Russia – Main Aspect That Encourages You to Study MBBS in Russia

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Russia – Main Aspect That Encourages You to Study MBBS in Russia

As you know that the MBBS in Russia for Indian students is one of the biggest advantages to obtain an admission in Russian Medical Universities but a student has a No-Objection Certificate (NOC) from MCI (Medical Council of India). And the biggest advantage is that there is no requirement to get any screening test for admission. There is no need to give the entrance exam or not donation fee at the time of admission. And the complete course will be in the English language.


And the ratio of teachers and students is very lower as balanced to other countries. Therefore, here all of the students get individual attention from each teacher. And the admission procedure is very easy and simple. The teaching methods and faculties are amazingly high where students can also continue their careers in any of the countries. A lot of Indian students finish their medical career in well-known universities every year.


Low fees of Universities?

MBBS in Russia

The major reason to choose Russian universities for pursuing MBBS is the low fees charged by it. They must be around 57 medical universities in Russia. The universities in Russia also guarantee very good individual attention to the students because of the presence of more number of teachers. The ratio of the teachers to students is 1:7. This ratio is maintained then all the medical universities of Russia. There are around 12 Universities that provide MBBS in English medium also.


Accreditations of the Universities

Universities of Russia are recognized by the World Health Organization. They have been named in the directory of world medical schools introduced by the World Health Organization. The universities are also affiliated with the medical council of leading countries. These are the countries that send their students easily do study MBBS from the universities of Russia. These countries are India, the United States of America Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, etc.


General details related to MBBS

The duration of MBBS in Russia is of 6 years. There is a possibility that students from foreign countries can choose to study MBBS in the Russian medium. In that case, they have to dedicate one year completely to learn the Russian language. Then there MBBS lasts for 7 years. It is a good decision to learn the Russian language along with MBBS because it is going to be necessary for the future. The students need to go for an internship, on a local basis. They need to stay for 6 years in the country along with their friends and Society. It is important to two study Russian language.

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