MBBS in Georgia

No. of MBBS Seats for International Students - Not Declared

MCI Approved Medical Universities - 26

Lowest & Highest Tuition Fees - $ 3200 Per Year & $ 26000 Per Year

Eligibility & Scholarship:-
NEET Qualified Mandatory


MBBS in Georgia

Pursuing MBBS in Georgia is a dream for students from all over the world. Georgia holds stunning open doors for students ready to take up MBBS in Georgia. It is a famous and renowned place for the quality of education which is provided to the students. Every student dreams to have a tag of an international degree under his name. So whenever, a medical aspirant thinks about pursuing his medical degree abroad, Georgia definitely comes up in the list of countries offering medical courses abroad. All the medical universities of Georgia are recognized by the World Health Organisation and Medical Council of India. The universities are governed by “The Ministry of Education and Science”. The country offers an exceedingly well and affordable educational infrastructure and that is one of the main reasons that international students prefer to study in Georgia. The curriculum in the universities is designed in such a manner that it becomes easy to understand for the students. The total duration of the medical course is 5 years + 1 year of internship. The crime rate is extremely low and is a very safe destination for the students. The literacy rate of the citizens of Georgia is 100% which is a remarkable figure and amongst the best in the world. The student-teacher ratio is extremely healthy and focus is given on the overall growth of a student and not just on the academic part. The tuition fee structure along with the accommodation fee structure is extremely balanced and affordable for the students making it one of the prime destinations for medical studies.

Study MBBS in Georgia

Abroad has become a hot goal for students from around the globe who need to try to study MBBS in Georgia. The students who try to consider study MBBS in Georgia have numerous preferences which make Georgia one of the most cherished and favoured areas for the MBBS course and for setting up a well-portrayed calling further down the road. Georgia has effectively accomplished 100% of proficiency and is viewed as the best spot for examining medication on the planet. The medicinal colleges of Georgia are the best and the premium alternative for any student who needs to ponder MBBS abroad. It is considered among the most cherished spots for aspiring students for MBBS from Europe. The country has a 100% education rate, which infers the rich enlightening establishment of the nation. 

MBBS in Georgia 2021

The fundamental reasons why students pick MBBS in Georgia 2021. The students need to get NEET qualified for taking MBBS in Georgia in 2021. Being a wonderful nation, Georgia offers different advantages to overseas students. Students from India, just like different nations, go to Georgia to get medical training. No Donation is required to be given. The MBBS in Georgia for Indian students is well recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO), endorsed by the Medical Council of India (MCI - Medical Council of India), and recorded in the World Directory of Medical Schools (WDOMS). No Condition of giving IELTS/TOEFL. It is fully in English Medium. Scholarships are available for Outstanding Students. The MBBS Course is finished in 5 years extraordinarily intended for Indian Students. The degree of MBBS from the medicinal schools of Georgia is universally acknowledged. All the students are permitted to partake in universal meetings and workshops which help them in increasing more information and experience. The education granted in Medical universities in Georgia is of the highest caliber with exceptionally experienced personnel.

Georgia University

MBBS Admission in Georgia

The MBBS admission in Georgia taking admission to the best medical school is very simple and free from tensions. Students are not required to take any passageway test. The admission takes place based on the score got in class twelfth. In the wake of finishing your MBBS from Georgia, you can straightforwardly apply for a screening test to get a permit to do the practice. Medical colleges and schools in Georgia offer rich quality training with reasonable expenses of all kinds when contrasted with other remote countries. The offices and foundations gave to the students are world-class.  The medical colleges of Georgia have an overall acknowledgement and offer exclusive requirements for foundation and education. The medicinal colleges of Georgia are well recognized by WHO and MCI. The students getting MBBS from Georgia are qualified to take a shot from any part of the world.

MBBS Course in Georgia

The MBBS course in Georgia from universities is perceived by MCI and WHO, two of the most eminent overall associations. Having a solid education framework is critical, uniquely when you are MBBS aspiring students. Because of an astonishing MBBS education framework, with the professor/faculty member to student proportion of 20:1, Georgia is your most preferred goal of MBBS study. 

Medical Universities in Georgia

All the medical universities in Georgia are recorded in The WHO and the MCI so a student who gets a degree of MBBS from Georgia can rehearse anyplace on the planet including India. Students from everywhere throughout the globe go to Georgia for studying the degree of MBBS and every single medical college give quality medical education and handy information. No donation fee is necessary. In contrast to private foundations in different pieces of the world, Georgian organizations don't request the capitation or donation. Actually, the education costs for MBBS from the medical university of Georgia is low when contrasted with other private establishments in different areas of the world. Universal Students must have the base English familiarity that is required. You can pick the IELTS or TOEFL test to demonstrate your English Fluency that is a necessity. At least 6.5 groups in IELTS and 80 for TOEFL are required. Also, in case that you are trying for a Master's, at that point, you need 7 bands in IELTS and 90 per cent in TOEFL.

Note: Only some universities demand IELTS & TOEFL scores.

Education Standard of Georgia

The literacy rates in Georgia are a hundred per cent. This fact proves the education standard of Georgia. The education system that is followed in Georgia and the quality of education that is offered in Georgia is extremely competitive. It offers a wonderful opportunity for the aspirants coming from various nations who are willing to pursue MBBS from Georgia. The citizens and the government are pretty much aware of the unlimited importance of education in making a good career and therefore people are self-motivated and inclined towards medical studies. There are various important reasons that make the country of Georgia one of the favourite destinations for the aspirants seeking admission to the universities of MBBS located in Georgia. Study MBBS in Georgia for Indian students from the top medical universities that offer medicinal instruction at a moderate charge structure and ease of living. The medical schools in Georgia have a well-created foundation and offer great professional openings. MBBS from the medical universities of Georgia is comprehensively perceived and they guarantee to give word-class personnel and instruction at moderate fees. English is the medium of guidance that breaks the hindrances of correspondence for global students.


Georgia has mainly two climatic zones in the east and west part of the country. The overall climatic situation of the country changes depending upon the eminence. There is heavy rainfall throughout the autumn season. All through the year, both parts of the land experience precipitation. In the western part of Georgia, lowlands are hot throughout the year. On the other side, the eastern part of the country has a subtropical continental climate which is very pleasing. Several varieties of palm trees grow in these regions, where the midwinter average temperature is 5 °C (41 °F) and the midsummer average is 22 °C (71.6 °F). Summer temperatures average 20 °C (68 °F) to 24 °C (75.2 °F), winter temperatures 2 °C (35.6 °F) to 4 °C (39.2 °F). Humidity is lower, and rainfall averages 500 to 800 mm (19.7 to 31.5 in) per year.


Georgia is bordered by the Black Sea in the west, by Turkey and Armenia in the south, by Azerbaijan in the east, and Russia in the north. The republic also includes the Abkhazia and Ajara autonomous republics and South Ossetia. The country is principally a mountainous country with Litchi vary separating the country in japan and western halves. Georgia’s highest mountain is Mount Shakara that stands at 5068 meters.

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What is the cost to study MBBS in Georgia?

Georgia is an affordable destination for every Indian student, because it provides you with high-quality education from accredited universities at an annual cost of 3800-9000 US dollars. Therefore, the total cost for six years is approximately 27 Lakh INR to 50 Lakh INR.

Yes, this is a great choice to study MBBS in Georgia because it provides you with affordable education and an extraordinary experience. In addition, the cost of living in Georgia is very low. The MBBS degree in Georgia is recognized worldwide.

Yes, every student from overseas must undergo the NMC screening test to be eligible to continue their medical practice in India.

Tbilisi National Medical University is a well-known university in Georgia. It is the oldest medical university and provides students with high-quality education with the latest teaching methods.

No, all students must pass the NEET exam to study MBBS in Georgia. Students in the general category need 119, and students in SC, ST and OBC need 96.

Georgian universities provide the best medical experience by offering scholarships to their international students. Universities recognized by NMC and WHO have the best class teachers to teach and provide scholarships for top-notch students.

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