Shanghai and Liaoning University of TCM Strategic Partnerships with CMEI

Team JagVimal 26 Dec 2022 3545 views
Shanghai and Liaoning University of TCM Strategic Partnerships with CMEI

The model for the strategic development of China MBBS Educational Institution (CMEI), based on partnerships with the best medical universities in China, has proved valuable for Indian students who wish to study MBBS in China. It is more likely to be emulated in other medical universities in China, said the vice president of international relations at the University.


In 2011, the strategic partners of Shihezi University and Qingdao University, School of Medicine partnered with the China MBBS Educational Institution and created a long-term partnership by admitting Indian students to study MBBS in China. Due to the China MBBS Educational Institution advertisements in different parts of India, Indian students got advice and information on best practices in admission standards, classroom design, curriculum development in FMGE exams, and their students are now looking for a degree and Well-deserved medical practice as Doctors in various parts in India. Many of the students even passed the FMGE / MCI screening test on the first attempt.


It takes a long time to develop a world-class academic institution, and the Shanghai University of TCM and Liaoning University of Traditional Chinese Medicine doing it very quickly. Shihezi University also developed very quickly. The first group of Indian students who study MBBS in Shihezi University started in March 2012 and is the youngest of the leading elite medical universities in China for MBBS. However, clinical medicine has been taught since 2006. There is a certain kinship between a university and a consultant who wishes to promote it in their local country, which seeks to develop rapidly and that the China MBBS Educational Institution team has always been ambitious and quick in its academic endeavors.


Yes, India as a nation is big, vibrant and growing rapidly, but it is also a link to many of the political, social, economic, cultural and scientific ideas that are important to the current medical world today. Many students from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Thailand, and Malaysia are applying to study MBBS in Liaoning University of TCM.


Medical education has to be more than just learning facts. It has to be about constantly innovating and creating opportunities for people to learn skills and how to use them in different departments of clinical medicine. At Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, teachers create such a good educational environment where difficult conversations can take place, where people can meet with different points of view and where they can nourish, develop, discuss, test, and activate ideas.


There is no doubt that there is a great public interest in study medicine in China and studying at one of the top 5 medical universities in China would be a great opportunity for Indian students.

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