How to study MBBS in China

If we look at the past data, becoming a doctor was not very easy. It is not easy even today, but if you have the zeal to do something, nothing is difficult. If you have the passion and you can put in all your hard work, no one can stop you to fulfil your dream. You can overcome all the hurdles you find on your way. Over a decade ago, MBBS was the only dream for many but now with so many countries ready to welcome Indian students with open arms and offering MBBS at affordable costs, it is like a dream come true for Indian medical students.

What’s the popular choice for MBBS Abroad?

In the last few years, MBBS in China has emerged as a popular choice among the Indian population. Various factors that cause China to become a popular choice include friendly people, suitable climate, advanced technology, high-tech infrastructure, developing economy, a neighbouring country, developed medical educational, degrees recognized all over the world, top-ranked medical universities and most importantly affordable fee and the scholarships. Enough reasons to choose this country for the study of the MBBS program.

How to study MBBS in China?

If you are planning to take up MBBS in China and you start searching about the topic, you will get to see many consultants promoting MBBS in China while others may clearly rate it as a poor choice. Now, this leaves the student in dilemma.

Should a student take MBBS in China? If Yes, how to decide?

To Study MBBS in China, you need to understand what are the pros and cons.


  • This neighbouring country has a developed economy and the basis of development is education. Hence, this leaves no doubt about the country’s education system.
  • Some of the medical universities of China offering MBBS in the English language are ranking among the world’s topmost universities.
  • Yes, you read it right. The medium of instruction in China is English. Of course, you need to learn the language of the country to understand the patient and his needs better.
  • Since China is our neighbouring country, the temperature is suitable for Indians and also air connectivity is easy.
  • A short duration of MBBS in China i.e 5+1 years saves a student’s study years.
  • International students are offered scholarships to encourage them to continue their higher studies despite the country offering affordable MBBS.
  • High-end infrastructure always attracts everyone and so are the students attracted to study in this country


  • Chinese language is to be learnt during your stay in China and may be considered a barrier by many
  • Food habits are different in a country and a student may find it difficult to adjust to the new food habits
  • The low pass percentage of FMGE students
  • International students are not allowed to touch the patients

While searching on Google, you may land up finding such cons too. Let’s show you a clear picture of this. The local language is to be learnt anywhere you go and especially where it requires you to converse with people. All Indian states would require you to learn the local language if placed in a state other than yours. Similarly, food habits changes with the boundaries are it domestic or international. So food habits technically should not be considered a hurdle. It should be noted that the write-up does not anywhere say that China is “the best” for medical education. It is only discussed as an option. FMGE pass percentage has nothing to do with the university. Every student scores differently in the same class despite the same teacher teaching them the same course. Not only international students but the local students are also not allowed to touch the patients anywhere. You can only touch and treat the patients once you register yourself as a doctor.

It should be noted that the write-up does not anywhere say that China is “the best” for medical education. It is only discussed as an option.

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