July Intake Universities in Australia

Australia has recently gained popularity and is now the third most popular destination for study abroad. When planning to study abroad, the most important things for an aspirant to know are intakes and deadlines. In Australia, universities typically have two intakes per year, in February and July.

July Intake Australia 2024

Australia has recently gained popularity and is now the third most popular destination for study abroad. When planning to study abroad, the most important things for an aspirant to know are intakes and deadlines. In Australia, universities typically have two intakes per year, in February and July.

In Australia, the secondary entry intake occurs in July, and students can choose from among the limited courses. Despite this, a considerable proportion of international students chose to study across disciplines during this intake.

Academic excellence and research at Australian institutes are internationally recognized.

As can be seen, as the number of applications increases, so does the competition for enrollment, which is why it is important to know the July intake in Australia. Read the entire blog to learn everything there is to know about Australia's July intake.

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Why Is July Intake Universities in Australia Preferred?

International students choose to enroll in both intakes. The second intake, July, offers a good range of courses for admission.

If you're unsure about which intake to choose in Australia, here's some guidance.

As previously mentioned, February (also known as "semester 1") is the main intake in Australia, and nearly all courses are offered during the February intake by almost all universities. Universities also offer courses in July, so if you are unable to gain admission in February, July is a nice option for you.

Indian students typically prefer the July intake. In circumstances where final results are awaited, Australian universities allow for conditional acceptance. Because results at Indian schools and colleges are typically announced around May and July, this provision may be useful to you. This allows you to begin your visa application without having to wait and waste time.

The July intake in Australia is the most popular among Indian students since it allows them adequate time to organize their application documents, acquire reference letters, write CVs and resumes, and get their mark sheets from their universities.

Though the February intake has a larger number of courses accessible in Australia, the July intake can be equally desirable for the reasons stated above.

When to Apply for Australia July Intake?

To ensure that you can pursue your chosen course at your desired university in Australia, apply as soon as the application is made accessible on the university's official website.

Because each university has a different application date for each intake, the application process should be planned accordingly. Start preparing 6 months before, complete the language and entrance tests within three months, and devote the remaining time to the admission and visa requirements.

By November, you should start shortlisting universities where you want to study and start prepare for your application. The majority of the university brochures were available online more than a year ago.

How to Apply for Australia July Intake?

If you're considering joining one of Australia's institutions, you can find the step-by-step application for July here:

Month Action to Perform
From August through November: This phase serves as the framework or foundation for the July intake in Australia. During this time, students should have narrowed down the colleges they want to apply to and the courses they want to pursue.
By December through February: Prepare for and take standardized English language proficiency tests such as IELTS, TOEFL, or PTE, as well as additional entrance examinations such as the GMAT or GRE, whichever are accepted by Australian colleges.
During February to March: Students must apply to the shortlisted universities in Australia for the July intake by signing and filing the application forms, as well as submitting the needed documents and transcripts.
Between March and April: At this point, students must just wait for a confirmation from the universities. Students in Australia only need to wait for an offer letter for the July intake.
April-July: If a university has responded positively to a student's application for the July intake in Australia, students should apply for a student's visa to pursue their undergraduate, postgraduate, or Ph.D. studies in Australia.
By this time, students must also check for and arrange education funding, as well as visa applications and approval. To support their university fees, students might verify and research university scholarship programs, government scholarships in Australia for international students, student or education loans, and so on.
July: Look into lodging options in Australia so that you have a place to stay when you arrive. On-campus housing (if provided by the college), private hostels, PGs, and other alternatives are available.

Top Universities in Australia Offering July Intake

Check out the top universities that offer July admission to international students pursuing higher education.

The Australian National University, founded in 1946, is an open research university in Canberra, Australia. The main campus of the university is in Acton, and it consists of roughly seven colleges offering educational and research-based courses.

The Australian National University is the only university founded by Australia's parliament. The 2022 QS World University Rankings place it first in Australia and the Southern Hemisphere, and it ranks second in Australia in the Times Higher Education rankings. It is one of the world's most prestigious institutions.

The Australian National University offers undergraduate and graduate courses in six broad disciplines: law, medicine, business and commerce, the arts, engineering, and natural and physical sciences.

National and international students can apply for a variety of Australian National University Scholarships.

The University of Western Australia is a public research university in Western Australia that was founded in 1911. It is the sixth oldest university in Australia and is known as one of the "sandstone universities," an informal name given to the state's oldest university.

It could be a fantastic option for you if you wish to pursue a career in research. "Seek wisdom" is their motto. Two UWA academic members have received Nobel Prizes for their research at the university.

The following distinguishes the University of Western Australia College from other universities: Students at UWA have numerous chances for intellectual advancement. They emphasize practical experiences in order to stimulate students' interest in the subject.

The university offers over 290 programs, allowing students to select the course of their choice.

The University of Adelaide was founded in Adelaide, South Australia, in 1874. It is Australia's third-oldest university and a public research university. The main campus of the University of Adelaide is located on the north terrace in the Adelaide city center, near the South Australian Art Gallery, the South Australian Museum, and the South Australian State Library.

Adelaide, Roseworthy, Melbourne, and Urrbrae are the university's four campuses. The main faculties are science, profession, health and mental sciences, arts, engineering, computer science, and mathematical sciences. There are various reasons why students should attend the University of Adelaide. Adelaide is significantly more affordable than any other Australian metropolis.

Adelaide's internship and career possibilities are plentiful, making it an excellent alternative for students who graduate from the University of Adelaide.

It also boasts excellent living alternatives for international students, making it the finest area to reside for international students.

There is no better way to prepare students for life's problems than to study at UTS, a renowned institution. The university was founded in 1988 as a public research university. The main campus of the University of Technology Sydney is located at 15 Broadway, in Sydney's technology area.

The University of Technology Sydney QS Ranking is among the world's top 150 universities, with a future focus on learning and research. The University of Technology Sydney offers courses leading to 160 graduate and 210 postgraduate degrees in areas such as health, science, arts, social sciences, design, architecture, building, engineering, and information technology. Furthermore, international students make up approximately 21% of the entire student body at the University of Technology Sydney.

Students can get the scholarships from the university based on their merit, athletic ability, and extraordinary achievement. Scholarships available at the University of Technology Sydney include the PS Excellence Award, PS Full Tuition Scholarships, and others.

The University of Queensland is a famous Australian public research university located in Brisbane. It is the third oldest and largest university in Queensland, having been founded in 1909. The University of Queensland is one of the most prestigious universities in Australia, as it has a lengthy track record of generating world-class research and education.

The University of Queensland is well-known for its business, health sciences, engineering, information technology, and science research and teaching.

UQ is known popularly as a "sandstone university," since its main campus is built on 100 hectares (250 acres) of sandstone. The Academic Ranking of World Universities places it in the top 1% of universities worldwide (ARWU). The Times Higher Education ranks it first among Australian universities. The average cost of living for a bachelor's degree is around $58,840 AUD.

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Curtin University
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Other Universities Offering July Intake in Australia

Here is an exclusive list of top Australian universities that offer July Intake, along with their average tuition costs:

University of Melbourne AUD 40,000 per year
University of Sydney AUD 10,000 per year
University of New South Wales USD 16,000 per year
Monash University AUD 37,050 per year
Curtin University AUD 9000 per year
RMIT University AUD 33,000 per year
Queensland University of Technology AUD 30,000 per year

Application Timeline for July Intake Universities in Australia

The deadlines for submitting applications differ at each university in Australia. However, the July intake deadline is usually between February and April. Due to the large number of candidates and competition, international students are typically admitted on a first-come, first-served basis.

Most institutions close the application portal in February for full-time bachelor's programs; however, the deadlines for PG courses are in March, and the deadlines for diploma, online, or foundation courses are in April.

Keep in mind that it is a general deadline, and for many universities, it will vary depending on the course. When deciding on a course and university, the best way to be prepared on time is to check the deadlines on the official website for the specific courses.

How to Get Scholarship for July Intake Australia?

When it comes to higher education abroad, Australia is one of the most popular destinations, and it's expensive too. The country offers high-quality education, professional faculty, a varied selection of courses, as well as numerous research and career opportunities to overseas students.

To help with finance, there are various scholarships for international and national students. If you match the requirements, you can apply for a variety of scholarships while studying in Australia. For international students, there are numerous university, organization, and government scholarships available.

Minimum Scholarship Requirements (International)

Scholarships are awarded on the basis of merit, and students must demonstrate their eligibility for the scholarship to which they are applying. There are no scholarship qualifying exams in Australia. Students may be required to take the IELTS exam to demonstrate their English language proficiency.

July Intake Australia- FAQ’s

Is Australia a decent country for Indian students to study?

Yes, it is a great option! The cost of study is a big drawback for Indian students. In addition to offering generous financial opportunities, Australia permits students to work part-time.

The most important element to consider when studying abroad is the environment. Australian universities have two intakes, with the February intake being the more popular among international students wishing to study in Australia.

Experts advise starting the application procedure at least six months before the deadlines to allow for other processing.

Yes. The majority of overseas students come to Australia to further their studies. If you have finished your higher education and passed the language test.

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