The University of Hull offers a range of scholarships to support and encourage excellence in the academic study of its students. These scholarships are available to new and returning students and may cover tuition fees, accommodation, and other costs associated with the study. 

The University of Hull offers various scholarships, such as: 

  • Vice-Chancellor's Scholarship: This scholarship is awarded to students who have achieved excellence in their studies and who demonstrate potential for further academic success. It covers tuition fees for up to four years of study and a maintenance grant. 
  • Faculty Scholarships: Each faculty at the University of Hull offers specific scholarships to support students who wish to pursue a degree in a particular field of study. These scholarships may cover fees or living costs. 
  • International Scholarships: There are a number of scholarships available for international students, including the International Student Scholarship and the Global Scholarship. These scholarships are designed to attract the best and brightest international students to the University of Hull and provide them with financial assistance. 
  • Alumni Scholarships: The University of Hull also offers scholarships to alumni of the university who wish to return to study a postgraduate course. 
  • Other Scholarships: The University of Hull also offers other scholarships, such as the Undergraduate Scholarships, which are available to students from low-income backgrounds. 

To find out more about the scholarships available at the University of Hull, please visit the website or contact the university’s Student Services Department.

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