Hebei Medical University, China

Hebei Medical University (HMU), formerly known as Beiyang Medical College, is one of the higher education institutions in Hebei Province. Hebei Medical University was established in Tianjin in 1894 by Governor Li Hongzhang. It was the first western medical school established by the government. After 30 years of development, Hebei Medical University has become a comprehensive medical university with the tradition of "respecting virtue and rigorous innovation" including teaching, research, and medical services. The university has maintained close contacts and inter-university collaboration with nearly 27 well-known higher education institutions in more than 12 countries.

Hebei Medical University Facts & Figures

  1. Hebei Medical University has a total of 14 Colleges and schools, and 5 affiliated hospitals with more than 9139 beds capacity.
  2. University offers 37 doctoral programs and 52 masters programs for the students.
  3. More than 25,600 students are enrolled in the university.
  4. 15000 professionals and technical faculty have given their service to the university including the university hospitals.

Hebei Medical University Faculty

Hebei Medical University has almost 14 schools or departments. Some of the different disciplines are listed below -

  1. Clinical Medicine
  2. Basic medicine
  3. Pharmaceutics
  4. Stomatology
  5. Forensic Medicine
  6. Pharmacy

Benefits of Doing MBBS from Hebei Medical University

  1. University offers a large number of courses in different disciplines.
  2. The MBBS tuition fee at Hebei Medical University is low as compared to different institutions.
  3. The university’s library has introduced more than 30 domestic and foreign databases, which are available through the campus network.
  4. World-class library having more than a million books available.
  5. University provides various graduate, undergraduate, and doctoral programs.
  6. Wide range of seminars and curricular activities to enhance personality development.
  7. Several campuses have gymnasiums, stadiums, and facilities like badminton, volleyball, table tennis, and artistic gymnastics, encouraging more holistic development in students.
  8. No donation required for admission.
  9. Opportunities for internships and scholarships Hebei Medical University.
  10. Medical courses offered by the university are in English.
  11. Accommodation for international students is at affordable charges with having hostel and dormitories.
  12. The student life of Hebei Medical University is such that every student will fall in love with it.
  13. The environment here is not only good for learning but also great for entertainment and side enjoyment.
  14. The university offers various scholarships to support students financially.

Hebei Medical University Programs & Fees

  • 5+1 Years of English Medium
   Fees 1st Year 2nd Year to 6th Year
   Tuition Fee

36,000 RMB

4,32,000 INR

36,000 RMB

4,32,000 INR

   Accommodation Fee

   (Triple Sharing)

4,000 RMB

48,000 INR

4,000 RMB

48,000 INR

   Registration Fee

800 RMB

9,600 INR



800 RMB

9,600 INR

800 RMB

9,600 INR

   Health Checkup

450 RMB

5,400 INR

   Visa Extension

800 RMB

9,600 INR

800 RMB

9,600 INR

   Dormitory Deposit


800 RMB

9,600 INR


1,000 RMB

12,000 INR

   Yearly Total

44,650 RMB

5,13,475 INR

41,600 RMB

4,78,400 INR

   Grand Total

2,52,650 RMB

30,31,800 INR

  • 1 RMB- INR 12/- (as on 14th July 2022)
  • NOTE: MISC CHARGES to be paid in the University in 1st year 2500RMB-3000RMB
  • Amount is subject to change as per the exchange rates


Chinese Government Scholarship

International students studying in China are eligible for the Chinese Government Scholarship that is being awarded by the Chinese Scholarship Council (CSC). This is awarded to the students applying or studying in the universities affiliated with CSC. Every year the CSC online application system starts from December to April. Every university under the CSC affiliation has a different application deadline. It is mandatory to fill the online application form for students applying for a Chinese Government Scholarship.

At present 289 universities, Chinese Universities are designated to offer a wide range of programs in science, engineering, fine arts, philosophy, economics, medicine, legal studies, agriculture, history, literature, and management under the CSC Scholarship scheme at all levels.


1.     Bilateral Program

The program offers a full or partial scholarship to the students in accordance with the exchange of educational agreements between the Chinese governments and governments of other countries, institutions, or international organizations. The program supports undergraduate & graduate students, general scholars, and senior scholars.

Applicants must apply to the dispatching authorities for overseas studies in their home country.

2.     Chinese University Program

Scholarship under this program is meant for designated Chinese universities and specific provincial offices in certain provincial regions aiming to recruit international students for graduate studies in China. This program supports undergraduates, postgraduate students, and doctoral students.

Applicants shall apply at the universities under this program to avail scholarships.

3.     Great Wall Program

This scholarship program under UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) sponsors students and scholars from developing countries to carry out their studies and research in China. The program supports general and senior scholars. Applicants of this program must apply at the National Commissions for UNESCO in their home country.

4.     EU Program

It is a full scholarship program encouraging international students from EU member countries to study and research in China. The program also focuses on promoting mutual understanding between China and EU member countries. The program supports undergraduate & graduate students, general scholars, and senior scholars.

Applicants under this category must apply at the Education and Culture, Mission of the P. R. China to the European Union

5.     AUN Program

The AUN Program (ASEAN University Network) sponsors students, teachers, and scholars from ASEAN member countries to study and research in China. The program offers a full scholarship to the students thereby improving the academic exchange and mutual understanding between China and ASEAN member countries. It supports only the graduate students and the students can apply at AUN Secretariat.

6.     PIF Program

This is a program under the full scholarship scheme to sponsor students from Pacific Island countries to study in China. The program supports undergraduates, graduates, general scholars, and senior scholars and an application for the same can be applied to the Pacific Islands Forum (PIF) Secretariat.

7.     WHO Program

This program in association with the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) sponsors international students to study and research in meteorology, hydrology, and water resources supervision and management in China. The program supports only graduates and undergraduates. Applicants must apply at the WMO. 


  1. An applicant must be a Non-Chinese national and must possess a valid passport with a valid Chinese visa for study in China
  2. The applicants must present their HSK marks cards depicting their proficiency in the Chinese language. However, relaxation can be given to students applying for programs taught in the English Language.
  3. The applicants must abide by the rules & regulations of the University as well as the Chinese government.
  4. Undergraduate program applicants of not more than 28 years and must submit high school mark sheets.
  5. Masters degree applicants of not more than 40 years, a bachelor degree holder and must submit 2 recommendation letters from professors.
  6. A Doctoral program applicant must be a Master's degree holder and not above 45 years of age. Submission of 2 recommendation letters from professors is a mandatory requirement.

Expertise and relevant team of professionals verify and selects the students who are granted pre-admission letters by the mid of June. By the end of June, these must apply for University Scholarship online. Once the applications are scrutinized, the students are awarded the scholarship in the month of September each year. The provincial department where the university is located takes responsibility for all applications.  Each university in the province receives funds and aids from the Provincial Department of Education according to the number of students who have been awarded the scholarship. If the student does not abide by the rules & regulations of the university or the government, the university has the authority to report to the provincial department of education and his/her scholarship is deemed to be terminated with immediate effect. The university or college must submit a comprehensive report of students’ assessment to the provincial department that will help them determine the student’s eligibility for scholarship in the coming year. This report must be submitted in writing by the end of May.  

Documents required for Chinese Government Scholarship

  • A completely filled the application form
  • Notarized copy of highest diploma/degree certificates
  • Passport copy
  • Reference letters from professors where demanded
  • Study Plan
  • Copy of Academic transcripts (clear coloured scanned copies)
  • Foreigners Health Examination Form

Campus Location

Hebei Medical University is situated in Shijiazhuang, Hebei, the People's Republic of China. The city Shijiazhuang is sitting in the northern part of Hebei province and comes in a semi-arid climate zone having an annual temperature of 13.38 degrees centigrade.

Nearest Airport: Shijiazhuang Zhengding International Airport

Hebei Medical University Entry Criteria

  • 17 year of age as on 31st December in the year of seeking Admission
  • 70% in 10+2
  • NEET- 200

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Our FAQ's

Do a unified entrance examination is needed to take admission for international aspirants in Hebei Medical University?

To take admission for international aspirants currently no entrance examination is needed. Aspirants who will pass the verification of eligibility or qualification, for the related college or school then the institute will take a video interview assessment (via Skype), checking the aspirant's language communication skills, academic abilities, overall merit, etc.

Generally you can find hostel fee for the international students in the university having charges of 42000 INR per year.

Yes aspirants can apply currently in China for the CSC-Chinese University Program. A fixed number of places are offered to current international aspirants in China, and every year. Aspirants who are interested in applying can check the guidelines for the current year.

(1) Bachelor’s Programs (2) Master's Programs (3) Doctoral Programs

Hebei Medical University offers MBBS program is in English.

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