Most Excellent Education System for MBBS Students in China

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Most Excellent Education System for MBBS Students in China

Cost of medical education in India continues to get higher. So, an increasing number of students are heading to foreign shores. Nowadays China, in particular, appears as a favorite destination for studying MBBS. According to MBBS Abroad Consultants, a 6 year-education at an authorized Chinese medical university can cost Rs. 25 lakhs which are equivalent to a one-year internship and annual travel to India. With capitation fees, some Indian universities amount to more than double that figure.

Financial incentives are the major reason behind China’s emergence as a prominent destination for medical education. Chinese universities are increasingly going out of the way to encourage Indian students whether by setting up private kitchens and also Medical universities in China for Indian students prefers English medium instruction.


Some Trouble for Medical Students While Pursuing MBBS in India –

Hidden Costs – Students have to pay hidden costs that mounted during the course of their 6 year-education course which is a bigger negative point. Students don’t have any alternative but to pay the additional charges otherwise they wouldn’t be allowed to graduate.


Tough MCI Test – The more serious feature for most Indian medical students is an MCI (Medical Council of India) screening test which is required to take in India after graduation. This screening test is very tough to clear and admission is given on the base of merit.


So, in China, medical students can’t have these struggles. The MCI’s website lists the 49 universities that have been approved by China’s Ministry of Education to enroll the overseas students. No capitation charges or donation are to be paid to the colleges in China. The cost of instruction for study MBBS in China for Indian students is exceedingly directed and financed by the Ministry of Public Health of the Chinese Government. However, the charge structure fluctuates with every single college.


If someone studies in China then you not only can boost knowledge but also gets to see the culture and incredible sites that China holds. The climate fluctuates from area to area in China, so every university has its own brilliance in each season. In the meantime, to help international students to take in the wonderful and appealing Chinese culture and custom, most Chinese colleges compose a wide range of unique exercises, which is also helpful for them to sink into life in China. Overseas students can explore the social history of China as well as the soul of another age in China. Medical universities in China for Indian students are rewarding as approved universities offer world-class facilities at affordable costs and also the scholarship for students.


The report notes that last year a record-breaking 398,000 international students flocked to study MBBS in China, making it the world’s third preferred destination


There are Top Reasons Why Students Should Prefer China for Higher Education:


Move to one of the world’s best education cities

China has extremely graded universities, strong employment prospects, and relatively low prices of living.


Quick growth in the economic condition of China

China is growing fast. Yearly growth of the Chinese GDP is reaching nearly 7% over the upcoming 5 years. Students prefer China for MBBS instead of Australia or other US countries.


Receive a scholarship

The Chinese government has doubled efforts to expand the quantity of scholarship sit offers to international recruits. Last year, a stunning four-hundred of international students who had recently commenced finding out in China received some quite monetary award from the govt.


Contemplate (approximately) 4,000 years of history

Wherever you study in China, you’ll be surrounded by old temples, palaces, and structures as they rub shoulders with feats of modernity and technology.


Very Low traveling & living cost

Traveling and living cost in China is less than the other countries like South Korea, USA, and Japan etc. Food, Cloths and daily routine things in China are very affordable.


Explore the region

Take advantage of your location (China) to get on a flight to Mongolia, Thailand or South Korea throughout semester breaks, and widen your horizon! Finding out abroad in China may be an excellent way to induce the maximum amount traveling done as you can, before either settling down in a single location or embarking on a world career. China has turned out to be a standout amongst the most prevalent examination abroad goals for universal students on account of its long history and energizing society

China has emerged from isolation & captured the attention of the whole globe by accomplishing remarkable technical achievements.


Medical Universities in China


  1. China Medical University:

China Medical University has transformed itself into one of the most famous and excellent medical universities in China. This university provides medical instructions in both English and Chinese language. The motive for providing medical education in the English language for international students who never understand the Chinese language. China Medical University collaborates with other universities in the USA, UK etc. for student exchange or faculty exchange program.


  1. Zhejiang University:

It is one of the top medical universities in China served by the renowned faculty force from around the world. Zhejiang University is one among the best ranked medical universities in China providing around 110+ specialized course programs for undergraduate, masters, doctoral studies and many others. This university provides the postgraduate and undergraduate program in Public Health, Stomatology, and Biomedicine etc.


  1. Anhui Medical University:

Anhui Medical University has built up better links with other higher institutions in some European countries, Japan and This University is teaching Western and Chinese medical education to international students in English. This university not only presents medical education but also provides the engineering, management, technology, and economics. This university is approved by CMC, WHO, and CSC.

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