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Top Universities in Slovakia

Pavol Jozef Šafárik University

Pavol Jozef Šafárik University in Košice is a college situated in Košice, Slovakia. The college is named after Pavel Jozef Šafárik, a nineteenth-century Slovak philologist, artist, and student of history. The College of Medicine at Pavol Jozef Šafárik University in Košice is an organization with more than 65-year long history. Instructing of medical undergrads started in September 1948, and from that point forward it has taught more than 12000 of them for their planned calling. Since 1992, it empowers universal undergrads to finish their medicinal studies in the English language – youngsters from 40 nations of the world benefit themselves of this open door at present.

The College of Medicine at Pavol Jozef Šafárik University in Košice is the most established personnel of this University. It gives a doctoral course in the examination parts of General Medicine and Dental medicine, just as Bachelor’s and Magister’s certificate study programs in Nursing, Physiotherapy, and Public Health. It additionally offers Ph.D. study and post-graduate preparing of well-being experts, including specific instruction. Notwithstanding its showing action, the College is occupied with a wealth of logical and research exercises in both national and global tasks, utilizing its special labs and gear financed by the European Structural Funds.

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Common Questions about Study in Slovakia

What is the time period of semesters in Slovakia?

Every year, there are two semesters that take place between the months of September and June.

Yes, it is necessary to appear for entrance examinations before admission. Each university has a different entrance test depending on which school you apply to. But if the number of seats is more than the number of student applications, then no entrance tests are conducted.

Yes, you need to have a long-term stay student permit. According to the laws, in order to come and study at Slovakia for a tenure longer than 90 days, foreign students have to apply for a temporary resident permit under – for the purpose of the study. The permit application is submitted in your home country by the embassy of the Slovak Republic.

Yes. Most Universities of Slovakia offer student dormitories where they are expected to share a room with one/two more students or if possible, a room of their own. Bathrooms are usually shared between two rooms or more. Some residences also offer in-house Gyms, Swimming pools, and other amenities.

Yes, you can get a scholarship based on which university you apply for. As a foreign student, you would have to live at your own expense but your tuition grant may be covered by a scholarship. Please contact the specific college that you want to apply for a scholarship application.

While the main language of teaching is Slovak, currently, Many Slovakian Universities also offer MBBS programs in English.

For students who reside within the European Union, higher education is free of charge but for foreign students who apply in any Slovakian university, the tuition rate is around USD 2.500-USD 6.500 per academic year.

It relies upon what kind of school they need to apply to. The individuals who need to proceed with their training at a gymnasium take placement tests in the fifth grade. Else, they can apply in the ninth grade, the most recent year of elementary school. Each student may apply for two secondary schools. Grade schools will gather the applications from each undergrad and afterward send them to secondary school.

The re-qualification courses, whose point is to build the odds of individuals to discover work, are offered by the work workplaces and furthermore the instructive organizations. The work workplaces offer the re-qualification courses just to enrolled job seekers, by means of the RE-PAS venture. Job seekers who battle to look for some kind of employment in their calling can apply for the course, whose principle point is to get new information and aptitudes in a choice to call. Job seekers, notwithstanding, can’t go to a similar re-qualification course for a long time after the course finished. All expenses are secured by the work workplaces. The instructive offices have a more extensive idea of re-qualification courses, yet individuals need to pay for them all alone.

Talent tests happen in March and April. Other selection tests happen in May. The outcomes are known soon after; the secondary school will for the most part distribute them on the Internet and furthermore compose an official letter to every candidate.

The Comenius University offers courses in the Slovak language for outsiders. Its Center for Continuing Education sorts out each year the Summer University of Slovak Language and Culture. The objective gatherings are outside candidates who are keen on examining Slovak language, history, and culture; countrymen living abroad; relatives of Slovaks living abroad; companions of Slovakia and Slovaks; Slovakists and undergrads of Slavic examinations; college laborers and undergrads of Slovakistics and Slavic investigations at remote colleges; instructors of Slovak language at outside schools of numerous types; and outside specialists at different legislative and social organizations. Besides, Comenius University’s College of Arts additionally sorts out summer courses for outsiders, inside its late spring school of Slovak language and culture Studia Academica Slovaca. Its objective gatherings are Slovakists and Slavists abroad, social specialists, directors, language educators, interpreters and each one of those keen on considering Slovak language and culture. The staff additionally offers evening courses in the Slovak language.

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