University of Tasmania, Australia

Located in Hobart, Australia, the University of Tasmania is one of the greatest hubs for top-class education in Australia. It is one of the fourth oldest universities in Australia which is also a tertiary institute in the country. Under the flagship of the university, there are 20 special research centers and cooperative research institutes that welcome students from around the world.

The University is the home of the most prestigious colleges like, the College of Arts, Law and Education, the College of Health and Medicine, the College of Sciences and Engineering, and the Tasmanian School of Business and Economics. The university creates lots of leaders and believes in a sustainable education system. Besides, it organized many events and activities that made students even more engaged with the university.

The University of Tasmania is one of the leading universities in Australia that offers multiple undergraduate and post-graduation courses. Not only that, but this old university has the heritage of producing the best students in the country and abroad each year with its outstanding study facilities. They have seven libraries, including Music Library, Art Library, Law Library, etc. So that students never get confused about where to go for their particular research. The university has five colleges, each of which is excellent in its genre. The university also holds the prestigious role of the Secretariat of the International Antarctic Institute.

University of Tasmania Programs & Fees

Associate Degree in Agribusiness (Z2A) - 2 years

Intake: Feb

Tuition Fees: 25,950/year AUD

Associate Degree in Applied Business (Z2C) - 2 years

Intake: Feb

Tuition Fees: 25,950/year AUD

Associate Degree in Applied Science (Z2J) - 2 years

Intake: Feb

Tuition Fees: 25,950/year AUD

Associate Degree in Arts (R2B) - 2 years

Intake: Feb

Tuition Fees: 35,950/year AUD

Cost of living in Australia

Living in Tasmania is more affordable than living in other cities of Australia, like Sydney, Melbourne, etc. Renting is cheaper here as a one-bedroom apartment charges around 1325 Australian dollars in the city area, and in the suburbs, it is around 1187 Australian dollars. For transportation, a one-way ticket costs 3.20 AUS dollars while the monthly pass charges 91.45 AUS dollars. The food cost in Tasmania can be ranged from 150 AUS dollars. Overall, living on this small, but beautiful island is not too expensive, though the costs are subject to change. So, if you are fond of the British style of climate and the cool weather soothes you, you can pick Tasmania to live in.

University of Tasmania Rankings

The excellence of the University of Tasmania is proven as it ranks 273 in the best universities around the world. They have established themselves in such a way that their brilliance is accepted well throughout the world. This university also ranks 22 among the best universities in Australia and Tasmania.

As it is already known that the university is the home of some incredible milestones, it has achieved a wonderful height. The University of Tasmania teaches various subjects and those have also been designed to earn good rankings. For example, the university ranks 225 in 5eachin agricultural sciences, 73 in Geosciences, 29 in plant and animal science, 348 in Neuroscience and Behavior, 249 in biology and biochemistry, and so on.


Studying at the University of Tasmania can never be an issue of money as it offers outstanding scholarship programs for meritorious students. Whenever you make an entry to this university, you not only aim for making a booming career, but you can get ready for amazing opportunities, waiting for you irrespective of your age, circumstances, or background.

At the University of Tasmania, you will get hundreds of scholarships in every area of study. Such scholarships can support you financially, provide recognition of your achievement, and also help you to move from home. At this university, you will be catered to different types of scholarships. Those are-

  • Domestic Scholarship

The University of Tasmania offers a wide range of domestic scholarships for students. They provide such scholarships in all areas if study. When applying for a domestic scholarship, you can apply for more than one at the same time.

  • External Scholarship

When you decide to apply for the University of Tasmania, you should check the external scholarships, offered by the university. Usually, external scholarships are offered by generous organizations, outside the university. With such scholarships, you can get financial support and focus on your study. You need to apply directly to the organization to access these scholarships. Sometimes, students are eligible to earn these scholarships with domestic scholarships.

  • International Scholarship

At the University of Tasmania, there is a wide range of scholarships for international students. Such scholarships include the study cost along with the living expenses of the students. Such scholarships can often be part of the university study curriculum, given on the basis of merit.

  • Merit Scholarship

As the name suggests, the merit scholarship is for students who come up with academic excellence. Some of the incredible merit scholarships offered by the university are-

  • Westpac Future Leaders Scholarship
  • Fulbright Postgraduate Scholarship
  • Rhodes Scholarship
  • Ramsay Postgraduate Scholarship
  • Gates Cambridge Scholarship
  • John Monash Scholarship

These are some of the most beneficial scholarships, offered by the University of Tasmania. To know more about these scholarship programs and several other details, visit the official website of the university.

Campus Location

The University of Tasmania has four campuses throughout the country. The campus locations are-

  • Hobert Campus, Sandy Bay

The Hobart campus is located in Sandy Bay, only 5 minutes away from Hobert city. The location of this campus is wonderful as it is situated between Mount Wellington and Derwent River. Reaching Hobart Campus is easy as it is only a short drive of a few minutes from Hobart Airport. Staying here is also a great option as you get shops, accommodation, a transport system, etc. In proximity.

  • Newnham Campus, Launceston

Located close to Tamar River, this campus is located in the suburb, only a short distance from the city center. The campus has affordable housing facilities for students.

  • Cradle Coast Campus, Burnie

Located in Cradle Coast, this campus of the university is the hub for development, research, training, and education.

  • Darling Hurst Campus, Sydney

This campus is located in a remote suburb of Sydney. This campus is located near St. Vincent’s Hospital.

  • Rozelle Campus

It is located in the western inner suburbs of Sydney.

University of Tasmania Entry Criteria

The University of Tasmania accepts applications from local students as well as international students. Here, you will get information about admission to this university.

Guideline for Domestic Students

The university encourages students to pursue the course they want to study. If there is any lack in your eligibility to study your chosen course, the admission team will work with you on it. You become eligible for making general entry if you have cleared-

  • Recent senior secondary education within the last 2 years
  • International Baccalaureate

Guideline for International Students

International students who want to study at the University of Tasmania have to meet the English language and other academic entry requirements. Apart from these, there are other conditions, like interviews or portfolios, you have to meet.

Documents Required for Application

The essential documents, students for undergraduate courses require the following documents for application are-

  • Academic transcript
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Passport
  • Proof of English language proficiency

The post-graduate students require the following documents to submit-

  • Academic transcript
  • Score report for the English language
  • Two to three LORs
  • Resume
  • GTE form
  • Essays
  • Financial documents
  • SOP
  • Copy of passport

However, for each program, the requirements of supporting documents can be different. The students need to check the course structure and other requirements before applying for a visa.

Country Qualification Marks Required
India All India Senior School Certificate 65% overall for all subjects undertaken excluding work experience, physical and health education, and general studies
Thailand Senior High School Diploma GPA of 2.6/4.00
Japan Upper Secondary School Certificate of Graduation (Kotogakko Sotsugyo Shosho)  Total average of 2.75 of all graded subjects
China Middle School 70% overall for all graded subjects undertaken
Singapore Singapore A Levels A minimum score of 7 was calculated using 2 or 3 H2-level subjects
Sri Lanka General Certificate of Education Advanced Level A minimum score of 7 was calculated using 2 or 3 H2-level subjects
Korea Immumgye Kodung hakkyo Choeupchang (Upper Secondary Certificate 75% overall for all graded subjects undertaken

Requirements for English Proficiency

The University of Tasmania requires the following scores on English Proficiency Tests

Tests Minimum Scores required Requirements for Undergraduate courses Requirements for Post-Graduation Courses
IELTS 5.5 (no individual band less than 5.0) 6.0 (no individual band less than 5.5) 6.0 (no individual band less than 5.5)
PTE 43 with no score lower than 36 50 with no score lower than 42 50 with no score lower than 50
TOEFL 46 (no skill below 10) 72 (no skill below: Reading 10; Listening 9; Speaking 16; Writing 19) 72 (no skill below: Reading 16; Listening 16; Speaking 18; Writing 22)


University of Tasmania Visa

If you are applying for a visa to study at the University of Tasmania, you need to ensure that you have enough time on your hand for visa processing. Check out the course start date and apply for a visa ahead of you applying for the university.
You can apply for a student visa when you get your Confirmation of Enrolment for a CRICOS-registered course to study at the University of Tasmania.

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Our FAQ's

Does the University of Tasmania offer any scholarships?

Yes, the University of Tasmania offers more than 400 scholarships in almost every area of study.

The University of Tasmania has four campuses, Hobert, Cradle Coast, Launceston, and Darling Hurst in Sydney.

At the University of Tasmania, students can study business and law, earth, sea, Antarctic, and environment studies, Creative arts and design, Health and Medicine, Education, humanities, social science, Engineering, Science, and Technology.

This is one of the biggest facilities for enrolling at the University of Tasmania. At every campus, students can expect affordable accommodation facilities that can make their living and education smooth over here.

Studying at this university is an outstanding experience where you can study and also enjoy life. There are art events to attend and also the welcoming neighbourhood is there to make your living exciting.

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