Why Should Indian Students Study at Nanjing Medical University?

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Why Should Indian Students Study at Nanjing Medical University

About Nanjing Medical University

Nanjing Medical University is a B + Grade. This is a medical university in China, located in Nanjing, Jiangsu. It is one of the oldest medical universities in China for Indian students and offers MBBS education correspondent for MD in the United States, United Kingdom, India and other Gulf countries. The aim of this medical university is to provide best education with honesty, aspiration, firmness, and integrity.


Since it provide world class medical education to their students, this medical university in China has highly recommended for Indian students. Due to high fees structures of private medical colleges in India is really difficult to afford by middle class family, a large number of entrance examinations will be approved and there will be a limited number of seats in government medical colleges.


Thus, better advice is given for the Indian students to choose to study in this higher class university. Known for its stringent and transparent admission criteria, Nanjing Medical University ranking to provide higher education for study MBBS in China.


Why Indian Students Choose Nanjing Medical University to be a Doctor?

Nanjing Medical University has achieved remarkable achievements in student education through its integrated courses, experienced staff, reputed teaching methodology and cost effective academic fee. This is a very good option for study MBBS in China for Indian students. If they want to study MBBS Abroad, then there are some other reasons strongly vehemence on Indian students to choose Nanjing Medical University.


Convenient Hostel Living at a Low Budget –

Nanjing Medical University hostel offers a very reasonable and affordable price for accommodation, living, food, textbook, transportation, etc. All the facilities make students very easy to adjust to their new environment and feel completely comfortable.


Very Low and Affordable Fees –

Nanjing Medical University Fees offers a 6 year MBBS program for their students on very low. There is no need to pay the full amount at the same time. The fee can be paid at the campus hostel or each year.


Globally Accredited and Recognized –

Nanjing Medical University is highly recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO), Medical Council of India and several other leading medical councils of the world. It is also in the form of 130 best medical universities in the world according to a study done in 2016.


MCI Approved –

Nanjing Medical University has been approved by the MCI. After passing the MCI screening examination, Indian students can practice as medicinal professionals after returning.


Modern Methods of Teaching –

The highly qualified and experienced staffs of Nanjing Medical University aim to provide best education through new teaching methods like “Flipped Classroom” and “Blended Learning”.


Easy Admission Process –

Nanjing Medical University admission process is very easy and simple. The University seeks necessary and important documents online through an online submission system which is completely hassle free and ensures complete transparency.


English Medium Course –

The entire curriculum for MBBS is taught in English medium which makes it easy for Indian students to join their classes and start their studies with full concentration. They do not have to face any kind of language problem.


High Success Ratio in Various Examinations –

The University trains its students to successfully attend and pass various examinations like USMELE, PLB and various screening tests.


Favourable Weather –

Although the weather cannot sound merits to many students, it really is. Focusing and adjusting in foreign countries is not easy, if your use of these conditions is very different from what you do. Nanjing season is almost like the Indian weather, which is very friendly, comfortable and pleasant for Indian students.


Availability of Indian Food –

Again, it is not less than a huge qualification to be able to find the food you use. The University has a large canteen which provides North and South Indian food to its students.


A large Number of Scholarships –

Nanjing Medical University scholarship for Indian students up to 100% for the top 5 students, 50% for the next 25 students and 25% for 25 students on the basis of their 10 + 2 marks, huge provides opportunities for scholarships. Scholarship can also be extended if students continue to perform at the university in the same year in the same way.


What can the Indian students demand more? Low fee, scholarship opportunity, a safe and comfortable environment to stay and study, high class faculties, quality teaching, worldwide recognition and so on.


We fully love Nanjing Medical University and advise all Indian students who wish to study MBBS in China from there. You can contact us to learn more and we will be sure to assist you by the end of your entry.

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