How can we study in UK without IELTS 2024?

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The state of the United Kingdom is considered as one stop destination for students interested in pursuing their higher education within foreign land. One of the major barriers faced by candidates when they are planning to study abroad in countries like the UK is their struggle to clear the eligibility criteria of English language proficiency exams like IELTS. The International Testing System of English Language is its full form. Such assessments are designed to check the level of English aptitude of students. However, at the same time, it can be challenging for candidates coming from non-English backgrounds. But the great news is that an individual can study at universities and colleges based within the United Kingdom easily without taking exams like IELTS. There are various different options through which the person can enter educational institutions easily by opting for distinct alternative options. Here, we are going to discuss an overview of how an individual can study in the UK without giving IELTS.

What is the process to study in UK without IELTS?

It has been duly mentioned that an individual can finally plan to study in the United Kingdom even without giving IELTS. There is now a possibility to take admission in educational institution having alternative criteria for the selection of candidates. Henceforth, such a university identifies numerous options through which language aptitude can be verified. It is also flexible as per their enrollment criteria. Some of them are mentioned below-

  • Firstly, students who have completed their senior secondary education up to 12th and also are from an English native background might be exempted from taking any kind of English language aptitude test.
  • Secondly, suppose if an individual has completed or enrolled in English medium schools or other institution for a while, then a candidate becomes eligible to study in UK-based educational institutions without giving an IELTS.
  • Thirdly, there are various other platforms through which an individual can take admission to such Universities apart from IELTS universities such as Test of English as foreign language [TOEFL], Pearson Test of English [PTE], other alternatives being Cambridge English Exams having advanced courses
  • Fourth, being one of the most common criteria where certain educational institutions offers prior-session courses before joining the preferred college or universities where proper training is provided for students who are unable to clear English language proficiency exams. It helps the candidates to enroll in their dream universities or various other institutions. After completing the course successfully, they become eligible to pursue the degree courses in the UK without taking IELTS.

It is really important to note that there are various pathways to study in the United Kingdom without appearing for IELTS. Then, in such case, it is really important to cross-check the criteria of these educational institutions before applying for the desired course or degree.

Required Documents for Study in UK without IELTS

There are various important documents which the candidate has to submit before taking admission in Universities based in the UK

  • An individual must have secured above or at least 75% on the 10th and 12th from CBSE or ISCE board.
  • The candidate must have a legitimate passport
  • Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies letter must be provided. 
  • If they have worked prior to this, then an experience letter or certificate must be handed over.
  • Academic Technology Approval Scheme credential shall be presented if pertinent.
  • The funds' testimony involves bank balance documentation with a three month bank statement including a fixed deposit credential if required.
  • The certificate is authorized clinically under UKVI, which certifies the medical state of a candidate.
  • They should submit their birth certificate.
  • In case where finances are hold through parent’s accounts, then a sponsored affidavit must be issued if applicable.

How to Apply to Universities in the UK without IELTS?

The most important question that arises here is how to take the first step towards getting shortlisted a desired educational institution based in the United Kingdom. The first and foremost step is initiating research and identifying UK institutions accepting applications without taking IELTS exams, preferring substitute eligibility criteria for checking proficiency of English aptitude. Certain universities are accepting applications on basis of exams like PTE, TOEFL or Cambridge Advanced Course being alternative, options for IELTS.
Secondly, assemble your required documents in order to sustain your application. After deciding in which universities an individual wants to apply to without giving IELTS, it will include your certified scorecard which is provided as a proof of substitute for your English language aptitude test. In case you have completed your education from school or institution which was English medium, a certificate as evidence must be provided

On the other hand, the candidate must be able to present their language expertise in the remaining stages of your application, which includes well organized letters or articles with correct usage of grammar submitting written samples in the English language. Apart from this, you can also mention your professional experience, if any, with regard to verbal communication or expertise related to language.

Lastly, an individual must have complied with the set of instructions laid out in the application and assess their details carefully in accordance with the specific university. After submission of required records, they must also add credentials to their form. Furthermore, they must ensure they provide correct details and submit their application before the closing date. 

Universities that Offer Study in UK without IELTS

  1. Essex University: It is considered as one of the most popular educational institution located in the United Kingdom. Whereas, it consists of a numerous student body of more than 15,000 candidates, which represents almost 130 nations. In the year 2018 they have been honored with the ‘University of the Year’ award by the Times Higher Education prize. It fosters multiplicity and enriches the heritage of societal transformation program. They also provide less complex application procedure on behalf of the institution. 
  2. University of London-Bank South: The institution is majorly preferred by candidates who desire to study in the United Kingdom. It also includes various aspects to assess the applicant, such as the 12th scorecard or their performance in a bachelor's degree. Furthermore, candidates applying for admission without appearing in IELTS have been given the opportunity to take a pre-session course for English language, making it flexible for them to enroll for their dream course at such universities. Other programs like management, science, arts and business are also offered by the institution as major disciplines. 
  3. Bristol University- It is considered as one of the prominent institutions in the states of the United Kingdom, laying its foundation in the year 1595. The university has a clear-cut procedure, including bachelor courses through various colleges, which involves a wide range of full-time and intermittent courses where the institution is positioned as top priority for international students seeking to study and enroll in such an institution without preparing for IELTS. Some of the major disciplines are finance, accounting, aerospace and biochemistry.

Study Visa in UK without IELTS

The highest requirement for applying for a study visa is a Letter of Approval from the end of an educational institution based in the United Kingdom. Henceforth, the initiation of application for admission must be started from the resident’s executive office. Also, a proper visa must be applied, such as if the student is planning to travel overseas for any course or program, then he must clearly state his study visa when filling out his admission form.  There is a prescribed visa fee attached after finalizing the application and making the payment under IHS [Immigration Health Surcharge]. Furthermore, the meeting must be scheduled with their nearby VFS to submit its form, giving biometric with relevant certificates and documents. Whereas, response for the same may take some time, which totally depends on the type of service they are offering at the time of completing their application, which is estimated within 2 to 15 business days.The time period for dispensation of the customary visa form is considered at least 15 operational days. If the application is on an urgent basis, then it may take 5 working days or, if circumstances are such that an individual visa form holds the position as most top priority, then it may take one to two business days.


This blog has basically explored all the possible ways through which an individual can aspire to study in their dream educational institution based in the United Kingdom without preparing for IELTS 2024. There are various universities which invite students all over the world to explore courses and degree with flexible requirement for the admission process giving them, chance to study abroad. Furthermore, candidates can attain higher education in UK-based institutions easily without giving IELTS. It will be beneficial for the growth of students as well to shape their future and assist them to discover different prospects. This may help them to build their professional network and pave the path for their brighter future ahead. 

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