Latest 6 MCI Approved Medical Universities to Get Admission in China

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Latest 6 MCI Approved Medical Universities to Get Admission in China

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Advantages of scholarship in China

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MBBS in Jiangsu University

MBBS in Jiangsu University is very popular among Indian students. Jiangsu University is a key comprehensive university under the control of Jiangsu Province. It has the same origin with Nanjing University and Southeast University, whose history can be traced back to the Sanjiang Normal College in 1902. Located in the beautiful tourist city-Zhenjiang, UJS ranks among the top 100 universities in China, Currently, the university covers an area of 501.6 acres and registers 42,000 students, including 7,200 graduates and 200 international students. There are 24 colleges, 83 undergraduate programs, involving Engineering, Science, Medicine, Art, Economics, Law, Management, Pedagogy and History etc 9 disciplines.

The fees as follows to get the admission in Jiangsu University

  • Tuition Fee: 3, 42,516 INR
  • Accommodation fee: 49,385 INR
  • Visa & Insurance: 10, 078 INR
  • Application Fee: 4,031 INR
  • Registration Fee: 2,015 INR
  • Dormitory Deposit: 5,038 INR
  • Physical Examination: 20,154 INR

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MBBS in Yangzhou University

MBBS in Yangzhou University for Indian students now very easy. Though the origin of Yangzhou University can easily be mapped out back to early 1902, it was the merger of six colleges of higher education in Yangzhou that gave birth to one of the pioneer universities in China, known to many as Yangzhou University.

The university in Jiangsu Province is co-promoted by the Ministry of Education and the People’s Government of Jiangsu Province to provider better and improved education to the people of the country.

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MBBS in Qingdao University

MBBS in Qingdao University is very popular among Indian students. It is located in the lovely eastern coastal city of Qingdao, China, Qingdao University has emerged out as one of the best medical universities in china, as it has been shaped up by the rich local culture, its vibrancies and the strong support system of the Shandong Provincial Government. It is spread extensively on over 180 hectares of land and a floor area of 1,090,000 square meters. Owing to all these, the venerated institution is evolving rapidly as a new kind of expansively comprehensive university, comprising of excellent teaching faculty and wide range of disciplines through leading universities in China.

The full detail about fee structure of Qingdao University

  • First-year tuition fee: 3, 02,160 INR
  • Hostel Fee: 1, 00,721 INR
  • Visa Extension: 8,057 INR
  • Insurance: 8,057 INR
  • Yearly Expense: 4, 19,038 INR

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MBBS in Xi’an Jiatong University

MBBS in Xi’an Jiaotong University is very popular among Indian students. This university is a national key university under the direct jurisdiction of the Ministry of Education, is one of the country’s oldest institutions of higher learning. Founded in Shanghai in 1896 as Nanyang Public, it was renamed Jiaotong University in 1921. In 1956, at the direction of the State Council, the university was moved to Xi’an, and renamed Xi’an Jiaotong University (XJTU).

As one of the country’s national key universities, it was included in the first group of universities singled out for high priority development under the country’s seventh and eighth five year plans. It was also included in the first group of universities to benefit from Project 211 and Project 985, with the goal of becoming a world class university. Under a plan adopted by the State Council in April, 2000, the original Xi’an Jiaotong University was merged with the Xi’an Medical University and the Shaanxi Institute of Finance and Economics to form the new Xi’an Jiaotong University.

The full detail about fee structure of Xi’an Jiatong University

  • Tuition fee: 8000CNY/ Year
  • Insurance: 800 CNY/ Year
  • Resident permit: 400 CNY/ Year

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MBBS in Nanjing Medical University

Situated at the province of Jiangsu, the educational heritage of “Nanjing Medical University” roots back to 1934 and it today boasts as one of the best universities in China owing to its excellent academic offerings, faculties, educational facilities and a keen understanding to embrace the changes need to make the education system worthwhile for the students and the society at large. MBBS in Nanjing Medical University is also one of the few universities in China that has exceptional networks with some of the best and renowned universities and educational institutions across the world. The university has now transformed into one that offers comprehensive education. Of the several schools and departments under the university medicine, nursing, biology, management, pharmacy and law are prominent in offerings.

The complete fees structure of Nanjing Medical University

  • 1 year tuition fee – 3, 42,543 INR
  • Application fees: 5038 INR
  • Visa extension: 8,059 INR
  • Insurance: 8,059 INR
  • Accommodation Fee: 60,455

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MBBS in Southeast University

MBBS in Southeast university China very popular among Indian students. The history of university dates back to early 1900s when it was founded as Sanjiang Normal College. It was the collective efforts of educational reformers, scholars and the central govt. that lifted the university to become one of the most prominent universities in the whole of China, as it is now.

The Southeast University in incredibly fortified with around 1800 Professors or Associate Professors, nearly 830 Supervising staffs for Doctoral Programs, about 1880 Supervising Staffs for Master’s programs with many other distinguished faculty members from higher academies and councils of the national level.

The accurate fee structure of Southeast University-

  • Tuition Fee: 32800 RMB
  • Accommodation Fee: 6000 RMB
  • Application Fee: 400 RMB
  • Books: 1000 RMB
  • Visa: 400 RMB
  • Insurance: 600 RMB
  • Medical Check-up: 400 RMB
  • Yearly Total: 41600 RMB

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