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Central Queensland University is established in 1964 in Rockhampton and got its university status in the year 1992. The university is ranked among the world's top 600 universities and is recognized as one of the largest university based in regional Australia and offer education to over 30,000 students. The academic facilities are offered to over 140 countries across the globe. The university provides research, postgraduate and undergraduate degrees, short- term and certificate programs. 

Our courses include hands-on, practical learning experiences such as field and laboratory work, project-based learning, and work placements. CQ University helps you be what you want to be if you're just thinking of taking up new challenges. CQ University provides an excellent online service to students when and if required. The university provides students with enriching opportunities for research and teaching collaborations.

CQ University Australia Programs & Fees

The popular courses are

Allied Health

Find out the various types of allied health study options available at CQ university. Navigate the wide range of courses available and explore the disciplines that fall in your selected group. Use the keyword search field to search for courses of interest. There are 21 total courses available in this field. 

Business and Accounting

At CQUniversity, there is an extensive range of diverse and versatile course options available within business and accounting. Firstly select your study group of interest to navigate the wide range of courses available and then explore the disciplines that fall within the selected group. Then by using the keyword search field search for your courses of interest. To narrow the course list and filter by study mode, study level or location search options are available. There are 59 courses in total. 

Creative Performing and Visual Arts

AT CQUniversity several exciting course options are available in creative, performing, and visual arts. In this course foundation skills in painting, drawing, printmaking, silver-smithing, and creative process are offered. The students will complete art theory and history and drawing as well as their two chosen specialization areas. Once you made an excellent choice of these courses at CQUniversity, the next step is to apply. Before you apply you need to have a Unique Student Identifier and if you don't have to create one is quick and easy. Mostly the creative performing and Visual Arts work in backstage roles that range from film design and sound production to administration. 

Digital Media Communication and Arts

In the digital media industries, CQUniversity prepares you for a professional career and the course provides skills and knowledge that can be applied in a variety of fields associated with design, technology, and media. The course structure is so flexible which allows you to focus on your strengths and interests by pursuing minors in graphic design, interactive media, screen production, and animation. You will learn how to think critically, solve problems, communicate effectively and work collaboratively. Students can engage with clients on real-world projects during the final year. Students can study this course on-campus or by online study. There are 12 courses in total. 

Education, Teaching, and Childcare

The education will prepare you as a well-rounded graduate and master that qualify for professional registration teacher within Australia. This course provides you the opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge in practical ways and the course includes 85 days of planned teaching practice. The skill is beneficial to teach effectively in various contemporary educational settings. Read about the admission consideration and the important date’s information. There are a total of 23 courses available in this field. 

Engineering, Built Environment, and Aviation

This degree allows you to develop the skills required to become an engineering associate and gain knowledge of engineering principles relevant to testing, inspection, drawing, management, or plant and systems. Choose an area of interest such as civil, electrical, mechanical, or minimal engineering. The associate degree of engineering course is based on project-based learning and the approach is designed to produce work-ready graduates with industry-relevant skills.

Law, criminology, and justice

At CQUniversity, you get the opportunity to enhance your employment prospects with a criminology and justice course and can start your career in the exciting field of criminology. You can manage your work, family, and other commitments while you study criminology and justice courses. Our lecturers at the university have broad experience in the field of criminology and justice. The expert practitioners give you benefits from skills, knowledge, and insights. You will graduate with the skills and knowledge and gain a practical understanding of the latest industry practices in criminology and justice. 

Nursing, Paramedicine, and Health

A bachelor of nursing will prepare you for a rewarding and diverse career. Your lived experience has ignited your passion to make a difference through healthcare. While you develop your professional nursing profile our highly trained and experienced nursing lecturers will support you. Through a combination of the theoretical and extensive clinical learning experience, you can develop your skills and knowledge. In your first year of study completion of 800 hours of professional practice placements commencing. Through this course, you will acquire skills to provide person-centered care and collaborate with other members. The key element of the Bachelor of Nursing is Clinical learning and you will be required to undertake 800 hours of professional experience placement with different health organizations. 

Masters in Project Management - 2 years

Intake: Jul,Mar

Tuition Fees: 32,400/year AUD

Masters in Professional Accounting - 2 years

Intake: Jul,Mar

Tuition Fees: 33,360/year AUD

Masters in Management for Engineers - 2 years

Intake: Jul,Mar

Tuition Fees: 32,760/year AUD

Masters in Laboratory Medicine - 2 years

Intake: Jul

Tuition Fees: 30,000/year AUD

Cost of living in Australia

The cost of living in Australia depends upon your location, accommodation type, and lifestyle. Students mostly prefer to live in shared accommodation as it is more affordable. as compared to outer suburbs and regional areas the inner city is much more expensive. The rent will depend upon the state you are in and the type of accommodation. The basic living cost includes Groceries (80 to300$A) weekly, Gas, electricity, and water (35 to 80$A) weekly, Phone and internet (15 to 55$A) weekly, Public transport (15 to 55$A) weekly, Car ( 15 to 260$A) weekly, and entertainment (80 to 150 $A) weekly. In CQUniversity Student Residence utilities such as gas, electricity, water, and internet are included. This is the basic cost of living which doesn't include tuition fees, student health cover fees, or any luxuries. 

CQ University Australia Rankings


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To support international students every year approximately A$20 million worth of scholarships are provided. To benefit from a CQUniversity education we want as many deserving individuals as possible. Scholarships are awarded to recognize strong academic performance. So, to know what scholarships you may be eligible for register your interest. 

The most popular international scholarships

International Student Scholarship

In vocational, research, full degree and English packaged with academic courses the ISS is available to all new international students. No minimum GPA to receive this scholarship. You will be automatically considered for the scholarship and receive a 25% reduction in course fees if you want to commence your course at CQUniversity. The scholarship value is A$15 000 per student per year.

Scholarship Value: 25% for new students

Length of Scholarship: Duration of the course

Research Training Program Stipend Scholarship

You could be eligible for the Research Training Program (RTP) Stipend Scholarship if you are undertaking a research higher degree at CQUniversity. The main aim is to provide the funding to assist you with living costs. 

Scholarship Value: $28,854 per annum

Length of Scholarship: up to 3 years

Australia Awards Scholarships

For students from participating countries to undertake full-time undergraduate or postgraduate study AAS provides an opportunity at participating Australian institutions. The students will get a challenging experience both academically and socially. The Australia Awards Scholarships help to develop the skills and knowledge of individuals for study and research opportunities to drive change and contribute to the development outcomes of their own country. 

Scholarship Value: Varied

Length of Scholarship: To complete the academic program specified by the Australian higher education institution, including any preparatory training the awards are offered for the minimum period. 

MORA – CQUniversity Australia Scholarship

You may be eligible for the MORA – CQUniversity Australia Scholarship if you are an international student from Indonesia and applying for a research higher degree at CQUniversity. 

Scholarship Value: 100% of tuition fees and other financial support

Length of Scholarship: Up to 4 years

External Organization Scholarships

To current international students, several externally funded scholarships are also available who are enrolled at CQUniversity in specific study areas into the second or third year of their degrees. 

Campus Location

  • Rockhampton, Australia

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Our FAQ's

Do I need to register to apply at CQUniversity?

Yes, it is important to register and it allows you to do the following: First complete your application, monitor the status of your application, then receive an offer, and accept your offer.

If you would like to apply for an international student scholarship then during the application you will be able to indicate. Including the selection criteria on the official website, you may find more information on international student scholarships. You can use the research scholarship online application form for all other RHD scholarships.

Unsatisfactory academic progress is if the student fails more than 50% of their unit in a term or fails a unit they previously failed. So if you enroll only in one unit and you do not pass this unit then this is unsatisfactory. You will receive a withdrawal fail which is a Fail for MAP reporting if you withdraw from a unit after the census date you will receive a withdrawal fail.

It will take approximately 7 to 10 working days to process once we receive all required supporting documents.

You will need to provide certified copies of the following documents: Academic transcripts Translations of academic transcripts Personal identification document Evidence of English requirement test You can also provide a copy of your most recent academic transcript if you don’t have the latest academic transcript. The international admission team will be in contact if they need further information and documentation. A certified copy is a photocopy of the original document with a certification stamp.

As a student you should participate and engage in all courses in which you are enrolled and take the responsibility of your learning accessing additional help. Read prescribed materials and submit assessments when due. In the preparation and submission of all assessment items act ethically and honestly.

University Type Public
Year of Establishment 1967


Rockhampton, Australia


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CQUniversity Melbourne 20 Spencer Street, Melbourne VIC 3000
CQUniversity Sydney 400 Kent Street, Sydney NSW 2000
Brisbane 160 Ann Street, Brisbane QLD 4000
Rockhampton City 114-190 Canning Street, The Range 4700

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