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MBBS in Zambia

12,000 is not only a number. It's the doctor: patient proportion in Zambia (WHO report).

It is really disturbing from the data which is given by the WHO. The deficiency of trained doctors in Zambia has been a critical cause, and governments and health care associations are trying their best to get more and more students to study medicine. They are offering several benefits and scholarships to the international students to study medicine and serve in their nation for a couple of years. This has been one of the biggest reasons for international students to get attracted to pursuing MBBS in Zambia. The government also ensures that the teachings in the government and private colleges should be the best of their ability and also the graduates get a high paying job in any of the hospitals.

On 21st March 2018, a syndicated program was sorted out by Radio Phoenix to address this matter of critical conditions in Zambia and why the students should go for MBBS in Zambia and it also discusses the nature of medicinal syllabus and quality of teaching is given. The Deputy Vice-Chancellor (DVC), Dr Ajay Poddar was welcomed to the occasion to share his views on the present state and how Texila American University (TAU) is helping in providing world-class medical instruction to its students. However, Indian students could not choose TAU because it is not an MCI Approved university.

There have been great enhancements like training accessible for Medicine in Zambia throughout the years. They would like to have the option to contribute emphatically towards the field of medicine by bringing the global ability, world-class framework and experienced staff to the nation, making Zambia a perfect student destination in Africa for the local and international students to pursue bachelor's in Medicine.

Why Zambia?

In the successive passing years, Zambia has seen an incredible increase in the number of Medical doctors who have been prepared in the universities of Zambia. This spike in the necessary health faculty is excellent for the nation and they have been searching for this spike for a long time. This led to the increase in the ratio of doctors to patients. This has been not only because of the great teaching but also the sudden increase in the number of Medical Universities or Universities offering Medicine in Zambia combined with the opening up of Chinese, Russian, Ukraine colleges to expand the several Zambians and other internationals to study medicine in the given nations through the exchange programs. This advantage has attracted new students to Zambia and no later, Zambia will have a lot of medicine graduates.

Those graduating with Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery degrees are in hundreds today because of the numerous Zambian colleges currently working in association to numerous universities of China, Russia and so forth. Chinese Universities has been acknowledging the several students from the Zambian universities in each admission. Now, with this the local students have also been very interested in the field of medicine and it isn't abnormal at all to discover more than one hundred Zambian students studying MBBS at just a single college in China today. Several surveys and calculations suggest that there are more than 3,000 Zambians seeking their study in China right now and no doubt more than 60 per cent of them are pursuing medicine, the insights are considerably higher for the case of Russia. It has been because of the cheap living and accommodation in Russia.

Before some years, it was just a few handful students graduating as bachelors in medicine from the prestigious University of Zambia. However, today students from all over the world are selecting Zambia as one of the best choices in Africa for the Medicine courses.

In Zambia, the course work for the local students is little rigorous. The students have to take around 11 courses or more in their grade 12 to get admitted into the University of Zambia and others. However, there are no such rules mentioned for the Indians. The requirements are very simple and easy for the Indian students willing to study MBBS in Zambia.

At first, they have to score at least of 50% in their grade 12th board examination having physics, chemistry and biology and with that they should also qualify the NEET examination to secure a seat in the MCI Approved colleges in Zambia. The course here will make the students bright doctors in the coming future.

Now, due to the high inflow of transfer students from Zambian Universities to the Chinese and Russian universities, these universities in Russia and China have now decided that they won’t acknowledge each and every student but will review their application and performance from their local universities and will select the best out of best students. However, it is never a bad choice even studying MBBS in Zambia because now the situations and field of medicine has improved vastly and can surely give a competition to the leading universities around the globe. The great support from the government of Zambia in the field of medicine is what makes it to the best.

Eligibility Criteria

Talking mostly for Indian students

There are two universities in Zambia which has been approved by the Medical Council of India and according to those universities; the students need to have at least of 50% in the 12th Standard examination in including the subjects Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. The students also need to qualify the NEET examination to get admission in MBBS course in Zambia.

Admission Requirement

At first, the applicant must qualify the above eligibility criteria. Then, the students need to possess the 10th and 12th Board examination mark sheet, a valid government-issued ID card. If the student is applying for MD courses, then a completion certificate of MBBS must be required. The other necessary requirements will be Police Verification Certificate and Medical Certificate.

Submitting Application

Candidates are required to properly fill in the Online Application Form with every single mentioned detail. The entire application process is online so sometimes the students might get into trouble. So, the Jagvimal Consultancy is there to help. Candidates will transfer/give the fundamental reports (Photograph, ID verification, Academic Credentials [10th and 12th Board examination marksheet]) for convenient evaluation of your application.

Assessment and Selection

The application form which has been submitted to the university will be assessed by the officials and if everything matches to the standard set for the year by the college and the candidate fulfills all the required eligibility criteria, then he/she will be offered an acceptance from the college applied.

Choice of Communication

Candidates are sent an electronic notice on how to communicate about their application. Here, the candidate can prefer both ways through email and by post.

Acknowledgment of the Admission

Once the acceptance letter has been received by the candidate, he/she needs to confirm the university about their decision if the candidate is sure that they are going to go for that university then they confirm their seat by accepting the application and this will lead to the fixing of their seat.

Cost Of Living in Zambia

Low High

Common Questions about Study in Zambia

Do Indian students require a visa for Zambia to study MBBS?

Yes, the student visa is necessary for the students who are studying or planning to study MBBS in Zambia.

Yes, they can definitely work over the student visa but the conditions are that they can only work for 20 hours in a week and that too the job must be on campus.

No, since the Zambian currency is lower than the Indian currency. It would definitely be very cheap for the Indian students to stay and complete their study of MBBS.

Yes, society and people are very helpful in Zambia. There are very few criminal records near the universities.

Yes, there are regular flights from India to Zambia from all the major international airports like Delhi, Mumbai, etc.

The public transports are not that great. So, it is preferred to have private cabs where ever you wish to go.

Not really, but you can find a few of them. However, the best option is to cook in your dorm and prefer home food rather than chewing over the restaurants. Top Universities to study MBBS in Zambia

Yes, since you have already done your course from an MCI approved college then there won’t be any issue or you to start practicing in India once you are completed with all your course works of MBBS.

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