Scholarships offered in Southeast University China

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Scholarships offered in Southeast University China blog

The Southeast University of China is very famous for the quality education that it provides. The facilities for research provided by the University are fully lavish. The libraries have so many books that are worth reading by future doctors for performing great deeds in their careers. The Southeast Medical University of China provides every facility to the students that they need and demand to pursue medical education perfectly. If you want to study MBBS in Southeast University, and can get the opportunity to apply for a scholarship, it is wonderful.


Jiangsu Province Jasmine Scholarship

As the name suggests, clear that Jiangsu Jasmine scholarship is given to the brand of Jiangsu to take admission in southeast Medical University. Scholarship programs for students who undertake full-time study programs. The best part of this scholarship is the availability of the scholarship for non-degree programs also and there is a possibility of exchanging the students according to educational exchange agreement and Memorandum of understanding that has been signed between the provincial government of Jiangsu and international institutions, state institutions, Government and Universities.

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Nanjing Government Scholarship

nanjing medical university

Nanjing Government Scholarship is specially designed for covering most of the study programs at Southeast Medical University. Scholarships support the students who are enrolled in non-degree programs, undergraduates, Ph.D. students and students pursuing a master’s degree. The requirements of the Nanjing Government scholarship are the students who are citizens of China can apply for the scholarship provided they are mentally and physically fit and they must be family with and friendly towards China. The scholarship is also referred to as the students who want to pursue their MBBS and are under 28 years of age, the age Criterion for the candidates of a master’s degree is under 35 I for the candidates pursuing a Ph.D. from the university can get scholarship India under 40.


SEU Scholarship

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Southeast University China scholarship is given by the management of the University. There are so many possibilities after you take admission in the university. You may get an opportunity to travel abroad for research projects along with your professors. This can take place under the exchange programs of international students. It is a direct scholarship provided by the University to promote the university and support the students who are very intelligent and deserve to study over there.


Confucius Institute Scholarship

Confucius Institute scholarship was designed for a very Noble purpose of supporting the students who are smart in their studies and who will become promising specialists. This scholarship also supports the international promotion of the Chinese and spreading the culture of China. They also want to provide highly qualified Chinese language trainers. This can be very helpful for the students who are coming to study MBBS in Southeast university or the any other University of China. Confucius Institute itself provides training but it is promoting the students who want to study at Southeast University.

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