Fees Per Year fees
Tuition Fee 3,450 USD (7,76,000 INR)
Hostel Fee 800 USD (64,000 INR)
Visa 200 USD (16,000 INR)
(to be paid in india at the time of admission)
Medical & Insurance 150 USD (12,000 INR)
Yearly Total 4,600 USD (3,59,000 INR)

Note1: Tuition fee 16,00,000Tenge per year.
Note2: Fee is subject to change due to USD to Kazak Tenge fluctuations.
Note3: Documentation 200 1st Year only.
Note4: University hostel depends on availibility.
Note5: Food cost will be approx. USD 120 per month
Note6: Fee calculated @ 1USD- INR 78/- (as on 23-June-2022)

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