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Australia is getting one of the most popular destinations for relocating. People around the world prefer to migrate to Australia as the country is booming with amazing educational and occupational opportunities. When it comes to obtaining education, Australian universities are quite ahead in the competition. La Trobe University is one such Australian university that has gained enough fame in every sector of research and study for a long time.

La Trobe is a public research university, located in Victoria, Melbourne. It offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses for domestic and international students so that they can become successful wherever in this country or abroad.

La Trobe is a research-based that has shaped the lives of many students since its foundation in 1964. Though this university is completely dedicated to research scholars and their work, there is a diversity of courses that you can apply for to bring changes in society and the world. They are dedicated to sponsoring high-end research works that are based on the burning issues of the present world, like climate change, building healthy communities, water and good resources restoration, and overall creating a sustainable future.

Cost of living in Australia

Studying at La Trobe is beneficial for all types of students as the cost of living here is affordable. You can choose to stay at on-campus accommodation that comes at a cheaper rate than the off-campus ones. For example, a one-bedroom rental apartment at only 1km distance from the main campus only costs you AUD322. Apart from accommodation costs, the other utility bills are also lower here. You can get gas, water, and electricity at a minimum cost of AUD 30.

Taking public transport can also save much as within AUD 40, you can travel from one place to another. The food cost can be lower if you check out the local shops for shopping and cooking your own good. Food expenses can go higher, around AUD 365 if you eat outside frequently. The entertainment cost can be ranged from AUD 30 to AUD 130.

La Trobe University Rankings

If you are planning to apply for La Trobe University, you need to know the world ranking of the institution to understand its credibility. La Trobe University stands at 304 position aa per world ranking of the best global universities. Besides, it also ranks 23rd on the list of the Best Global Universities in Australia and New Zealand. When it comes to ranking the university on the scale of the best global universities in Australia, it stands in the 21st position.


Studying at La Trobe University will never be financial trouble as it offers several effective scholarships to help students in achieving academic excellence. If you are looking for the scholarship programs of La Trobe University, here are those to check out-

1. Vice Chancellor’s Access Scholarship

This scholarship program is the best to suit your circumstances. If you want it, you just need to apply for the scholarship program.

2. Vice Chancellor’s Excellence Scholarship

To achieve this scholarship, you don’t need to make any application. This scholarship is offered based on the academic result. If you are eligible for this scholarship, you should apply for it while applying for La Trobe's admission.

3. Graduate Research Scholarship

This scholarship program is available for master's and doctoral research works in all areas of study.

4. International Student Scholarship

If you are a high achiever, you can apply for this scholarship as an international student. At La Trobe, there is a wide range of scholarships for international students-

Alumni Advantage-

If you are a graduate of La Trobe, you can get a 10% fee reduction while applying for a post-graduate course.

Early Bird Acceptance Grant-

Being an international student, if you are pursuing undergraduate or postgraduate study at this university, you can be eligible for this scholarship that will begin your admission process early.

La Trobe International Scholarship-

If you have an extraordinary academic record, you can be awarded this scholarship. This scholarship reduces 30% of the course fee for eligible students.

La Trobe University Excellence Scholarship-

South Asia and Africa- If you are from countries like India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Vietnam Bangladesh, Pakistan, or Mauritius, you are eligible to receive a 50% tuition fee scholarship to pursue your graduation and post-graduation degree.

Regional Campus Scholarship-

Study at any of the four campuses of La Trobe University and you will be eligible for a one-off payment of AUD 5000. It will be deducted from the tuition fees for your first semester.

ELICOS Scholarship-

This grant is for prospective international students who will take English for further studies.

Campus Location

La Trobe is a world-class university, located in Melbourne. It has outstanding campuses across New South Wales and Victoria. There are metro campuses and regional campuses throughout Australia.

Metro Campuses

1. Melbourne (Bundoora) Campus

Located only 14km. Away from Melbourne’s city centre. This is the main campus of La Trobe University and also the largest one. Here you will find varieties of undergraduate and postgraduate courses, based on social sciences, arts, communication, education, health, IT, law & science, engineering, and lot more.

2. City Campus

Located at the heart of Melbourne, this campus gives you the opportunity to pursue your postgraduate degree in communication, business, law, health, etc. This campus has been expanded recently and become a hub of personalized learning, modern facilities, etc.

Regional Campuses

1. Bendigo Campus

Being a rich historical background, Bendigo is known for its food and art culture. This campus is located near Bendigo's central business district where you can get all the facilities of a city along with perfect bushland background.

2. Shepparton Campus

With the history of migrants and refugees, Shepparton has a multicultural existence that create a perfect ambience to study. Life here is relaxed and laid-back, but when it comes to sports, Shepparton lights up. At the Shepparton campus, you will get courses, like accounting, agriculture, business, education, allied health, social work, and so on.

3. Albury-Wodonga Campus

Albury and Wodonga are twin cities, connected by Murray River. The lifestyle here is great as it offers excellent employment opportunities, leisure, sports activities, entertainment options, and so on. Here also you can choose from the wide variety of course options, like business, IT, education, health, etc.

4. Mildura Campus

Located at North-Western Victoria, Nilufar Campus not only offers a peaceful environment for higher studies but also brings employment opportunities as it is closely tied with the local industry.

La Trobe University Visa

To ensure your opportunity to study at La Trobe University, you need to have your Australian visa. You will get an Australian visa when the Australian Government’s Department of Home Affairs issues it for you. To get it, you need to fulfil certain criteria- 1.You must be accepted to study full-time at an Australian institution 2.You must have a passport with a validity of six months minimum 3.If you are under 18, there must be proper welfare arrangements for you 4.You must have health insurance for the entire time you stay in Australia 5.You also must have a valid visa if you are onshore during the time of visa application. At La Trobe University, you can go for featured courses, like diplomas, packaged course offers, short courses, etc.

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Our FAQ's

What types of subjects can you study at La Trobe?

At La Trobe, you get to study subjects like agriculture, criminology, business and commerce, health, law, science, and many more.

University Type Public
Year of Establishment 1964



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