Most Affordable Countries to Study

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Most Affordable Countries to Study

Most affordable countries to study

MBBS Abroad has gained momentum these days as MBBS in India is highly-priced. The demand for doctors in India is high but the supply is low. In such a situation, to fulfil the increasing requirement of doctors and to study according to what their pockets allow, students are travelling abroad. Every year as the no. of applicants appearing for NEET is rising, the students applying for MBBS abroad is also increasing. More than 9,000-10,000 students travel to other countries every year to study medicine. 


Who all can apply for MBBS Abroad?

The first important question is who can apply for MBBS Abroad or what the eligibility criteria to apply for MBBS abroad are. Some universities abroad accept the student with low marks as well giving them fair opportunities to fulfil their dream of becoming a doctor. A student who wants to apply for MBBS abroad must be a minimum of 17 years of age as of 31st December in the year of applying. He/she must have studied Physics, Chemistry and Biology in 12th and must have passed the same with 50% marks at least. Studying the English language is also must. Apart from these, a mandatory examination of NEET is to be qualified by all Indian students who wish to study MBBS whether in India or abroad. A student, who does not qualify NEET, will not be eligible to practice in India after the completion of the degree. 


What is the cost of studying MBBS abroad? 

If you think that studying MBBS abroad is good for those who have a good bank balance, you may be wrong. Of course, it is true that you need to pre-plan your finances to complete your graduation smoothly, there are some countries that allow you to study at very pocket-friendly prices. The cost of MBBS abroad can be as low as 25 lacs inclusive of all at average costs. All you need to do is plan your budget first and then start researching for the countries that can offer you universities falling in your budget. If you are unable to decide where to apply, you may connect with the experts at Jagvimal Consultants who will guide you and help you clear all your queries.


Which are the most affordable countries to study MBBS abroad?

As mentioned earlier, the cost of MBBS abroad starts at 25 lacs and goes higher than the limit you want to invest. A few countries mentioned below will offer you an MBBS at very affordable costs.


Kazakhstan - The duration of study for MBBS in Kazakhstan is 5 years. The cost incurred during this program and stay in Kazakhstan can be covered in 25lacs taking all expenses at nominal costs. The average tuition fee for universities in Kazakhstan starts at 3500-4000 USD per year. The hostel costs 500-600 USD per year. Average food expense can be covered with 100-120 USD per month. Kazakhstan is getting popular among students as it offers 5 years MBBS program at a very nominal cost. 


China - The duration of MBBS in China is 5+1year where 5 years are for study and 1 year is for an internship. MBBS in China can be done in 29-30lacs at the minimum. The expenses will go high depending upon the university you choose and its fees. The average university fee for medical universities in China is 30,000 RMB and the hostel fee is 4,500-5000 RMB per year. The food expenses on an average are the same as in Kazakhstan i.e around 100-120 USD per month. China is popular among the students as it offers scholarship and the internship done in China by the Indian students is valid in our country.


Russia/ Ukraine - The course duration for MBBS in Russia and Ukraine is 6 years of study. The students need to undergo an internship in India after completing their degree in the said countries. The average cost of MBBS for these two countries start at 28-30lacs for the complete program. The tuition fee for the medical universities on an average is 4000 USD while the hostel fee is 500-600 USD per year. For food, the expenses are around 100-120 USD per month. Russia has some universities with a century-old history and extensive teaching experience. In Ukraine, the students need to qualify KROK 1 & KROK 2 examination to complete their degree. 

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