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Caribbean nations are a popular travel destination, famous for their consistent excellence and calm beaches. The travel and education industry are the two obvious enterprises that remain around all the islands in the area. Geographically, the nation involves the Caribbean Sea, its Islands, and the seaside nations; The southern shoreline of USA connects it towards the Northern coast of South America. While on the west lies the Central American nations and Mexico, the east opens into the Atlantic Ocean.

All these islands are divided into three physiographic sections in around 275 million square km popularly referred to as the West Indies. West Indies always holds a special place in the hearts of all Indians because of the sport of cricket, which has been celebrated equally with all the energy in both the nations. West Indies is the wrong term for the nations in it is a collection of numerous free countries around the Caribbean Sea.

Aside from the scenic beaches and their affection for the sport of cricket, West Indies is an amazing place to seek higher education in the field of medicine. You can learn at substantially low prices here, when compared to the private institutions in India and also could get world-class exposure.

An Indian student can fulfill his dream to become a doctor in the Caribbean.The nations offer particularly positive highlights such as easy admission for Indian students when compared with the home universities. You are not required to clear TOEFL or IELTS to be qualified.

The study design revolves around research and practical knowledge rather than theoretical information. The educational program is tuned for high achievement rates and fits in the standards of medical institutions across the world. The expense of medical education is moderate and minimal to the cost of Private Medical Colleges in India. A large portion of the top Medical Universities in the West Indies are approved by the Medical Council of India (MCI), the administrative group of medical training in India.

Why the West Indies?

It is the desireof some of the finest students in India to seek foreign education after their senior secondary schooling. Medicine as a career in India is highly supported and considered a noble profession. We are an immense nation of 1.3 billion individuals, and there are huge shortages of well skilled doctors for human services in the nation.

Despite being the biggest producer of graduate doctors, there is a gigantic shortage for medical experts. It applies consistently in both the Government Hospitals and the Private Corporate Hospitals. The challenge is that, while the private sector has changed the medical industry for the better, the condition of the government hospitals remains the same.

While pursuing a career in medicine most eligible candidates have to undergo a very popular test. As of now, the students are required for appearing the National Eligibility and Entrance Test (NEET) which is the only way to a medical school in India, and if qualified they can get admitted to the Government Medical Colleges, which is the cheap and ideal option. Majority of the students consider education in these government institutions due to its higher quality and affordable prices. The fees in the private colleges can be sometimes unaffordable for a middle-class family.

The Private Colleges match the Government Colleges in different parameters other than the expense of the course. However, this information is limited. There have been many flaws in the foundation of Private Medical Colleges in the ongoing past. It is not up to the mark regarding the goal for achieving quality education, also there is more to that the: Deficient framework; Situated in out of reach places; No appropriately designed educational program; Inadequacy in clinical preparing because of the absence of satisfactory patients in the joined emergency clinics and many more such problems make the Private medical choice not the best one.

In such a situation, a great number of hopeful pre-medical students who have not had the option to save a seat in either a Government Medical College or in a Private one because of cost, are forced to look for different alternatives to fulfil their dreamsof becoming a doctor.

This clarifies the motivation behind why a huge number of Indian students are rushing towards international medical schools over the world. West Indies has risen as a suitable alternative for Indian medical students for the numerous advantages offered by Medical Universities in the Caribbean nations.

Benefits of studying MBBS in West Indies

Medical Education in the Caribbean has recently risen up very fast, so to cope with the rise the government has been spending a lot on the infrastructure and better educational facilities which are blend with better equipment and faculties. The educational plan is fundamentally founded on the US and UK model, adjusting it to current patterns. The degree granted toward the finish of five years is MD, or Doctor of Medicine.

In the West Indies, there are two sorts of medical schools: Regional and Offshore. The first is intended for the Doctors to work in the nearby nation, while the second trains students from the USA, Canada and India, where after graduation, they are required to seek residencyfrom their home nations. For the Indian students, it is agreeable as they are allowed to seek after a profession in medication in India by clearing the screening trial of MCI or Foreign Medical Graduate Examination (FMGE) effectively. Moreover, the degree is enrolled with the World Directory of Medical Schools (WDOMs).

Now let us organize the advantages of studying MBBS in the Caribbean:

  1. The admission process followed is simple and straightforward.
  2. There is no compelling reason to clear the TOEFL or IELTS, which are English Language Proficiency tests. English is the mode of guidance.
  3. Quickened Study program and Holistic Evaluation.
  4. Good student-teacher proportion.
  5. Plentiful Clinical Rotations in world-class emergency clinics.
  6. Moderate charge structure and abundant chances to temper the money related burden.
  7. Amazing future possibilities in India and abroad.
  8. The sensible average cost for basic items.
  9. Experience life in Tropical Paradise

The West Indies is an amalgamation of numerous societies because of its long provincial history. It is reflected in the assortment of communicated in languages including English, Spanish, French, Dutch and Antillean Creole. Indian students will end up at home because of the simplicity of correspondence and an enormous gathering of pilgrims of Indian root who moved during the frontier occupation to work in the ranches so regular in those parts. As a result of the exclusive requirements of Medical Education and other hidden advantages, it is a fantastic decision for Indian MBBS students.

Admission Process in West Indies

Eligibility Criteria

We have taken a look at different parts of seeking Medical Education in the Caribbean nations, which is an amazing goal for Indian students. Let us presently merge all the data collected and summarize the remarkable advantages. You should have finished 12 + education with 50% marks in PCB for General candidates and 40% in the scheduled class. Your score of NEET is compulsory, and you should have qualified the exam of NEET. Search for MCI endorsed Medical Universities. The MBBS in the Caribbean is named as MD (Doctor of Medicine) and is 5-year course. The mode of guidance is English. There are three patterns of academics in a year. You can move toward the medical college directly, but it's better that you look for the help of the different advanced stages in India who are familiar with the Indian laws and will lead you to the correct decision.

It is the fantasy of most doctors to be authorized in the USA which offers the best open doors in medicinal consideration and research. The qualification criteria have been sensitive to this necessity essentially.

Age Criteria: You must havereached the age of 18 years by December 31 of that year. If you are underage, you need to look for a special case from the Dean, who just factors in your legitimacy and ability.

There are no extra tests for Indian students in any of the medical colleges in the West Indies.

Required documents for MBBS in West Indies:

  • Passport as the Identification Card
  • Bank Passbook for Verification of the Availability of Cash
  • Letter of Sponsorship (if any)
  • 10th and 12th Board Examinations’ Marksheet
  • 2 Passport size photographs
  • Student Visa
  • Admission Letter from the University Selected
  • Police verification certificate

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Admission Timeline in West Indies

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Common Questions about Study in West Indies

How would you arrive at the Caribbean?

The most ideal approach to arrive at the Caribbean nations is through the USA, explicitly Miami.

It is commonly tropical, fluctuating to tropical savanna and tropical rainforest.

Yes, Medical Universities in the West Indies provides a license for that.

For one, you can buy reading material on the web. Search for sharing settlement close to the campuses. That will save money on your vehicle as well. Study the environment, however, eat out less.

The process takes about 2-3 weeks; gave you have agreed on the systems accurately with every single appropriate archive.

Medical Universities have 3 yearly cycles – January, May and September. You need to apply in any event 2 months before your picked cycle start date.

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