Is Study MBBS is Good in India or Abroad?

Team JagVimal 26 Dec 2022 1749 views
Is Study MBBS is Good in India or Abroad]

As long as an Indian student has the potential to get knowledge, it does not matter where the student is pursuing their higher education.


Now coming back to the question, is it good to study MBBS in Abroad and then in India?

It is a dream that all Indian students get a medical seat, especially in any Indian government medical institute, observing the data, every year, hundreds of thousands of students are presented for the NEET (National Eligibility cum Examination), but only 5% to 7% of them are eligible to obtain a medical seat, within India. Very few students are lucky enough to enter the government medical universities, while the rest goes to the private medical universities or the universities in the country, which leads to a multitude of problems. Therefore, instead of studying at any private medical institution, a student can definitely choose to Study MBBS Abroad.


Affordable Fee Structure

The tuition fee for medicine courses in India is not at all pocket-friendly; the skyrocketing fee structure is one of the biggest hurdles especially for the Indian middle-class families to overcome. In this case, all the top medical universities of abroad offer MBBS in a very pocket-friendly budget. Countries such as China, Kazakhstan, Russia, Philippines, Ukraine, Georgia, etc. offer the MBBS degree from 15 Lakes. Therefore, it is possible for Indian medical students to obtain a recognized medical degree worldwide in only 15 Lakes. It is not surprising?


Globally Recognized Degrees

If we talk about the recognition of the universities and the degree, then let us inform you that all medical universities abroad are approved and recognized by several medical advisory bodies present around the world, including MCI, FAIMER, etc. enrolled with WDOMS (World Directory of Schools of Medicine).


State – Of – The – Art Infrastructure

It is not only about the structure of affordable rates offered by the most important medical universities abroad, the state – of – the – art infrastructure, all the advanced and advanced technology equipment, the wide practical exhibition, etc. are the other additional benefits that an Indian medical aspirant get if he/she chooses to study MBBS abroad.


Vast Practical Exposure

Study in MBBS in China, Kazakhstan, Russia, Philippines, Ukraine, Georgia, etc. It offers the student a great practical exposure during the permanence of his medical program. If we talk about China, we all know that China is the most populated country in the world; therefore, with a large amount of patient influx, the medical student will have a vast practical exposure.


Change to Inculcate New Ideas

Studying MBBS abroad offers students great opportunities to explore the new country and interact with new people, learn about a new culture, environment, etc. Students can inculcate new ideas, experience new things that help them in their personal and professional development in general.


Comfortable and Safe Environment Especially for Females

All countries offer a safe and comfortable environment for all Indian students. Medical college offer a lively and enjoyable environment for students to foster new friendships.

If we talk about the safety and protection of women abroad, let us inform you that women, especially indigenous women, are very safe abroad because they are under constant surveillance.


Comfortable Accommodation with the Availability of Indian Food

All medical universities abroad offer comfortable accommodation to all Indian students. More specifically, Indian food is available in almost all countries abroad, so Indian students should not worry about getting Indian food.


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