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MBBS in Belarus

MBBS in Belarus offers an MD program for medical aspirants with a total duration of 6 years with a 1-year internship. To get admission at Belarusian medical universities, medical aspirants must follow minimum eligibility: a valid NEET scorecard and a 10+2 (PCB) minimum of 50%. All the medical universities of Belarus are recognized by NMC, WHO, FAIMER and listed in the world's top medical universities. The tuition FEE is affordable, which starts at 3000 USD to up to 5000 USD with a living cost of 800 USD. After completing the medical degree, students can work in Belarus or sit in the NEXT (National Exit Test) screening test to practice and get a medical license in India.

Formerly known as Byelorussia or Belorussia, Belarus is a landlocked country in Eastern Europe. It shares its border with Russia in the north-east, Ukraine to its south, Poland to the west, Lithuania and Latvia to its northwest. Minsk, the capital of Belarus is also the most populous city. The country declared its independence in 1917 as the Belarusian People's Republic, which was conquered by Soviet Russia. In 1922, it was renamed the Byelorussian Soviet Socialist Republic and became the founding constituent republic of the Soviet Union. The country lost half of its territory to Poland during the Soviet-Polish war of 1919-1921 and a third of its population and economic resources during World War II. The republic redeveloped itself in the post-war years and became the founding member of the United Nations in 1945 along with other Soviet Nations.

The parliament of the republic declared the sovereignty of Belarus on 27th July 1990, and through the dissolution of the USSR, Belarus pronounced its independence on 25th August 1991.  The first president of the independent country was Alexander Lukashenko who served on the position from 1994.

Since Belarus has good connections with Russia as a result of the cooperation treaty that was signed between the two countries in the year 2000, the country has a population with minorities of Russians, Ukrainians and Poles apart of 80% being ethnic Belarusian. The constitution of the country hasn’t declared an official religion, yet primarily the country follows Eastern Orthodox Christianity. Roman Catholicism has a minority group. Both, the Orthodox and Catholic versions of Christmas and Easter are celebrated as national holidays in Belarus.

Belarus has marshy land and approximate 40% of the area is covered with forests. Many streams and lakes are found in the country with three major rivers flowing through the country. It experiences a transitional zone between continental climates and maritime climates with mild winters of average minimum temperature ranging from -4°C to -8°C during the month of January. Summers are cool and moist with an average temperature of 18°C.

MCI/WHO approved Medical Universities in Belarus

There are 4 medical universities in Belarus for MBBS in Belarus approved by MCI and WHO. These are listed below

  1. Belarusian State Medical University
  2. Gomel State Medical University
  3. Grodno State Medical University
  4. Vitebsk State Medical University

Study MBBS in Belarus for Indian Students

Education is free in Belarus at all levels except higher education. The Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus oversees the running of all school system.  A student can either attend a public or a private school. The current educational system of Belarus was established by order in 1994. Pre-school education is not mandatory in Belarus. Around 70% of the children attend the nursery at the age of 1-2years and kindergarten at the ages of 3-5 years before they officially start their schooling in Belarus.

Primary & secondary education is required for students from 6years to 15 years and lasts up to 9years. Upon completion of basic education, each student is required to qualify for the basic educational curriculum and is awarded a certificate by the state. The students are now qualified enough to enter professional technical institutions and focus on completing higher education and get the higher education certificate. 11 years of schooling or gaining a professional certificate allows higher education entrance or an entry into professional technical institutions. The duration of schooling years depends on the subject the student has chosen.

There has been a constant growth in higher education since 1991. As per the data available in 2011, 4725 out of every 10,000 citizens were undergraduates. To allow more student mobility, Belarus has adopted the ECTS system (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System). The country ha s45 state-owned and 10 private institutions for higher education.

As a growing economy and has a high literacy rate, Belarus is also the choice of study for medical aspirants looking to study MBBS abroad. Every year a good number of medical aspirants opt for Belarus as there is no capitation fee or entrance exam to seek admission in the MBBS course. The government spends a significant part of its budget for uplifting the standards of education at par with the international norms. With an easy admission procedure and advanced technological progress, the students gain sufficient academic brilliance and practical knowledge in the subject. With affordable tuition fees, low living costs and a welcoming population, MBBS in Belarus is gaining popularity while delivering the best classroom education.

The country offers a medical degree course, the duration of which is 6 years. The students need to pursue their internship in India on return after the completion of the course and successfully qualifying for their FMGE examination. The academic session starts in the month of September. It is better to apply to the universities through authorized service partners as early as in the months of June-July as the admissions are on a first come first serve basis.

A student must attain an age of min 17 years and a maximum of 25 years on or before 31st December in the year of taking admission. He/she must obtain a minimum of 50% in 10+2 with Physics, Chemistry, Biology and English as compulsory subjects. NEET qualification is mandatory for all the students applying for MBBS abroad starting in session 2019.

The language of instruction in Belarus is English. However, the students have to gain knowledge about the regional language of the country so as to develop a good rapport and trust with the patients and present good case study results.

Jagvimal Consultants & Management Services is the authorized service partner for MBBS in Belarus. A trustworthy name, you can always connect with our counsellors to seek guidance and support for university selection and admission procedure to confirm your seat for MBBS in Belarus.

Top Universities in Belarus

Vitebsk State Medical University

Vitebsk State Medical University

Vitebsk, Belarus

University Type: Public
Year of Establishment: 1934
Geomel State Medical University

Geomel State Medical University

Gomel, Belarus

University Type: Public
Year of Establishment: 1990
Belarusian State Medical University

Belarusian State Medical University

Minsk, Belarus

University Type: Public
Year of Establishment: 1921

Cost Of Living in Belarus

Low High

Common Questions about Study in Belarus

If at any time, the student wants to withdraw the admission and return to India, will the complete charges deposited be refunded?

If at any point of time you wish to return to India and withdraw from the course you are admitted, this can be done. But the charges deposited are non refundable. Hence you will have to bear the cost of the same.

Yes, an annual health insurance is necessary in countries abroad if you want a visa and stay in that country for a long duration of time. A visa renewal is done only when you hold a valid insurance policy. An insurance policy is always suggested as it is an add on benefit to you in case of medical emergencies in a foreign land. In case you are medically insured and something happens, an immediate action can be taken and you do not have to worry about the funds.

We at Jagvimal Consultants understand what all questions and doubts you are going through while deciding what and where to study, how to apply, who is the reliable person to give an authentic information, what is the procedure to pay the fees, how can the currency be exchanged, what is the security for students in far off land, will the degree from particular university be valid or not, what will be the flying schedules, how to make bookings and what not. We urge you not to panic and call out highly qualified, experienced counsellors and collect information. Book your appointment for a one to one personalized session and clear all your doubts. Once satisfied with the information given, and then apply for the university.

Christianity is the main religion in the Republic of Belarus with Orthodox religion being the largest denomination. The country is also well represented by other religion groups like Roman Catholics, Protestants, Jews and a minority group of Muslims.

Safety is gainful, accident is painful. First and foremost, your safety is in your own hands and no one can harm you if you take precautions. Belarus is a country in Europe and has strict laws, regulations and rules. You must follow them to keep yourself safe. Also follow the guidelines prescribed for the students. Apart from low end crimes like pick pocketing, petty theft, which is very common in crowded areas almost all around the globe, Belarus does not have a picture of high end crimes. It is suggested to take precautions while travelling or when in a crowded place.

Payments can be transferred via the facility of Swift Transfer. You will be allowed to open your bank account in Belarus. Any payments required in your accounts can be transferred to your bank account in Belarus by the Indian banks that have the permission of Swift transfers or may be through Forex companies in India.

Your requirement of foreign exchange can be fulfilled by the foreign exchange companies or banks in our country. You can easily purchase the foreign currency and pay them in INR. However, if you require any assistance, Jagvimal Consultants will be available to assist and guide you for the process. We suggest you to be alert while getting this done as the currency fluctuates very often.

Belarus is a country in Europe has low fee structure. This is the reason that it attracts students from India and other parts of the world. The average tuition fee costs around 4000 USD per year as on date. The amount is subject to change as per the exchange rate.

MBBS in Belarus is a choice of Indian students because Belarus is an Eastern European country offering MBBS in Belarus at an affordable cost. It’s has a state funded universities do not require any entrance test of admission. The duration of course is similar to other countries which is 6 years. The medium of instruction is English. The medicine degree from Belarus is globally recognized. The program is designed to focus on practical application of the subject. Indians are also attracted because the climate is suitable for them to survive.

Belarusian Ruble is the official currency of Belarus. The most popular currency exchange rate is BYN to Euro. BYN is the currency code for Belarusian Ruble. As in July 2019, 1 BYN is equal to approximately 33.95 INR. Amount is subject to exchange as per the exchange rate.

Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus is the current authority responsible to handle the education system in Belarus. For all levels of education, this is the sole authority taking the charge of education in Belarus.

The answer to this question is “NO”. You are not required to qualify examinations like IELTS or TOEFL for admissions in MBBS in Belarus. However, NEET is a mandatory requirement for an Indian applicant. As per the MCI, any student applying for Medical qualification whether India or abroad must be NEET qualified.

No, the student is not allowed to work while pursuing MBBS in Belarus. MBBS is a practical application oriented program and requires core hard work, focus, passion and determination. As per the government view, a student must focus only on education during this program.

MBBS in Belarus is a 6 years degree program where the students study all the minute details of the subject, get a clinical exposure in the associated city hospitals, focus on case studies and practical examination. The medium of instruction is English for this 6 year degree program. However, the student must have knowledge about the regional language so as to communicate easily with the patients.

Belarusian is the regional language used in Belarus along with Russian. The language is also closely related to Ukrainian. A study done in 1999, showed that it was the spoken language by approximately 37% of the population and around 85.6% of the Belarusians declared it as their “mother tongue”. Another study by the Belarusian government in 2009 showed that 72% of Belarusians speak Russian at home, while Belarusian was actively used by only 11.9% of Belarusians. However, the medium of instruction for MBBS in Belarus is English though the students are required to study the local language so as to provide ease to communicate with the patients.

The university may allow the students to pay the fees in instalments under certain circumstances. However, the university may also amend some rules as and when needed without prior notification.

Belarus is a landlocked country in Eastern Europe. Degrees from Belarus are globally recognized. The MBBS degree imparting universities in Belarus are public universities and MCI/WHO listed. The degree from these universities are valid in India and all around the globe.

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