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MBBS in China

MBBS in China is one of the world's top medical destinations, which offers 2 medical programs for medical aspirants. The first program is known as  MD (Doctor of Medicine), with a duration of 3 years, and the second undergraduate program with 5 years of theoretical and practical training with 1 year of internship. China has 45 medical universities recognized by top medical institutions such as NMC, WHO, and IMED. The overall tuition fee for the 5+1 years MBBS program is very affordable for Indian students up to 30 lakh with world-class medical facilities. After completing the MBBS program, those medical students who want to medical practice in India need to qualify NEXT(National Exit Test). It's a mandatory test which one should require for medical licenses in India. MBBS in china also gives medical students the license to work in China with handsome salary packages, up to 65% higher with a proper healthcare system than Indian standards.

Quick Facts of MBBS in China for Indian Students are Given Below -

  • Affordable Fee Structure
  • Top Infrastructure
  • Qualifying NEET mandatory
  • The minimum fee starts from 20 Lac
  • Minimum Eligibility Criteria
  • Scholarship up to 40K Per Year
  • Recognized by NMC, FAIMER, WHO.
  • Most of China's Medical Universities are Government Funded.
  • 45 medical universities in China are recognized by the Medical Council of India

Why to Study MBBS from China?

Over the years, the medical education of China has attracted students. Each year, many indian students travel to China for their medical education. 

  • The country is technologically and medically advanced to teach the new methodologies
  • There are 45 NMC approved Government universities
  • The universities rank high on a global scale
  • An easy admission process without any entrance test
  • MBBS in China is affordable
  • Universities offer scholarships to meritorious students
  • Living expenses are fair
  • The medium of instruction is English
  • The course duration for MBBS in China is 5+1 year (including 1 year of clinical practice)
  • Internship completed in China is valid in India
  • Vast international exposure
  • China is a developed country and the universities have the world-class infrastructure to offer to their students
  • Many Indian students already studying MBBS in China, create a sense of oneness for the newly arriving students
  • MBBS degrees awarded in China are globally accepted
  • The varied culture of China provides learning opportunities for students
  • Travel connections between the two countries are very well developed since we are neighbors. 
  • China is a safe country to live

Education Loan Procedure to Study MBBS in China

Those medical aspirants whose parents are not capable of paying the tuition fee and other expenses to study MBBS in China can avail of an education loan. Many nationalized banks offer education loans to the candidate’s parents as per their income proof or under the property mortgagee bank loan products. The banks also put the student as co-applicant to secure their money for the future. These days there are various public sector banks, NBFC and private funding firms are available in the market which provide easy EMI loans to fulfill the education funds. Banks offer loans to the guardian on the availability of these assets.

  1. Income proof of the Guardians.
  2. The co-applicant or guarantor of the guardian.
  3. Collateral to additional security or mortgage loan.

The tenure of the loan depends on the loan amount and individual bank. Generally, the rate of interest provided by the Public sector or government nationalized bank is a bit low in comparison to NBFC or private funding firms. The process of public sector banks is fast with convenient loan sanctions. Below we are going to share the list of documents to share with banks for Education loan

  1. Admission letter received from the medical university.
  2. Income proof of the guardian.
  3. Residential proof of the guardian
  4. The overall cost estimation of the program while including the travel cost.
  5. Documents required of the property as collateral.
  6. Guarantor income proof and bank statements.

After applying loan wait for some time, the bank representative will surely revert you within 1 week.

Detailed Information about Studying MBBS in China

MBBS in China is one of the most popular medical programs in the field of health care. Over the years, the popularity between aspirants towards MBBS in China makes it top medical education destinations to study MBBS abroad. MBBS is one of the powerful streams in the modern era, and to become a successful doctor and serve humanity is far above all. To be a strong medical professional China is one of the destinations that transform the dream of many medical aspirants into reality. The country is widely known for its competitive medical training and practical knowledge at an affordable fee structure which is undoubtedly not an easy cake. Study program having 6 years including 1 year of internship. It means once a medical student completes 5 years of theoretical and medical training from any of the 45 universities listed in NMC (National Medical Commission) may get back to his or her country to complete the internship.

If you are looking for an answer to why we have to study MBBS in China? Then we want to draw your attention to China's economic structure; it is the most prominent country in terms of technological progression and high-value medical facilities with no hindrance. The health care system of the nation with advanced types of equipment having cost-effective features sets a benchmark is no exception. Above all, the teaching methodologies and experience-rich with education make it one of the top-notch destinations to pursue MBBS in the present time. The primary concern while studying MBBS abroad is the language barrier, but China offers its MBBS course in English.  The entire curriculum, textbooks, lectures, and practical training are purely in English, which works as an advantage to those who want to pursue MBBS in China. It is one of the countries that give wings to your dream of becoming a doctor at easy-affordable fees and provide globally recognized degrees from one of the top-ranking medical universities. 

China upholds almost 45 top-rated medical Universities that are fully recognized by reputed medical bodies of the world such as NMC (National Medical Commission), World Health Organization (WHO), and FAIMER (The Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research). After completing the MBBS program, the student can able to sit in various exams such as NEXT, USMLE, and PLAB.  China not only gives exposure to the medical student in terms of healthcare but also opens gates to start a medical career within its country. Work opportunities, High-class medical Facilities, hospitals affiliated with medical universities, student to teacher ratios are some of the crucial facts which engage international students from every corner of the world.  The universities of china also provide various scholarships for international students as per their academic performances.  These scholarships may range from 10 to 40 % as per the particular university guidelines.

C9 League Universities

C9 league is a Chinese Central Government initiative through Project 985 aiming to promote and develop the universities of higher education in China. Officially there are 9 Chinese universities under this league. Universities under the C9 league accounts for the country’s 3% of researchers and receive 10% on the national research expenditures. This C9 league is considered almost similar to the Russell Group of pioneer research universities in the UK.  

The C9 league comprises the pioneer leading public research universities in China. These universities receive substantial funding from the central and local government for the development of research centers, improve facilities and conduct international conferences, invite the world-renowned guest faculty and support Chinese faculty to attend international conferences abroad. 

The 9 University Names Listed C9 League are -

  1. Fudan University
  2. Xi’an Jiaotong University
  3. Shanghai Jiao Tong University
  4. Peking University
  5. Nanjing University
  6. Harbin Institute of Technology
  7. Tsinghua University
  8. University of Science & Technology China
  9. Zhejiang University

Even though there are 9 universities in the C9 League list, only 3 universities namely Fudan University, Xi’an Jiaotong University, and Zhejiang University are approved by the Ministry of Education, the People’s Republic of China to recruit international students for MBBS in China taught in the English language. The rest 6 universities do not offer MBBS to international students in English Medium. 

Best Medical University in China for MBBS

Ministry of Education Affairs, Peoples Republic of China lists 45 medical universities of China teaching Clinical Medicine for the session 2021-2022. 3 universities (mentioned above) out of the C9 league are part of MOE-listed universities. Students completing MBBS/Clinical medicine from these 45 universities will be eligible to write the NEXT examination in India on their return and will be allowed to practice upon qualifying for this examination. 

Some of the top-ranked universities globally and within the country teaching MBBS in China are listed as under

  1. Zhejiang University
  2. Xi'an Jiaotong University
  3. Xiamen University
  4. Nanjing Medical University
  5. Southeast University
  6. Jiangsu University
  7. Yangzhou University
  8. Xuzhou University
  9. Guangzhou University
  10. Xinjiang Medical University

Every student’s dream is to study in a globally top-ranked university. But one should preplan the budget and consider the finances to be paid at the university, the personal expenses, and the other miscellaneous charges. This will not only help the student to carry out the studies smoothly but will also relieve the financial burden. Financial insecurity may create a hurdle in achieving one’s dream.

Grading of Universities in China

Students willing to go abroad for higher studies often rely on search engines like Google to look for the top-ranked or the best-graded universities. A lot of websites available over the net show the grading of Chinese medical universities but these are not authentic sources. Neither The Ministry of Education, the People’s Republic of China nor any authentic government body has released the list with the grading of Chinese medical universities. The most reliable data source is available on Wikipedia or the respective bodies that provide recognitions and accreditations to the universities. Valuable and authentic information is also available on the Chinese consulate website that also shares the guidelines students willing to study abroad must follow. 

More information about the university is also available on the university website and none of them mentions university grading on their website. It is only the consultant who mentions these university grading on their websites and social media portals for their promotion. Most of the university websites may be in Chinese which can be translated. In case the student is not able to understand, it is advisable to connect to an authorized university representative who shall guide you with the right information. 

Safety Factors

China comes under the list of the safest countries having excellent parameters in terms of security. Moreover, medical universities in china also pay attention to student security and safety. Minimum crime rates, High safety parameter makes it the most valuable study in abroad country. 

Climate Conditions

The climate characteristics of the country vary due to the enormous size of the country. The north region of china has temperate climate nature with summer temperatures average 25 degrees along with freeze winters. The south region of the nation has a subtropical climate with hard summers and mild winters. Heavy rain is generally observed in summer monsoon with dry and freezing winters from the northwest region.

Food and Accommodation

The country itself welcomes thousands of Medical Aspirants each year from every part of the world. Due to the neighboring country of India, it sustains various cultural and geographical similarities. Chinese cuisines are globally known for their unique taste which is the proper mix of local and cultural food.  The university mess also provides Indian food at a very minimum price which varies from 5 to 7 USD.  The living cost in china is also meagre compared to the other part of the world with proper amenities.

About China

China is the largest country in the Asian continent having more than an area of 3.7 million square miles. It is a communist country known as the people's republic of china with a 1.4 billion population. The country itself is bordered by 14 countries such as India, Bhutan, Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, Russia, Pakistan, Nepal, Tajikistan, and Vietnam. The city of Beijing is the capital of the people's republic of china. The country upholds the highest number of UNESCO sites listed along with Italy.

Top Universities in China

Southeast University

Southeast University

Nanjing, Jiangsu, China

University Type: Public
Year of Establishment: 1902
Beihua University

Beihua University

Jilin City, China

University Type: Public
Year of Establishment: 1906
Nanjing Medical University

Nanjing Medical University

Nanjing, Jiangsu, China

University Type: Public
Year of Establishment: 1934
Tianjin Medical University

Tianjin Medical University

Tianjin & Liaoning, China

University Type: Public
Year of Establishment: 1951
Planning your budget

How much does it cost to study in the China?

MBBS in China for Indian Students is a pocket-friendly deal. The fee for MBBS in China is very affordable as compared to countries like the UK & the USA. Also, the fee at which the universities offer the MBBS program is approximately 50% of what the lowest private medical college in India has.  The average tuition fee for MBBS in China starting in the session 2021-2022 is 30000 RMB (were 1 RMB = 11 Rs). The yearly accommodation expenses start at around 4500 RMB to 5000 RMB. These affordable accommodation facilities are available on the university campus itself. Therefore, the safety and security of the students is not a matter of concern for the parents sending their wards abroad to study. On average, a student spends 800 RMB - 900 RMB monthly on food which sounds very reasonable. 

Low-cost flights connect both countries thereby making travels easy for the students. It is suggested to pre-book the flights to get comparatively cheaper fares.

MBBS in China Fees 2022

MBBS China fees are very affordable as compared to countries like the UK & the USA. Also, MBBS China fees at which the universities offer the program is approximately 50% of what the lowest private medical college in India has.  The average tuition fee for MBBS in China starting in the session 2021-2022 is 30000 RMB (were 1 RMB = 11 Rs).

S.No Name of the Medical University Tuition Fee/Year In INR
1 Jilin University 33,000 RMB/Year 3,46,000 INR/ Year
2 Capital Medical University 50,000 RMB/Year 5,25,000 INR/ Year
3 Yangzhou University 30,000 RMB/Year 3,15,000 INR/ Year
4 Fudan University 75,000 RMB/Year 7,87,500 INR/Year
5 Guangzhou Medical University 30,000 RMB/Year 3,15,000 INR/Year
6 Harbin Medical University 30,000 RMB/Year 3,15,000 INR/Year
7 Nantong Medical University 26,000 RMB/Year 2,73,000 INR/Year
8 China Medical University 40,000 RMB/Year 4,47,920 INR/Year
9 Qingdao University 30,000 RMB/Year 3,15,000 INR/Year
10 Nanjing Medical University 34,000 RMB/Year 3,57,000 INR/Year

Admission Process in China

MBBS in China counts for a 5+1 year program including 1 year of clinical internship. As per the Foreign Medical Licentiate 2021, the students now have to undergo 1-year compulsory rotatory internship in India after qualifying NEXT1 examination.  

  • Every university in China has different criteria for accepting applications. Medical universities recruit Indian students for MBBS in China considering 3 aspects -
    • Applications are accepted based on 12th scores
    • Applications are accepted based on 12th percentage & NEET scores
    • Weightage is given to NEET scores
  • To maintain education quality in China, most universities prefer students with min 65%-70% in 12th. Only a few universities consider a lower score than this. 
  • A student applying for MBBS in China must be 17 years of age as of 31st December in the year of applying for admissions. 
  • A student must have learned Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and English in Class 12th or equivalent.
  • An Indian medical aspirant applying for MBBS in China must mandatorily be NEET qualified.

The list of documents required for admission in China varies from University to university. It is suggested to hold on to the right authorized representative or consultant who has expertise in the China MBBS admission process. The authorized consultant is:

  • 10th mark sheet
  • 12th mark sheet
  • NEET scorecard
  • Passport size photograph (in white background)
  • A copy of passport with minimum 6 months validity
  • Self-Declaration Certificate
  • Study Plan
  • Recommendation Letters
  • Physical Medical Examination record
  • Gap Certificate
  • Bank Statements
  • Filled Application form of the university

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Admission Timeline in China

Popular Programs

  • Business
  • Natural Sciences
  • Engineering and Technology
  • Medicine
  • Law
  • Social Sciences

Popular Universities

Southeast University
Beihua University
Nanjing Medical University
Tianjin Medical University

Scholarships in China

To promote medical education, motivate the meritorious students towards a better learning process, and attract a good pool of medical aspirants, universities in China award various kinds of scholarships. These are either fully funded or partially funded. The scholarship aids are given by the Central & provincial government. 

  • CSC Scholarship- funded by the Central Government
  • Provincial Scholarship- funded by the State Government 

The scholarship is one major reason that attracts many Indian students to study MBBS in China. The universities also offer entry-level scholarships. An Indian student with 300 marks in NEET does not get a seat in India but such a student is sure to get an MBBS seat in China and can also be offered a full or partial scholarship.

Visa Requirement in China

Visa Documents Required for MBBS in China for Indian Students

  • JW202 or Visa Invitation
  • Admission Letter from the University
  • Passport with a minimum of 6 months validity
  • Physical Medical examination record
  • 2 Passport size photographs (in white background)
  • Mandatory Covid test report ( in times of pandemic as per the country guidelines).
  • Filled Visa Application form.

Cost Of Living in China

Low High

Common Questions about Study in China

What is the scope after MBBS in China?

Medical Universities in China award degrees that are globally recognized. The degrees awarded are not only approved by the Medical Council of India but also by the medical councils of developed countries like US & the UK. This means that students after completing MBBS in China is eligible to write licensing examinations like the FMGE, PLAB, USMLE and many more. Once you qualify, you are on your way to either go for higher studies in the country of the qualifying examination or for residency program.

Jagvimal Consultants, with more than a decade of experience in the field of overseas admission is a known name among the parents and students. All those who know us do not need any reason to choose us. But for those who do not know us, surely do. We have an expert team of counselors ready to patiently listen to your requirements, understand your financial and academic constraints and guide you towards your career path. Starting from the process of counseling to admission, from getting the visa invitation to booking your tickets and assisting you to university, Jagvimal Consultants officials are always available. Not only this, we stay connected with the students and parents during the entire course duration to keep the students motivated and assure them that they are not alone in a new country. We always stand with them. Simultaneously, we connect with the parents to present them with the real achievements of their children. We keep them updated with the academic and non-academic achievements made by their children, about the regularity of classes and the results. Our professional and ethical behavior has always helped us build our trust among the parents and students.

MBBS in China is a 5+1 year programs with 5 years of study and 1 year of rotational internship. Internship at some universities is optional while others have made it mandatory for students. This means that a university where internship is option, students can return to their home country on the completion of their MBBS and pursue internship in home country. Such universities grant provisional degree to the students and on submission of internship proof, the final degree is awarded to the students. While for others where internship is mandatory, students return to their home country only on the completion of their internship with final degree. Such students may have to take up internship again in their home country as per their country rules.

The average living expenses that a student requires for a sustainable lifestyle in China is 8,000-10,000 Rs per month which means 105-130 USD is suffice for the students. The charges may vary from province to province. In places like Beijing and Shanghai, these may go a little higher depending upon the needs and lifestyle of the students. A two-way ticket between India & China costs somewhere around 35,000-40,000/-. Needless to mention, it can go somewhat higher during the peak tourist seasons. So the students must pre-book their tickets and plan their travels timely.

Not only girls, our students are our priority. Be it boys or girls, we want everyone to be safe. Our students are the assets to us. China as a country has strict rules and laws. Not only within the campus, there is safety even if you have to go out of the campus. The huge university campus and hostels are technologically sound and equipped with the security systems so as not to allow strangers barge into the security of the students. China is safe even at night. Yet we would suggest our students not to indulge in any activities where you feel security me be a question. Each coin has two sides.

Till now, China was the only country whose internship was approved in India. The Medical Council of India approved the internship done in China. Offlately, State Medical Councils in India have raised an issue to disapprove this internship because the students might be facing language issues in China and may not able to give their 100% during internship in China. However, the matter is still controversial and in the courts. It must also be noted that not all the states have disapproved the internship done by the students in China. Only few states in India including Tamil Nadu, Gujarat and Delhi have shown their disapproval. There are universities in China that does not have mandatory internship as a part of the curriculum. Incase the particular state council does not permit internship of China as valid; the student will have to take up one year internship in India.

The visa process takes a time of 3-4 weeks in total which includes receiving the JW202 (Student Visa invitation) from the university followed by visa stamping. Jagvimal Consultants helps the students to get both, the JW202 and the visa stamped. The student need not worry about the hassles in visa stamping. We understand that this is totally new for a student to understand how to get visa stamped. Hence, we have experts in the field to assist you with the process and get your visa stamped.

China is a country respecting multiple religions. Gallup poll held in 2015, reported that 90% citizens of China declare themselves as atheists or non-religious. Almost every city has a diverse ethnic group. Officially speaking, there are 4 religions widely followed in China- the Buddhists, Taoism, Islam and Christianity. Buddhism is the oldest of the followed religion in China and it came around 2000 years ago. Taoism is a native religion followed by people since 1700 years ago, Islam came in from people migrated from Arab countries to China and Catholicism form of Christianity is believed to be started in China by the Chinese people.

The average tuition fee for MBBS in China starts at 30000 RMB per year. The highest fee has to be paid for Fudan University, China which is one of the premium universities in China. The annual tuition fee for Fudan University for the session starting in 2020 is 75000 RMB. Please note 1 RMB=10.50 as on 3rd March 2020. One may be able to get good universities with an annual fee between 30000 RMB-45000 RMB.

Ofcourse, Chinese is regarded as the language with one of the highest difficulty levels but there is nothing in this world that cannot be learnt, no skill that cannot be acquired provided you put in your efforts and hard work. Language is the part of curriculum and the students will be taught to read, speak and write the same from the very 1st day of their classes. Students must qualify HSK4 during their study in China. The curriculum for HSK4 accounts to only 1071 characters. If the student studies 20-25 characters in a month, qualifying HSK4 will not be a difficult task. This level allows the student to understand the Chinese text and takes him/her to a level of fluency.

An MBBS graduate can settle in China post his/her degree if he/she wishes to. The government allows the students to stay back in China. The student, now a qualified doctor must fulfill the eligibility to be able to settle in China. To study PG in China, a student must be HSK5 qualified along with the basic MBBS degree.

A country like China is rich in its resources and economy. It does not leave a chance to award scholarships to the meritorious students and help them financially. A scholarship also motivates the student to work harder. There are various scholarship grants in China CSC- Chinese Scholarship Council, Chinese Government funded scholarships Provincial Scholarships Jiangsu Jasmine Scholarship Confuncius Institutue Scholarship

China is a hub of medical education and has some of the premium universities of the world. Not only in the field of medicine, but the universities of China are doing great in the other academic fields too. China has C9 league universities which is an initiative of Chinese Central Government towards promotion and development of higher education in China. Some medical universities approved to admit international students are also the part of C9 league including Fudan University, Xi’an Jiaotong University and Zhejiang University. Other top universities that are the preferred choice of medical aspirants include Nanjing Medical University, Southeast University, Jiangsu University, Yangzhou University, Shandong University, Xiamen University, Tongji University, China Medical University, Qingdao University and Kunming Medical University.

For entry to a university for MBBS in China, a student must have completed 17 years of age as on 31st December in the year of applying for admission. A student must be 10+2 qualified or equivalent from a recognized board with Physics, Chemistry, Biology as the main subjects and knowledge of English language. Most of the universities in China demand 70% or equivalent in 10+2. For an Indian medial aspirant, NEET qualification is a mandatory requirement.

As of 2020, there are 45 medical universities approved by Medical Council of India (MCI) and are approved to admit international students. All these 45 medical universities are the government universities approved by Ministry of Education, People’s Republic of China and listed in the WHO. The medium of instruction at these universities is English. However, the students will have to learn Chinese/Mandrin to communicate with the patients as well as the locals. To understand people’s need better or to make yourself more explanatory, it is always better to understand and explain in their language.

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