The list of 10 medical universities in China for Indian students to pursue your graduation and post graduation in medical field –

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Anhui Medical University

The Anhui Medical University consists of 2 main campuses divided into a lush green environment at 860000 square meters. It takes 20 minutes to travel the entire campus on foot. There are many departments, including the department of clinical medicine, medical psychology, iconography, anesthesia, cosmetic sciences, nursing, basic medicine and social sciences, etc.

Capital Medical University

Located in Beijing, the Capital Medical University was founded in 1960. It is considered as the main and main municipal university in China. Blessed with the latest in medical equipment, infrastructure and medical education, Capital Medical University consists of 10 schools, affiliated hospitals and 1 teaching institution. It offers a wide range of educational programs and courses for undergraduate, masters, doctorate and short – term certification courses. The USP of the university is the excellent international exchange program combined with a great competence in the field of scientific research.

Hebei Medical University

The Hebei Medical University is one of oldest AAA graded medical college in the China. It is located in Shijiazhuang, which is a 4 hours drive from Beijing. The university was recently published when doctors performed the 1st finger transplant surgery in China. The university was also acclaimed in its experiments conducted in the world of acute motor axonal neuropathy. Each year, about 200 research projects are carried out at the university. It is a perfect place for a young medical candidate to learn the real – life medical challenges.

North Sichuan Medical University

The North Sichuan Medical University is a premier medical university that offers advanced medical education, disease prevention programs and rheumatism treatment in China for local and international students. It is located in Nanchong city.

Shandong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

The Shandong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine is located in Shandong City of China. Due to its popularity, the Ministry of Education of the State granted the status of “Excellent” to this university.

Henan University of Science & Technology

The Henan University of Science & Technology ranking is 3rd among the best medical universities in Henan City of China. It has 31 schools, more than 70 undergraduate programs and offers some of the best research facilities in the field of medicine.

Qiqihar Medical University

The Qiqihar Medical University has a rich history of more than 70 years in the field of medical science. It offers more than 8,00,000 books and provides a CD-ROM recovery system. To improve the reading experience, it also offers practical clinical teaching through its affiliated hospitals.

Jilin University China

The Jilin University China was previously known as the military medical school. It offers a 6 years full-time MBBS course with tuition fees of 29,000 RMB per year approximately. It was ranked among the 10 best medical universities in China. In addition to MBBS, you can also look for specialization in neurology and other fields.

Henan University of Science and Technology

Popularly known Henan University of Science and Technology is one of the oldest in China. Henan University of Science and Technology is always interested in making large investments in infrastructure, medical equipment, employing quality teachers and providing safe accommodation facilities.

Guangxi Medical University

The Guangxi Medical University is a unique university to carry out programs of education, scientific research and production of patented medicines. As a leading university in traditional Chinese medicine, it also offers luxury and comfortable accommodation to its students.

Hope this list of medical universities in China for Indian students will help you to shortlist and apply to the right university!


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