Could it be Cheaper to Go for Study MBBS Abroad?

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Could it be Cheaper to Go for Study MBBS Abroad

India is not really known because of its medical education because the country has very less number of seats in a government college and the private medical colleges need a ridiculously huge fee. More than 13 Lakhs students appear for that National Entrance cum Eligibility Test (NEET) that is regarded as the entrance test almost every medical college in India and contains also become required for candidates ready to study MBBS abroad since 2017. The Medical Council of India (MCI) may be the governing body that oversees medical education in India. The MCI has up various initiatives to support foreign universities for Indian students.


The number of medical seats provided by government universities in India is much less than the need for them. Many students get frustrated every year because they cannot enter a decent government college despite the fact that they have an excellent score within the entrance test. Needless to say, there is an alternative solution in private universities. Any private medical college in India includes a way higher rate for medical education in comparison with government colleges. It really is estimated to expense from 10 Lakh INR to 50 Lakh INR normally to perform MBBS in India by way of a private university. For good and recognized private college, the number rises to 40 to 50 Lakh INR for the full MBBS course. This cost is quite higher for middle-class students in India. Because of this, searches for options abroad. But, many questions if it is actually cheaper to study MBBS in abroad for Indian students.


Let’s take China, one of the neighbors of India that had a very hard history. It is a very fast developing country and has experienced a strong increase in its economy in the last decade. It is not even close to what we might call a “developed” nation, but it is on the way. It has clean roads, good buildings, and a good educational system. Study MBBS in China is a popular choice among Indian medical students. Many medical universities in China are recognized by both the MCI and the World Health Organization (WHO). Students from all over the world find that China is the ideal place to study medicine. It is especially good for Indian students, as many medical universities in China have a very similar curriculum offered by Indian schools, which prepares students for the MCI screening, which is used to verify if a candidate can practice medicine in India. In fact, graduates of Chinese universities have the highest approval rate for MCI screening.


In addition, China offers one of the best quality medical schools in the world. The total cost of study MBBS in China, along with accommodation and other charges, in the averages is around 25 Lakh INR, which is much less than most private universities in India. This is one of the reasons why MBBS in China is so popular in India. It is cheaper and affordable. Kazakhstan is another country that has attracted the attention of Indian students. Located at the intersection of Europe and Asia, it is the former Soviet Republic that is known for its beautiful landscapes and luxurious mountains.


Study MBBS in Kazakhstan is popular all over the world. Many international students enter Kazakhstan to continue their medical studies. The country has some well-known universities and offers high-quality education. It is a European country and offers many of the European facilities one could expect. Study MBBS in Kazakhstan for Indian students is in high demand among Indian students. Admission to medical universities in Kazakhstan is very simple compared to India. Many facilities for research and work are also available in Kazakhstan for medical students. The trip and other expenses, together with the cost of tuition to study MBBS, add up to less than that of Indian universities. Therefore, Kazakhstan is another very good option to study MBBS in abroad.


There are many other options that are cheaper to study MBBS than India. Another country is the Philippines. But, one must be aware that, although the cost is lower, it may take time to establish in another country and the climate will change drastically. The climate in Kazakhstan is predominantly rainy. Good exposure and education are also a good reason to choose to study abroad, even at a slightly higher rate. But, sometimes it is less to study MBBS abroad than in India because of the high enrollment rate in India.

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