Beijing Government Scholarship

To study for free in China, the Beijing Government Scholarship is again an excellent opportunity and the process of applying for the scholarship is similar for CSC (Chinese Scholarship Council) Scholarship. For the application deadline, one must keep updated with the university notification. Generally, the application submission deadline for the Beijing Government Scholarship is June 30th.

Scholarship Types & Duration

  1. International students enrolling for Bachelors, Masters or Ph. Ed degree programs in the Chinese universities located in the Beijing region are eligible to apply for the Beijing Government Scholarship. The duration of the scholarship has to be below four years of duration.
  2. The period of scholarship for students enrolling for the Chinese language program in the region must be below one year
  3. The period of scholarship for international students and scholars enrolling for specialized coaching in Chinese universities and language study faculties must be below one year
  4. Meritorious and outstanding exchange students contributing to cross-cultural international education in the Beijing area can be offered scholarship the duration of which must be below one year

Benefits under Beijing Government Scholarship

Beijing Municipal Government awards Beijing Scholarship to international students. It covers the waive-off of Tuition fee under the following scheme:

  • An amount of 5,000 RMB per year to an outstanding exchange student
  • An amount of 10,000 RMB per year to Language program student
  • An amount of 30,000 RMB per year to International Master Degree applicants
  • An amount of 20,000 RMB per year Bachelor international student
  • An amount of 40,000 RMB per month to Doctoral international student
  • A living monthly allowance and dormitory room for Beijing Municipal Scholarship Winners

Eligibility Criteria for Beijing Government Scholarship in China

  1. The applicant should be a Non- Chinese citizen.

  2. Applicant must bear good health and must be declared fit & healthy to study in China.

  3. He/She must hold a good academic record

  4. The Application must fall under the following education background and age limit criteria

  • Bachelors program student must be a high school graduate and not more than 30 years

  • Masters degree applicant must be a Bachelors degree holder and not more than 35 years of age

  • A Doctoral degree applicant must be a Master's Degree holder and age of not more than 40 years.

5.   The language requirement of the higher education institutes must be met by the applicant.
6.   Beijing Municipal Government Scholarship awardees will not be eligible to apply for any other scholarship at the same time.

Documents Required Applying for the Beijing Municipal Government Scholarship

  1. Completely filled Application Form
  2. Notarized copies for Highest Diploma Certificates and transcripts
  3. Foreigner Physical medical examination form
  4. 2 recommendation letters
  5. A minimum of 400 words describing a study plan for degree students & minimum  800 words brief of the research plan in Chinese or English to be submitted
  6. A minor applicant i.e an applicant under 18 years must provide proof of their local guardian in China

Incomplete applications will be rejected or applications will be rejected if the applicant fails to meet the eligibility criteria. The scholarship students’ performance is reviewed annually by the host institutions. If the student does not abide by the rules & regulations of the university or the rules of BGS, the university has the authority to report to the provincial department of education and his/her scholarship is deemed to be terminated with immediate effect.

Scholarship students will be reviewed in a comprehensive way upon completion of their graduation and the results of the same are to be submitted at the office of the Beijing Government Scholarship Management Team.

In case of any discrepancy, the final information is subject to the university.

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