What is the Timing Duration for Admissions in China During Covid-19

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It is not a hidden fact that the entire newspaper, media, and other such platforms are filled with news and updates related to the COVID-19 crisis that the world is going through. As a result, the worldly activities are affected but not stopped. The pace of working has gone slow but not reached at a point of halt.


Why this is referred here is because this pandemic situation has likewise affected every sector and not even the very crucial education sector remained unaffected. From the basic education that is the kindergarten admission to the higher education admission process, all have been delayed for this session. The situation is more painful for students who are willing to take admissions abroad for higher education and the result has been delayed.


But a country like China has systematically planned its new session. The Ministry of Education, People’s Republic of China has already laid down its list for MBBS in China admissions of international students. The no. of seats allotted to international students in 45 medical universities teaching in English was 3370 in the year 2019 which has reduced to 3058 for the current academic session in these 45 medical universities. The timing duration for admissions in China during Covid-19 is already at its peak.


MBBS in China admission criteria is different universities and the applications are accepted on the basis of

  • 12th result
  • 12th result plus NEET score
  • NEET score


  • The 1st type of universities accepting MBBS in China admissions give weightage to the 12th percentage/marks of the students and have already started off with their admission process. The students who have qualified their higher school in the previous years and have the 12th scores in hand are eligible to apply to such universities. Also, the students who are sure of scoring the minimum percentage as demanded by the university are applying for MBBS admission in such universities. These universities require the student to be NEET qualified. Hence, the universities will issue the offer letter for the students but the admission letter & JW202 will be processed only when the student presents the NEET qualifying scorecard.


  • The universities accepting the MBBS in China admission giving weightage to the 12th result and NEET score of the students are yet to declare their admission criteria for admissions in China during Covid-19. It is expected that the awaited criteria will be given by the universities once the 12th results are out and the NEET is conducted in India. Such universities have not yet started with the admissions in China during Covid-19.


  • Lastly, the universities that accept the admissions on the basis of NEET scores of the students. The cut-off NEET score criteria for MBBS in China admissions are expected to be updated by these universities once NEET is conducted. Applications to such universities may be applied with the current NEET scores in hand.


The timing duration for admissions in China during COVID-19 has been delayed to some extent due to the pandemic situation but the systematic working of Ministries, education, and health departments in the country like China has still tried to stabilize the situation with proper planning. As said before, the universities in China have already planned their academic session and the classes too. Most of the universities have decided to conduct their classes of 1st and 2nd semesters online or till the pandemic situation gets in control.

In case the classes are conducted online by the universities, the universities may reduce the tuition fee for that particular semester to some extent. The students are expected not to be charged with the complete tuition fee and a monetary relaxation during this pandemic situation may be very satisfying for the parents too. This thought process of the Chinese community is very empathetic and admirable. Though the country has been able to deal with the same situation very bravely and is back to normal, at the same time the country is thinking of benefitting others.


Scope of Scholarship

The universities in China offer scholarships and will offer to continue the same. The universities offer different kinds of scholarships based on their academics and also scholarship credits are added based on the extracurricular activities. The maximum amount of scholarship offered is 50000 RMB.

Below is a list of scholarships offered by the Ministry of Education, People’s Republic of China:

  • Chinese Scholarship Council Scholarships (CSC)
  • Jiangsu Jasmine Scholarship
  • Local government Scholarships
  • University Partial Scholarships

All these scholarships in China have a different criterion of grant but it is mandatory for a candidate to be an international citizen applying for scholarship plus he/she must bear good health records along with the academic records.


Why China?

There are not few but many reasons why students prefer China as a destination for study MBBS in Abroad.

  • The first and foremost is the easy process of admission for MBBS in China
  • Most of the universities listed in the MOE list rank below 1000 in the world ranking
  • The medical universities in China are government universities and the medium of instruction is in English language
  • The medical universities in China are approved by the medical councils of many countries of the globe including the Medical Council of India and the students graduated from these universities are eligible to write the various licensing examinations like FMGE, USMLE, PLAB, PMDC, HPCSA, SCHS, etc
  • The universities offer education at a cost as low as 21000 RMB & the higher goes to 75000 RMB per year
  • The students tend to get international exposure at a very reasonable cost of around 1000RMB per month
  • There are no entrance tests for admission and also the universities grant scholarships
  • The practical training given to the students is very accurate
  • Students get to accommodate and learn a new culture along with the new language
  • The study of medicine in China is very cost-effective as compared to the private medical colleges of India and countries like UK, USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and many more
  • The country is technologically and methodologically sound and has the best of infrastructure
  • Most importantly, it is our neighboring country and traveling isn’t very tiring to this land

The universities receive a grant from the government and hence so cost-effective. Moving to China for MBBS in Abroad will be one of the best decisions to be taken. All you need to do is plan your budget, choose from the list of universities, connect with the authorized representative to get the right information on admission criteria and proceed with your admission. Choosing the right consultant will take your entire burden from choosing the university to make your tickets to fly on the required date.

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