Is it Safe to go to China for Study During this Pandemic Situation?

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Is it safe to go to China to study during this pandemic situation?

Every year many students make up their minds to study MBBS in abroad right after their 12thor after dropping a year or so, trying to get a medical seat in India. But the situation this year is different for the students and parents. All those who saw the dream of traveling to international destinations for MBBS in abroad are now in a dilemma whether to send students abroad for study during this pandemic situation. Not to worry, this write up will help you sort many of your queries and will leave you unburdened.


MBBS in China is the top choice of students for the study of medicine has dealt very bravely with this pandemic situation. When the whole world was not even acquainted, China was the only country dealing with the situation and now when Covid-19 has been declared a pandemic by the WHO, China has almost recovered from the crisis. As per the reports available, 318 cities out of the 338 cities affected by the corona outbreak in China have recovered the situation and life is back on the track of normal.


Regarding the question is it safe to go to China to study during this pandemic situation, the facts below will help you decide whether or not to go to China


Since the situation is controlled in China, most of the areas have been declared into green zones and the work has started. The professionals are back to their offices, the schools and colleges have started though the principle of social distancing is strictly followed. Some schools and colleges are conducting online classes for the students as a measure of safety. The government is taking regular updates from the related bodies about the health of its citizens and the citizens of other countries staying in China. A 24-hour report is generated by reporting health status.  People in China have been asked to install apps introduced by the government where they must share their health status, body temperature twice, or thrice a day.


People reporting to offices or students reporting to schools are scanned for any kind of symptoms that may lead to the coronavirus effect.  Technologically and medically sound, hospitals are always open for the patients and the doctors are on duty to deal with the cases that may be seen. Over 75000 patients have been cured of this deadly disease.


For students from other countries, especially as the large numbers of students were enrolled for MBBS in China, the Ministry of Education, the People’s Republic of China has canceled the visa of the students temporarily. As per the MOE, these student visas are just temporarily canceled keeping in view the Covid-19 pandemic so that there are no travels from the students and the students are safe. These visas will either be renewed or a new student visa will be issued to the students after the pandemic situation is controlled. Even the Chinese government does not want to take any chance with the health of the international students nor want the situation to reoccur. The safety of the students (whether Chinese or international) is the 1st priority of the Chinese government.


For students who did not travel to their homelands during the new year vacations and later the situation was declared as a pandemic, body scans are done on a regular basis. The classes for them are also conducted online like for the students sitting in their homeland. The students need to present health reports daily and must register on the app as stated by the government to submit their health reports. Even when the lockdown in China has come to an end, measures are being taken to assure the safety of people in China.


The universities in China plan to continue with their online classes for at least one or two semesters until this pandemic gets over. The MOE is optimistic about the admissions of international students for the Sep fall and so the online classes have been planned with the faculty members. The government in no way wishes to take a chance with the health of the students and its people. The country is expected to open its borders very soon and welcome the students. With a country having taken such strict safety measures, it is believed to reduce the stress level of students planning to study MBBS in China and it seems it is safe to go to China to study during this pandemic situation.


The students who will be traveling to China will be scanned for Covid-19 symptoms and have to clear the corona test, declared fit to travel to China. The same will also have to pass the corona test and declared fit on their landing in China. The students with or without the Covid-19 symptoms may have to self-quarantine themselves for 14 days on their visit to China. These self-quarantine expenses may reach around 200-300 RMB per day and the same may have to be borne by the students. Students will have to follow all the instructions laid down by the government of China and these are for mutual benefits. The country will not leave any chance to keep the students safe and secure as it has been doing all these years.


MBBS in China is the preferred choice of students because of its quality education, low-cost education, easy admission procedure, globally recognized degree, and world-class infrastructure is ready to welcome students from India and other parts of the globe on a happy note thereby keeping their safety and security on priority. So all the students planning to enroll for MBBS in China must fasten their belts to shortlist the universities they wish to apply for the academic session 2020-21 as the universities in China have started welcoming applications. Some universities accept the students on the basis of their 12th scores, some on the basis of 12th and NEET scores while others only on the basis of just the NEET scores. Students having 12th scores in hand get an advantage to apply right now while those who do not have the results in hand must not lose hope as the 12th results will be out very soon.  Of course, qualifying for NEET is a mandatory requirement for Indian students to apply for MBBS in Abroad or India.

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