The University of Bolton offers a range of scholarships to support students in their studies. Scholarships are awarded in recognition of academic excellence and financial need. The University offers a range of scholarships to assist international students in their studies. These include: 

  • The International Merit Scholarship which provides a 25% tuition fee reduction. This scholarship is available to full-time, fee-paying international students with outstanding academic results. 
  • The International Alumni Scholarship provides a reduction of up to 25% on tuition fees for international alumni who are continuing their studies at the University. 
  • The Global Excellence Scholarship which rewards international students who have achieved consistently excellent results with a 50% reduction in tuition fees. 
  • The Global Talent Scholarship which offers a generous 50% reduction in tuition fees for international students who have demonstrated exceptional talent in their chosen field. 
  • The International Research Scholarship which provides a reduction of up to 50% on tuition fees for international students pursuing a research degree at the University of Bolton. 

The University of Bolton is committed to supporting international students in their studies and provides a range of additional support to ensure that their experience is as successful as possible. In addition to scholarships, the University also offers a range of bursaries and grants to assist with tuition fees and living costs. 

For more information on the range of scholarships and other financial support available at the University of Bolton, please visit our website or contact our International Office.

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