Why I Choose to Study MBBS in China?

Team JagVimal 26 Dec 2022 1565 views
Why I Choose to Study MBBS in China

I chose to study MBBS in China because I knew that I would be exposed to new knowledge and skills and to a better life experience that I cannot get while studying in my country of origin. Despite all this, during the time I decided to study in China, my first concern was about the way of life in China, I was thinking that it is completely different from life at home and that it will be difficult for me to adapt to study life in China.


Before thinking, China is a traditional building, many of ancient and traditional buildings after its arrival in China, I discovered that studying in China is one of the best decisions I have made for my studies. China is very modern, there are tall buildings everywhere, the traffic system is very developed, here the development is very fast, very international, many foreigners, many Chinese can speak English, especially the students.


Why other international students like me, wish to study MBBS in China for their studies, simply because China is one of the first civilizations with a rich history and culture, and also because it is growing rapidly to become an economic power in the world. I think China is a land of opportunities and I thought that studying in China would give me the opportunity to learn more about the country. My dream of studying in China became a reality.


Many international students believe that studying and living in China is a costly enterprise, this is not true, I personally realized that China is a country with a low tuition and living expenses compared to the most western countries; Available for international students.


My life today in China is not very different from my country of origin. The lifestyle in large and small cities in China has been strongly influenced by Western culture. An international student like me can easily find western fast food restaurants, supermarkets and Chinese restaurants with delicious and cheaper food throughout the university. Embracing new people and the culture that surrounded me, brought me some challenges, however, I tried to be flexible and enjoy the unexpected. Try the food, try to learn and speak a simple Chinese language, will Chinese friends make my life in China full of happy memories.


With regard to my studies, since I am in China, I realized that China is home to excellent universities, beautiful natural landscapes and great entertainment for incoming students. Students who enjoy sports like me will enjoy the study life in China, as the Chinese love football, badminton, ping pong, martial arts and basketball. As international students in China, I am really acquiring an extraordinary educational experience and have the opportunity to live in a foreign nation. Studying in China gives me the great opportunity for other international students to seriously consider the perspective.

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