Yangzhou University, China

Yangzhou University is established in Jiangsu province with the cooperation of the Jiangsu Provincial People’s Government and the Ministry of Education of China. It was started in early 1902 with a motto of perseverance and self-reliant. The university has established more than 50 ministerial or provincial-level teaching and research platforms including a joint international laboratory. The university conducts scientific research to serve the community and aims to achieve major scientific innovations and breakthroughs in key technologies to transform them into advanced productivity.

MBBS in Yangzhou University Facts & Figures

  • Yangzhou University has a total of 29 Colleges and schools affiliated with the government.
  • University covers a campus area of about 659.77 acres having luxurious facilities.
  • Currently, more than 12000 graduate students, 26000 undergraduates, and 2310 international students are enrolled in the university.
  • 5900 professionals and technical faculty have given their service to the university including the university hospitals.


Yangzhou University has almost 29 schools or departments. Some of the different disciplines are listed below:-

  • Basic Medical Sciences
  • Clinical Medicine
  • Medicine
  • Public Health
  • Nursing
  • Pharmaceutical Sciences

Benefits of doing MBBS in Yangzhou University

  • The university library has a book volume of 4.29 million having 100, 000 volumes of thread-bound ancient books, 2.576 million e-books, 79, 000 e-journals, and 140 databases.
  • A prestigious pioneer university in China.
  • According to ESI Intel Discipline Ranking Yangzhou University was in the top 1% of universities worldwide.
  • The affiliated hospital conducts clinical practice.
  • The university has almost 261 universities and institutions in 47 countries of the world.
  • For boys and girls, there are exclusive dormitory facilities with 24-hour security on the university campus.
  • The Teaching College of Yangzhou University is a qualified, skilled, and widely acclaimed research scholar
  • It has many national and municipal key disciplines, laboratories, and some post-doctoral research exchange institutes.
  • Advanced teaching facilities to deliver quality education.
  • The MBBS tuition fee in China at Yangzhou University is low as compared to different institutions.
  • Classes are taught in English only, and there is no need to learn Chinese as a learning language.
  • No donation is required for admission.
  • The campus of Yangzhou University School of Medicine has high-end research facilities and more than 300 research projects have been completed.
  • Opportunities for internships and scholarships at Yangzhou University.

Yangzhou University Programs & Fees

   Fees 1st Year 2nd Year to 6th Year
   Tuition Fee

30,000 RMB

3,60,000 INR


30,000 RMB

3,60,000 INR

   Hostel Fee (Triple Sharing)

4,500 RMB

54,000 INR


4,500 RMB

54,000 INR


   Visa Extension & Insurance

1,400 RMB

16,800 INR


1,400 RMB

16,800 INR


   Registration Fee

600 RMB

7,200 INR


100 RMB

1,200 INR


   Physical Examination

350 RMB

4,200 INR


   Yearly Total

36,850 RMB

4,42,200 INR


36,000 RMB

4,32,000 INR


   Total Expense in 6 Yrs

2,16,850 RMB

26,02,200 INR

1 RMB- INR 12/- (as on 14th July 2022) 


Jiangsu Jasmine Scholarship
In order to promote and develop higher education quality for international students at the Jiangsu province, the provincial government of Jiangsu has set up Jiangsu Jasmine Scholarship for international students. Jiangsu is into the list of preferred study locations among the students. Nanjing Medical University, one of the topmost universities of the province is designated by the Jiangsu Provincial government to recruit meritorious international students and scholars for full-time study, who will be supported by the government to study under this scholarship program.

Funding criteria
This full scholarship funding program allows tuition fee waiver, textbooks subsidy, accommodation fee waiver (university accommodation) and comprehensive medical insurance.

Under the Partial Scholarship Scheme, the fee can be waived off is CNY 30,000 per academic year. This supports an undergraduate/postgraduate students and the duration of the scholarship is one academic year.

All graduate-level majors accept this scholarship application except the College of Foreign Languages.  

Eligibility Criteria
1. The applicant must be a non-Chinese citizen

2. The application must fall under the following education background and age limit criteria

  i). Bachelors program student must be a high school graduate and not more than 30 years.

  ii). Masters degree applicant must be a Bachelors degree holder and not more than 35 years of age.

  iii). A Doctoral degree applicant must be a Masters Degree holder and age not more than 40 years.

3. The competitive academic record of the student is a must.

4. Strong scientific research ability is also a mandatory requirement for an applicant

5. An applicant for Chinese taught program must have successfully qualified HSK5 whereas an applicant for an English taught program must come from an English speaking country or with minimum one-year qualification in said discipline or must have the certificate of IELTS >=6 or TOFEL  >=70

Application deadline for Jasmine Jiangsu Scholarship is usually in the month of June every year. Yet one must keep himself/herself updated with the notifications from Jasmine Jiangsu Government Scholarship Committee and College of International Education.

Campus Location

Yangzhou University is situated in Yangzhou, Jiangsu province, People's Republic of China. The city Yangzhou is sitting in the north of Jiangsu and comes in a subtropical monsoon climate region with having an annual temperature 15.7-degree centigrade.

Address: 99XQ+JXJ, Hanjiang District, Yangzhou, Yangzhou, Jiangsu, China, 225012
City & Province:Yangzhou & Jiangsu
Distance from Shanghai - 273.2km/ 3h 14mints only
Nearest Airport: Nanjing Lukou International Airport

Yangzhou University Entry Criteria

  • PCBE 70% in 12th
  • NEET 200

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Our FAQ's

Which language knowledge is required in studying from Yangzhou University?

Yangzhou University offers MBBS program is in English.

Yangzhou University require the TOEFL examination or the IELTS for all international applicants whose primary native language is not English and who attend a non-English speaking secondary school. Minimum scores recommended for TOEFL and IELTS are 80 and 6.0. Students also can take the Placement Test at Yangzhou University with the passing score.

Generally you can find hostel fee for the international students in the university having charges of 52000 INR per year.

There are various scholarships which Yangzhou University offers for international students such as Chinese Government Scholarship (CGS), Confucius Institute Scholarship(CIS), Henan Provincial Government Scholarship(HPGS), Yangzhou University President Scholarship(PS) etc.

Physical Examination Record with blood test results (Hepatitis B surface antigen, HIV, syphilis, and TB) within six month. Anyone with chronic disease or genetic disease is needed to notify International School. No criminal offense Certificate provided by local Police Department within six months.

University Type Public
Year of Establishment 1902


Yangzhou city, Jiangsu

Contact Details

Address 99XQ+JXJ, Hanjiang District, Yangzhou, Yangzhou, Jiangsu, China, 225012

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