Why MBBS in Russia is Best for Indian Students?

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Why MBBS in Russia is Best for Indian Students blog

There are many benefits to study MBBS in Russia for Indian students. The students from India do not need to give any entrance examination. The universities of Russia also do not take any donation to give admission in such a prestigious examination. The admission procedure to take admission in the medical universities of Russia is comparatively very simple. The fee structures charged by bye the universities is very less because of the subsidy provided by the government. Indian students can get the worldwide recognition of the degree given by the medical universities of Russia. The standard of living of Russia is very high. One of the biggest advantages to the Indian students is food. There are Indian canteens available in many universities of Russia. There are no private universities in Russia, all the universities are of the government only.


Low fees of Universities?

mbbs in russia for Indian students

The major reason to choose Russian universities for pursuing MBBS is the low fees charged by it. Rush Hour offers MBBS at the lowest fees as compared to The Other Western countries in the region. They must be around 57 medical universities in Russia. The universities in Russia also guarantee very good individual attention to the students because of presence of more number of teachers. The ratio of the teachers to students is 1:7. This ratio is maintained then all the medical universities of Russia. There are around 12 Universities that provide MBBS in English medium also.


Accreditations of the Universities

Universities of Russia are recognized by the World Health Organization. They have been named in the directory of world medical schools introduced by the World Health Organization. The universities are also affiliated to the medical council of leading countries. These are the countries that send their students easily do study MBBS from the universities of Russia. These countries are India, the United States of America Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, etc.


General details related to MBBS

The duration of MBBS in Russia is of 6 years. There is a possibility that the students from foreign countries can choose to study MBBS in Russian medium. In that case they have to dedicate one year completely to learn Russian language. Then there MBBS lasts for 7 years. It is a good decision to learn Russian language along with MBBS, because it is definitely going to be necessary in future. The students need to go for internship, on local basis. They need to stay for 6 years in the country along with their friends and Society. It is definitely important to two study Russian language.


Medical College in Russia for Indian Students with Modern Infrastructure

In 2009; 85 Federal Universities were set up, leading to commercialization of education industry in Russia. These universities were recognized by merging with existing state institutions. The federal universities have some special status, such as significant achievements in the field of science or large-scale research programs. In 2010 the top 12 universities were awarded as National Research Universities. All the universities are well-structured and are built with effective systems. This process is responsible for scientific research as well as development activities.


The language of instruction which is usually used is Russian or English. Every individual has to attend 9 years of education period. In which 4 years of primary school and 5 years of the initial phase of secondary education is included. In Russia, an academic year is considered from 1 September to end of June.


In Russia, you will find hundreds of institutes, which are popular in different fields such as agricultural, pharmaceutical, medical, pedagogical as well as technical sectors. The number of individuals visits here to acquire knowledge from different universities such as polytechnics, agricultural institutes, and medical institutions from awarding universities.

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