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MBBS in Samoa

Samoa is a country in Oceania, which was earlier known as Independent State of Samoa, till 4th July 1997. Well this is a country, consisting of two main islands, namely Savai'i and Upolu along with the smaller four islands. Apia, is the capital city of the country. The discovery of this island was done some 3,500 years ago.

History says that the country was governed by New Zealand, until the people voted for independence in the year 1961. The Samoan culture is based on the Polynesian Life, talking about traditional culture then the communal way of life is based on Fa'a Samoa, the unique socio-political culture. The country is a unitary parliamentary democracy, consisting eleven administrative divisions; also the Sovereign state is a Commonwealth of Nations' member. The Western part or called as Western Samoa on 15th December 1976 was submitted to the United Nations. The European explorers before the 20th century called the whole island as Navigator Island, this also included American Samoa, and it was so called due to the Samoans' Seafaring skills. The UN has categorized the country as an economically developing country since the year of 2014. Its, GDP in PPP is estimated to be 1.13 billion dollars. Talking about the currency, it is regulated by the central bank of Samoa, and is named as Samoan t?l?, the source of electricity for this country are renewable, estimating up to 66 percent of the total electricity production power of the country, although the ministry of power consumption has the target to change that 66 percent to 100 percent.

The Fa'a Samoa remains to be a strong force in the life of Samoans, it is said that the culture was established or developed some 3,000 years ago. Coming back to the point, that is education, the government provides eight years of tuition free compulsory education till the age of 16, now these eight years includes both primary and secondary education for the children. The primary education and the middle school are absolutely free for the students of Samoa. The literacy rates stock up to 99%. Also, the country is home to few multinational universities too. Talking about the number of schools there are a total of 139 primary schools providing primary education to the Samoan kids then there are 21 junior secondary schools providing the basic level secondary education, moving on then the country has 4 senior secondary schools doing the rest of the job left to be done in the education sector of the country.

According to many legends, the country of Samoa is the cradle of Polynesia. Now it is said so because the island named Savai'i is known to be Hawaiki, that is the home to Polynesia. Talking about more facts, then the country or you can say most of the islands here are volcanic formations; another thing that is to be noted is the presence of coral reefs, almost all the islands are surrounded by coral reefs from all the sides.

Introduction to MBBS in Samoa

Well the school regarding medicine of that country aims to provide a high-quality education related to health sector of Samoa and the Pacific. They want their graduates or you can say doctors to be an individual who has a deep knowledge of the course who while practicing medicine should make sure the safety is intact for everyone. The school there provides three prominent programs for the students, that is, namely MBBS, Surgeon in the field of Orthopaedics, and an International medical elective program. The minimum duration required for the courses are set to be as six years.

Going in depth into the six years:

The first year of the MBBS program is for the students to learn about the medical sciences, the second and the third year focuses on the body working and functioning knowledge, the fourth and fifth years focus on clinical learning and making the clinical part of the course strong, then comes the last year, the sixth year in this practice is given as the priority of whatever the candidates have learnt in the previous five years.

Then comes the Orthopaedic program, this has duration of three total years; now these three years include the one final year devoted to research project with the overseas attachment.

Now for International Students, there's this program called International Medical Elective Program, in these students from different medical schools across the world can come to Samoa to do a study of any electives of their choice. Now the duration provided to the international students is of 2 weeks to a maximum of 8 weeks. There is handful of choices when it comes to the selection of electives. And then coming to how the students are selected so it's all based on first come first serve basis.

Now talking about how to get admission into the programs mentioned above:

The students need to complete basic science Foundation program, with a basic mark of 80% in the language of English, with scores in best three subjects, biology and human biology being the compulsory ones and any one from Chemistry, physics or Maths. Indian students need to also have qualified the NEET examination.

Or the students need to have a bachelor degree in science or nursing, with an average of 65 percent marks to enter themselves into MBBS year 1 and an average of 70% to enter into the year 2 of the MBBS degree program.

For a candidate to get the final degree which is required to work of practice in the field of medicine, the institution wants you to pass in all the courses prescribed in the program for MBBS. There are twenty-nine courses in the program for the candidate to fulfill in the time duration of four years, the candidates have to pass them all, then moving on comes the Final Clinical Exam after passing this, the candidate has to go through another examination that is Objective Structure Clinical Examination.

Medical Elective Program

The whole process of application, examination, selection and intimidating the students might take a whole lot of days, ranging up to 30 days maximum.

The candidate applying for this program should pay a nonrefundable fee of 300 USD.

Top Universities in Samoa

Oceania University of Medicine

What would first capture your attention towards this college would be their aim to provide distance learning courses in medicine. You don't usual find a blend of distance learning with a study of medicine in an institution, usually. Next the institution states that the graduates from their university are allowed to practice in Australia, USA, Canada, Samoa. The institution provides you with the perfect blend of online teaching and clinical experience, for US students they have to first finish a full year of college Chemistry to get admission in this college, and moreover the college demands a GPA of 3.0 on the scale of 4.0. Everything so far mentioned clears one thing, the university would not compromise with their quality of results they produce at the end of their medicine programs.

The model followed by the university is based of American and Australian standards, they also state that their institution is accredited, that means it gives the students the license power to practice Medicine in different nations.

The flexible distance learning feature of the university works as they provide the students the opportunity to finish the first 2.5 years of the whole program from their home also states that the students do get income opportunities while doing the course, which on turn helps them with the tuition fees of the university and other costs requirements of the students.

The tuition fees include 500.00 USD which is non refundable, and is charged as a matriculation fees from the students. The few structures would also add the housing and hospital fees for the students which will be reported on sight to the candidate.

There are payment plans for the students being made available that are installment options are available for the students, unless and until the student has hampered any fees structure beforehand.

Cost Of Living in Samoa

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Common Questions about Study in Samoa

Description of the admission procedure in MBBS program.

Students need to have the following: Foundation Certificate in Science with a minimum aggregate mark of 80% in English and best of three of the following mentioned subjects. Human Biology, biology being the compulsory subjects and chemistry, physics and Maths. Also, any course that is equivalent to the course mentioned above, in this case you might have to check what courses the university agrees on to allowing for MBBS program. Then institution also allows the candidates having a degree in Health Science, or Bachelor in Science with a minimum average of 65%. Also, the students with the average of marks of 70% in Health Science.

The courses of Mental health and Rural Health and medicine has a very limited number of seats available. So, the seats get booked very ea sily. Sometimes the seats range between 1 or 2. And for all the other courses there are two to three placements per month.

Yes, a candidate with a bachelor degree in Nursing can opt to apply for MBBS, just take care that the marks criteria are fulfilled, that is the student must have an average of 65% marks to get admission in the first year of the MBBS program.

Non - Resident students are allowed to opt for MBBS program, but the only terms and conditions is that they should be completing their primary and secondary education also from the country itself.

The medical schools in the country offers a time range starting from a minimum of 2 weeks, to a maximum time of 8 weeks’ time. The students can choose as per their needs, or also keeping in mind the time that the elective will require.

The minimum amount of time duration that the program demands from you is Six years, every year has its goal set about what knowledge to provide to the students. The six years of study also includes a year devoted to research work, and a year devoted to the clinical practice of all the theory studied by the candidates.

The whole program regarding MBBS consists of 29 courses one clinical exam, and one objective clinical exam.

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