Study MBBS at Jiangsu University in English

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Study MBBS at Jiangsu University in English

We have helped a huge number of international students study MBBS at Jiangsu University. Here we discuss some more information on Jiangsu University China.


Jiangsu University has a huge number of programs in English, there are always a low tuition fee and a huge number of Jiangsu University scholarship.


Jiangsu University (JSU) is located in Zhenjiang city, Jiangsu province, which really is a beautiful national historical and cultural city. The annals of JSU can be followed back then Sanjiang Normal School founded in Nanjing in 1902. According to Times Higher Education World University Ranking and Asian University Rankings and QS Asian University Rankings released in 2016, JSU ranked 864th and 195th respectively. In 2017, It positioned 41st in the 2016 China University Evaluation report. Jiangsu University has a variety of subjects, including executive, education, management, medicine, law, economics, history, literature, and art. Among them, executive, materials science, medical medicine, chemistry, and agricultural executive entered the best 1% of ESI in the world. In 2017, the number of international students study MBBS in China was over 1,800 from 108 countries on 5 continents, These students are undergraduate, master’s and doctoral students, and language students and advanced students (including post-docs). Undergraduate majors including MBBS, international trade, civil executive, mechanical executive, food science, and executive are trained in English.



Attaching importance to the inheritance of Chinese language culture, JSU organizes international students to take part in a number of activities outside and inside campus, and efforts to help international students experience Chinese language culture and perceive joy of study in China. These activities include Chinese and international graduates academic discussion forum, Jinji Lake Dragon Boat Race, provincial foreigners performing competition, international cultural celebrations. The association named “Walk World Hand in Hand” organizes many varieties of activities to market communication between international students and Chinese students. Intentional students self-managed publication ‘Olive’, inspirational workshop, ‘Excellence Forum’ etc.


Career Opportunities

Several domestic and international well known companies, including SCMG, YTO Group, SINOMEC, and give a variety of internship and occupations for JSU’s international students. At the moment, in addition to traditional translation and trade skills, JSU has trained several remarkable international students who are professional, Chinese-speaking and also have an international point of view. After graduation, they may be involved in IT, kitchen appliances, finance, equipment, and other companies. In addition, some graduates came back to China after graduation and became doctors, government civil servants and NGO personnel. For instance, a medical student in India joined the national military as a armed service doctor after graduation. Japanese graduate joined the Chongqing consulate. Furthermore, some graduates have employment with Chinese language companies to extend overseas marketplaces. International graduates in JSU, therefore, have wide employment potential customer and directions.

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