MBBS Abroad Scholarships

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MBBS Abroad Scholarships

MBBS Abroad Scholarships

What to do after you complete 12th? Which field to choose? Where to apply? How to apply? What are the opportunities available? 


These are some questions that every student has to face. And when you search for the answers to such questions on the trending internet, lots of luring suggestions are available. Some take you to abroad, some offer the course at a cheaper price than you get in your own country, some offer you excellent scholarships, and some show you good employment opportunities. 

What are scholarships and how can you avail the benefits?

Awarded on the basis of academics or other achievements, these are grants for the students offered to them for encouraging towards better growth. These may be offered by the government, NGO’s, clubs, associations, universities/institutions, foundations and charities etc. They are offered to a student to help him pay a fee.


In India, no college awards scholarship when a student plans to study medicine. While MBBS abroad scholarship options are available with so many universities/colleges that it gets difficult for the student to decide where to apply and where not to apply. Undoubtedly, good scholarships are awarded by renowned institutes of the world like in countries, UK, USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and many more. But the fee for MBBS in these countries is so high that only a few students can afford and so is the selection procedure. 


Next course of action

While students search for pocket-friendly options to pursue MBBS abroad, destinations like Russia, China, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Georgia, Philippines etc. tops their choice list. Of all these available options, only China awards official scholarships for MBBS program. Scholarship in China for MBBS program starts from 4,000 RMB and goes higher up to 50,000 RMB. Some universities offer entry-level scholarship while others offer on the basis of student performance at the university. An Indian medical aspirant can avail the benefit of scholarship for MBBS in China if he/she has scored 200 plus marks in NEET. A student must apply well in advance to be eligible to get a scholarship. A few universities that have offered an entry-level scholarship to Indian medical aspirants in the previous year include Nanjing MedicalUniversity, Yangzhou University, Jiangsu University and Qingdao University. While students studying MBBS in China in other universities also get a scholarship during their study tenure based on their performance. 


MBBS Scholarships in China

Various Scholarships offered for MBBS in China include

  • CSC Scholarship- awarded by the Central Government
  • Provincial Scholarship- awarded by the provincial Government 
  • University Scholarship- awarded by the university


How to apply for a scholarship for MBBS in China

Applying for MBBS Scholarship in China does not require you to go for a separate set of steps. It can be done while you apply for MBBS in China admission. The universities may offer you a partial or complete scholarship depending upon their policies. All you need to do is complete your documentation with the university as and when demanded. Do not leave any document pending and do not delay the submission of the same. The earlier you apply, the better it is.


Documents required for MBBS Abroad Scholarships

Applying for MBBS in China and simultaneously for the scholarship is a very simple process. Here is a list of documents you must keep ready to apply for a scholarship at the time of admission

  • Marksheet of 10th Std
  • Marksheet of 12th Std
  • NEET scorecard
  • A Passport size photograph in white background
  • Copy of your passport with minimum 6 months validity
  • Self- Declaration Certificate
  • Study Plan or SOP in 500-800 words
  • Recommendation Letters from your faculty
  • Physical Medical Examination record
  • Gap Certificate (if there is a gap in studies)
  • Bank Statement to show the funds
  • University Application Form

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