to-date facilities and big campus grounds for candidates coming from abroad. It is also located in the prime location of Birmingham city, England. Moreover, BCU is considered as an esteemed educational institute, offering world-class learning experiences and practical exposure to students, resulting in academic excellence. The university provides different types of scholarship programs for each candidate at global level.

The selection criteria for students enrolling at BCU differs in accordance with the specified area of study and degree chosen by the student. Whereas, basic admissibility norm for pursuing a bachelor degree requires foreign students to score 55% in their senior higher education. On the other hand, a master’s degree demands international candidates passing their graduation with 50% marks.

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