MBBS in Kazakhstan

MBBS in Kazakhstan offers an Undergraduate Program with 5 years duration. However, the syllabus and medical program structure are similar to MBBS in India. The MBBS program is top-rated in Kazakhstan, which is offered by various medical universities of Kazakhstan. MBBS Tuition Fees are affordable in Kazakhstan range of between 15 to 35lakh for Indian and international students.

After completing the Medical Program, medical students who want to medical practice in India need to qualify NEXT(National Exit Test). Or those who want to work in Kazakhstan itself can earn than an Indian medical doctor's annual salary the healthcare system MBBS in Kazakhstan has been one of the mainstream choices for every Indian student. The reason being the length of the course for study MBBS in Kazakhstan is only 5 years and the general spending plan required to ponder MBBS in Kazakhstan is exceptionally less. It is less expensive to think about education in Kazakhstan when contrasted with the Philippines, Bangladesh, and Ukraine.

For the most part, students from Rajasthan go to Kazakhstan. Be that as it may, we have to consider the nature of instruction for study MBBS in Kazakhstan for Indian students. MBBS in Kazakhstan is for the students who are ready to turn out to be acceptable specialists however at reasonable expenses. It is not feasible for each student to tolerate the high gift or education cost charges in the Indian private medical universities.

MBBS in Kazakhstan

NEET Eligibility - Mandatory

Course duration - 4.8 Years

Medical Universities approved by the Ministry of Education Affairs, Kazakhstan & Medical Council of India - 12

Eligibility & Scholarship:-
50% in 10+2 (PCB)


Study MBBS in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan which is a cross-country nation of Asia is being the most blazing point for medical training, for example, MBBS because of the diversity of the reasons. The absolute first explanation is affordability. Indeed, you can bear the cost of the MBBS program at a genuinely sensible amount of money in contrast with different nations.

Kazakhstan, a Central Asian country and past Soviet republic, connects from the Caspian Sea in the west to the Altai Mountains at its eastern edge with Russia and China. Its largest city is Almaty. It is a long-standing trading focus point that includes a tsarist-period Russian Orthodox church, Ascension Cathedral, and the Central State Museum of Kazakhstan, indicating countless Kazakh ancient pieces. On the off chance that you are an Asian nation resident, at that point you likely needn't bother with the appropriate response of this inquiry, as most of the Asian nation's residents realize that Kazakhstan is perhaps the best nation to seek after the MBBS course for various reasons. On the off chance that you are intending to seek after the MBBS program at any point in the near future managing the funds is not going to be a point of concern. Kazakhstan is known to convey world-class medicinal training explicitly to the MBBS at a truly sensible amount of funds and get you the best utilization of your investment. The admission procedure in Kazakhstan is likewise simpler and doesn't require full filling of the chaotic customs, in contrast to numerous different nations.

Some of the Quick Facts of MBBS in Kazakhstan are Given Below -

  • Affordable Fee Structure
  • Top Infrastructure
  • Qualifying NEET mandatory
  • The minimum fee starts from 25 Lac
  • Minimum Eligibility Criteria
  • Recognized by NMC, FAIMER, WHO.
  • Most China Medical universities are Government Funded.

Further, on the off chance that we talk about the instruction standard of studying MBBS in Kazakhstan, at that point the Kazakhstan education is perceived by the WHO, MCI, and other medical administrative assortments of various countries. Henceforth you can begin your training in any nation in the wake of seeking after the completing medical studies from Kazakhstan. The urban communities of Kazakhstan are a lot more secure than one can consider for a protected medical goal, yet it's as yet a smart thought to know about your environment and keep away from terrible neighborhoods in your city. It is constantly an astute choice to convey your enrolment qualifications and your student visa while forgetting about them from the grounds. A duplicate of the identification, visa, and enlistment papers is an unquestionable requirement. Be wary and don't stroll around pointlessly and you ought to be fine. Kazakhstan is the most secure nation to seek after your higher investigations.

MBBS in Kazakhstan 2021 Update

So, MBBS in Kazakhstan 2021 can be an astute choice to make. Students can benefit from the offices which the medical colleges in Kazakhstan for MBBS in 2021 offer and that too in moderate expenses. The colleges are well outfitted with every cutting edge convenience and furthermore have a decent framework and grounds.

Lodging and food are additionally accessible for the students originating from all sides of the world. The training framework in Kazakhstan and extraordinarily the medical colleges pull in numerous outsider students each year. With regards to looking for induction into any medicinal school for the MBBS program, most of the medical universities have the prerequisite of breezing through their placement test by the students who aspire to take admission. All things considered, it isn't the situation with the Kazakhstan Medical universities, as there are no criteria from the medical schools for directing the placement test. In the event that you are an Indian student, at that point you can legitimately take up the confirmation with no placement test, in any case, you simply need to have qualified the NEET test to be qualified for the bearing admission process of the Kazakhstan medical universities. Kazakhstan is one such nation from where you can seek the degree of MBBS at entirely reasonable costs and with a high calibre of medical education.

MBBS in Kazakhstan Eligibility Criteria 

Checkout following eligibility criteria to get admission in Kazakh's medical universities-

  • The student must be 17 years in addition to 31st December of the year in which the admission is being applied.
  • The student must more likely than not finished class twelfth from an ordinary board. He/she must have a total of at any rate half in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology and must have English as a mandatory subject if the student is from the General classification.
  • The student must have a total percentage of 40% in Chemistry, Physics, and Biology and must have English as a mandatory subject if the student is from SC/ST/OBC.
  • You have to clear NEET from 2018 onwards for affirmation in any nation abroad. A few universities will require a higher total rate in class twelfth.

MBBS in Kazakhstan Fee Structure 2021

The MBBS in Kazakhstan Fee Structure 2021 for Indian students is the following looked for perspective by the competitors who are intending to apply for admission into the medical colleges of Kazakhstan. We realize that Kazakhstan is one of those nations which are known for offering the MBBS with the nature of instruction at an affordable package. Kazakhstan is known for its reasonable yet the nature of the MBBS education offering to the MBBS wannabes. The medicinal Colleges in Kazakhstan are in spite of the fact that not much in the numbers, yet all the accessible MBBS schools in Kazakhstan are notable for their reality class MBBS instruction contributions. Along these lines, in the event that you are additionally intending to seek after the MBBS from Kazakhstan, at that point we encourage you to experience the subtleties of the all accessible MBBS schools in Kazakhstan and afterward pick the one which fulfills your prerequisites.

Some of the Top Medical Universities of Kazakhstan and their fees 

S.No. Name of the Medical University Tuition Fees/Year In INR (Approx)
1 Al Farabi Kazakh National University 4100 USD 2,99,635 INR
2 JSC Astana Medical University 3100 USD 2,26,553 INR
3 Semey State Medical University 3400 USD 2,48,478 INR
4 Karaganda State Medical University 4200 USD 3,06,943 INR
5 Kazakh National Medical University 4500 USD 3,28,868 INR


Kazakhstan University

Al Farabi Kazakh National University

(0) reviews
  • Established in :1934
  • City & Province:Almaty
  • Tuition Fee: 4100 USD
  • Hostel Fee: 600 USD
Nearest Airport- Almaty International Airport

Al Farabi Kazakh National University, also known as KazNU is located in Almaty Kazakhstan. It is of the largest universities in the country. Named after the scholar and Eastern Philosopher, Al Farabi, the education system and we developed infrastructure us attracting students all around the globe. According to the QS World ranking, the university holds 207th place in the world rating of best universities. The oldest classical university of KazNU was established by the Kazakh Regional Committee office on November 13th, 1933. The university gained the status of “National” university in the year 2001. More than 20,000 students from different parts of the world are enrolled in the university for different Bachelors, Masters, or Ph.D. programs. Approximately 2500 faculty members are placed at the university which included 400 doctors of science, professors, and associate professors.

Asfendiyarov Kazakh National Medical University

(0) reviews
  • Established in :1930
  • City & Province:Almaty
  • Tuition Fee: 4500 USD
  • Hostel Fee: 600 USD
Nearest Airport- Almaty International Airport

The history of Kazakh National Medical University roots to long back to 1931. It is the oldest and the largest university in Kazakhstan. The university was classified as the “national” university of Kazakhstan in the year 2001. This oldest university holds Rank 1 in entire Kazakhstan. S.D Asfendiyarov was the first rector of the university when it started in 1931. The university is catering to more than 11000 students and 1500 faculty members.


JSC Astana Medical University

(0) reviews
  • Established in :1997
  • City & Province:Astana
  • Tuition Fee: 3100 USD
  • Hostel Fee: 800 USD
Nearest Airport- Astana International Airport

Astana Medical University: Established on 26th Oct 1964, the management had put in the efforts to bring this institute the list of top most in Kazakhstan. One of the most recognized universities of Kazakhstan; it gained the status of university in January 2009. Initially, a name as Astana Medical Institute, the finest school of the country is practically the pride of Astana city as well as whole Kazakhstan

JSC South Kazakh Medical University

(0) reviews
  • Established in :2001
  • City & Province:Shymkent, Kazakhstan
  • Tuition Fee: 3950 USD
  • Hostel Fee: 700 USD
Nearest Airport- Shymkent International Airport

South Kazakhstan Medical Academy, popularly also known as Shymkent State Medical University, is one of the premium institutes one will come across in Kazakhstan. This applies especially for those aspiring to study MBBS in Kazakhstan. Undoubtedly, once you know the city, you will fall in love with the same.

Karaganda State Medical University

(0) reviews
  • City & Province:Karaganda, Kazakhstan
  • Tuition Fee: 4200 USD
Nearest Airport- Sary-Arka Airport

Located in Karagandy, the university is rated to be situated in one of the most settled cities of Kazakhstan. The university laid its foundation in 1960 and is among the oldest university of Kazakhstan. It is the leading university of Kazakhstan that trains students into qualified personnel for the healthcare system. The university has implemented multi-level training of specialists - Bachelors’ program, Masters Program, Ph.D., and additional education. The university has enrolled over 8000 learners in different streams and at different levels from various parts of the world. The university is quite famous and the name is internationally recognized as well. The qualified faculty is no less in teaching as well as offering assistance to the students whenever and wherever required to solve their problems related to the subjects.

Semey Medical University

(0) reviews
  • Established in :1953
  • City & Province:Semey, Kazakhstan
  • Tuition Fee: 3400 USD
  • Hostel Fee: 600 USD
Nearest Airport- Oskemen Airport

The Semey State Medical University laid its foundation in the year of 1953 in the Semey region of Kazakhstan. The university has made its name among Indians as it has been recruiting Indian medical aspirants for a long time as of now. This is one of the major medical universities in the region. The university enrols 100 plus Indian students each year to teach medicine. It ensures that the students are given best of education and practical exposure. The university has associated hospitals in its vicinity that make easy for the students to study and gain practical exposure at the same time. Being one of the oldest institutions of study in Kazakhstan, the university is very popular among the students. It provides all the basic facilities which help the students to stay easily in the premises. The hostels are well developed with all basic amenities for the students’ healthy lifestyle.

West Kazakhstan Marat Ospanov State Medical University

(0) reviews
  • Established in :1957
  • City & Province:Aktobe, Kazakhstan
  • Tuition Fee: 3500 USD
  • Hostel Fee: 350 USD
Nearest Airport- Aktobe International Airport

This university situated in Aktobe has 14 specialities to offer to its students out of which, of course, medical is the most demanded option by Indian medical aspirants. For all those who want to pursue MBBS in Kazakhstan, West Kazakhstanmaratospanov Medical University is an excellent option to be chosen. The only medical university in Aktobe region of Kazakhstan is becoming popular among the Indian students who want to take up MMBS in Kazakhstan.  The university has Bachelors, Masters and PhD to offer to its students. The co-educational institute has a very nominal fee structure yet maintains the quality of education and services offered to students.

Kazakhstan-Russian Medical University

(0) reviews
  • Established in :1992
  • City & Province:Almaty, Kazakhstan
  • Tuition Fee: 4500 USD
  • Hostel Fee: 650 USD
Nearest Airport- Almaty International Airport

Kazakh-Russian Medical University, this is a private institute in Kazakhstan and offers a varied range of courses within the premises out of which of course Medical course being a preferred choice for Indian applicants.    

This co-educational institute invites applications from all over the world. The reason behind this is the updated curriculum and world-class infrastructure. More than 5000 students are enrolled and around 300 faculty members in the university. The university came into being in 1992 and within a short period of time, the university has managed to maintain its position and charm among the students.   

Kokshetau State University named after Shokan Ualikhanov

(0) reviews
  • Established in :1962
  • City & Province:Kokshetau, Kazakhstan
  • Tuition Fee: 3500 USD
  • Hostel Fee: 500 USD
Nearest Airport- Koltsovo International Airport

M. Kozybayev North Kazakhstan State University

(0) reviews
  • Established in :1937
  • City & Province:Petropavl, Kazakhstan
  • Tuition Fee: 3500 USD
  • Hostel Fee: 500 USD
Nearest Airport- Kokshetau Airport

Studying in Kazakhstan Cost

The MBBS in Kazakhstan Cost including tuition fees and accommodation expenses is affordable. And while they completing their last year of college, learners are providing the training/internship facility, that time students have an opportunity to work in clinics that run by the university. One important benefit for Indian students who pursue their MBBS in Kazakhstan is, they don’t need to learn the official language of Kazakhstan. Medical universities in Kazakhstan for Indian students offer the medical course in the English medium also.

MBBS in Kazakhstan for Indian Students

The average expenses of MBBS in Kazakhstan for Indian students are around $3500 every year which fluctuates from one medical school to the next henceforth you are encouraged to check the medical school explicit charges for MBBS in Kazakhstan. MCI which represents the medical council of India is the administrative body that manages the medicinal field or calling in India. Any specialist who needs to begin rehearsing as a specialist in India must fulfill the rules of the MCI, so as to begin the specialist calling in the nation. If you have decided to pursue MBBS from Kazakhstan, at that point you should check, that whether the concerned medical school is recognized by the MCI, with the goal that your medical degree can be esteemed in India. Ultimately, the only thing that is important is whether you have cleared FMGE (presently NEXT) or not and the Indian students have been breezing through this test at a superior proportion from nations like Ukraine, Bangladesh, the Philippines, then from Kazakhstan. Further, the average cost for basic items and the educational cost charges of MBBS in Kazakhstan are lower in the examination of different nations, consequently seeking the degree of MBBS from Kazakhstan could be the astute alternative for you.

About Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is the formal “Republic of Kazakhstan”, is a transcontinental country in northern Central Asia and Eastern Europe. The capital city of Kazakhstan is “Astana”. Kazakhstan has a tremendous continental climate, with warm summers and very cold winters. Certainly, Astana is the second coldest capital city in the world after Ulaanbaatar. Precipitation varies between arid and semi-arid conditions, the winter being particularly dry. Kazakhstan is the highly selected destination for Medical Education not only by Indian students but also by International students.

Study MBBS in Kazakhstan is an affordable place in terms of medical education and living cost. Kazakhstan progress itself as a regional heart for Central Asia. Every year thousands of overseas students move to Kazakhstan to make their careers in the MBBS field. Reasons to select this country for MBBS in medical colleges that are recognized by WHO, MCI, USMLE, IMED, GMC, etc. The admission process is short and easy. Students do not need to appear in any entrance exam or also they don’t need to pay any heavy amount to take admission to a medical college in Kazakhstan for Indian students. Universities are recognized by WHO, USMLE, IMED, GMC, MCI. Universities provide a world-class education to their enrolled students.

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Is the local language difficult to learn in Kazakhstan?

Nothing in this world is difficult to learn if you have zeal and you put in your hard work. The teachers are always available to sort your queries. The more you make it your habit to converse in the local language, the easier it becomes for you to learn and understand.

Jagvimal Consultants, with more than a decade of experience in the field of overseas admission is a known name among the parents and students. All those who know us do not need any reason to choose us. But for those who do not know us, surely do. We have an expert team of counselors ready to patiently listen to your requirements, understand your financial and academic constraints and guide you towards your career path. Starting from the process of counseling to admission, from getting the visa invitation to booking your tickets and assisting you to university, Jagvimal Consultants officials are always available. Not only this, we stay connected with the students and parents during the entire course duration to keep the students motivated and assure them that they are not alone in a new country. We always stand with them. Simultaneously, we connect with the parents to present them with the real achievements of their children. We keep them updated with the academic and non-academic achievements made by their children, about the regularity of classes and the results. Our professional and ethical behavior has always helped us build our trust among the parents and students.

Essentials in Kazakhstan are not very expensive. A student can spend a decent life in Kazakhstan at a monthly average expense of 110 USD-140 USD. As Kazakhstan is not an expensive country, the transportation cost is also nominal. On an average, an Indian student can book a round trip flight ticket at an expense of Rs. 35,000-Rs. 40,000/-. Of course, these prices may be high during the peak tourist seasons.

According to the medical Council of India, 12 medical universities of Kazakhstan are approved to accept Indian students. Out of these 12 universities, a few that are among the students’ top choices include Kazakh National Medical University, JSC Astana Medical University, Al Farabi Kazakh National University, Semey State Medical University and West Kazakhstan Marat Ospanov State Medical University.

Kazakhstan has Muslim majority. Islam is the popularly followed religion of the country. Over 70% of the population of Kazakhstan practices Islam religion. Sunni Muslims form the large part of Kazakh ethnic groups. The other ethnic groups include the Uzbeks, Tatars and the Uyghurs. There are followers of other religions too in minority and the countrymen as well as the government do not interfere in their religious practices.

Kazakhstan has boomed up as the preferred destination for medical studies among the medical aspirants in the recent years. The admission process for MBBS in Kazakhstan is very easy which attracts the students. There is no entrance test for admission not the English language proficiency test certificates need to be submitted. The students need to pay tuition fee, accommodation fee, visa extension & insurance fee. No capitation fee or donation is charged from the students for admission. Universities provide world class infrastructure with highly educated faculty members to teach students. Practical clinical exposure is the part of curriculum and the degrees awarded are globally recognized. A lot of international students graduated from Kazakhstan are successfully placed in different hospitals in parts of the world. MBBS in Kazakhstan is an English language taught program which is a major advantage for international students.

As far as the question for a medical aspirant of Indian nationality is concerned, a student must practice internship only in India after completing the course of MBBS in Kazakhstan. One must qualify FMGE before taking up internship in India. As per the regulations of Medical Council of India, an MBBS graduate from Kazakhstan need to pursue internship in India after qualifying FMGE.

The course duration for MBBS in Kazakhstan is 5 years. MBBS in Kazakhstan is an English language taught program. An Indian student will have to pursue internship after qualifying FMGE.

Documents required for MBBS in Kazakhstan include 10th & 12th marksheet, NEET scorecard, passport, passport size photograph. You may submit all these at Jagvimal Consultants regional office or may connect with our expert counselor. The counselor will guide you for the process of admission. All you need to do is, submit these documents, sit back and relax. Our team will handle your entire process of admission and visa stamping for you.

The official currency of Kazakhstan is Kazakhstani Tenge. 1 Tenge is equal to 0.18 Rs. as in July 2020. The university fee must be paid in USD if it is paid through telegraphic transfer while it can be paid in Kazakhstani tenge if you are physically paying it at the university.

MBBS in Kazakhstan is an English language taught program. The program duration is 5 years and the internship is to be done in India upon successfully qualifying FMGE. Latin Russia is a part of curriculum and the students must learn the language during their stay in Kazakhstan. It will help them to communicate with the locals, understand the patient cases and needs during the clinical practice sessions.

Kazakhstan has 12 medical universities approved by Medical Council of India. These universities are permitted to accept international students and teach in English language. The average tuition fee for MBBS in Kazakhstan is 4000 USD per year. The accommodation expenses may range between 300 USD to 700 USD per year. A student staying in university hostel may have to pay somewhere between 300USD-500USD per year for accommodation whereas a private hostel may cost between 600USD-700 USD per year. The visa extension for Kazakhstan costs around 300 USD per year while the insurance depends on the company offering the policy. A decent amount of 200 USD gets you an annual insurance policy.

To be eligible to study MBBS in Kazakhstan, a student must be minimum 17 years old on 31st December in the year of applying for admission. The student must have studied Physics, Chemistry and Biology in 10+2 or equivalent and must have passed the same with minimum 50% marks. English language must be the part of curriculum. Qualifying NEET is a mandatory requirement for Indian aspirant. A student must be medically fit to study in Kazakhstan. There are direct admissions, no entrance test and no IELTS/TOEFL score required.

After completing MBBS from Kazakhstan, a student needs to take up internship. In India, a student needs to qualify FMGE before taking up one year internship. The degrees awarded in Kazakhstan are globally recognized. So the students can opt to take up PG in countries like USA & UK. For be eligible to practice in international countries, the student must qualify the licensing examination of the respective country. If a student plans to stay back in Kazakhstan, a student must complete 2 years internship in Kazakhstan. It is suggested to qualify the licensing examination of the home country first to keep the lifelong doors open to practice in home country.

There are no official scholarships announced for students doing MBBS in Kazakhstan or the new applicants for MBBS in Kazakhstan. It totally depends on the discretion and decision of the management in case they grant any scholarships to the students. If the scholarships are granted, the students will be informed upon reaching at the university and in the subsequent years while studying in the university.

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