MBBS in Malaysia

Min. and Max. Fees - RM 42000 (Approx) - RM 87000 (Approx)

Min Required Percentage - 65% (Chemistry, Biology, and Physics/Mathematics)

Scholarship - RM 10000 - RM 30000

Course duration - 5 years

Eligibility & Scholarship:-
NEET Eligibility - Mandatory & RM 10000 - RM 30000


MBBS in Malaysia

MBBS in Malaysia offers an MD program for medical aspirants with a total duration of 5 years + 1 year of internship. 15 medical universities in Malaysia are recognized by NMC, WHO, FAIMER and listed in the world's top medical universities. To get admission to these medical universities, aspirants must follow minimum eligibility - a valid NEET scorecard and a 10+2 (PCB) minimum of 65%. The tuition fee varies from RM 42000 RM to 87000 RM annually, with living expenses of 10,000 RM. After completing the medical degree, students can work in Malaysia or sit in the NEXT (National Exit Test) screening test to practice and get a medical license in India.  The official and national language of the country is Malay. But English is also recognized well throughout the country. Talking about which ethnic groups are home to the country, we have Bhumiputeras, Chinese and Indian people living in the country. Now the majority of the country is home to the Bhumiputerans, making them the major ethnic group present in the country.

Advantages of studying MBBS in Malaysia

These are the advantages to studying MBBS in Malaysia for Indian students -

  1. The education system comprises four levels in the country: Primary education, lower secondary education, upper secondary education, and post-secondary education. Preschool education in the country begins at the age of four or five. The interference of the ministry of education of the country is least in this course of education, although it does guide the schools with curriculum required, syllabus to be taught and the guidelines required. There is a kindergarten run by the government, public and private enterprises.
  2. Now coming towards the next level, most of the primary schools are run by the government of the country but then along with that the country is also witnessing a growth in the number of schools run by private ownership.
  3. Students who have completed six years of primary education are straight away promoted to lower secondary level of education. The literacy rate of the country is 95 percent. The total duration of the secondary level of education is five years. The country makes co-curricular activities must at the secondary level of education for every student. The country has a program called Post-secondary level education, this, in turn, means that it is a program for the foundation of getting admitted to any university.
  4. The country provides more than 1000 courses in vocational. It also has courses for certification, diploma training, advanced diploma training, etc.
  5. Talking about medical science, when you have a dream of practicing medicine you will always want your investment of time, money to give you a fruitful result. Malaysian institutes provide you with the best, MBBS in these universities is the best choice out for you. The country has been always a step ahead when it comes to education, and moreover, medicine has been its best field of education. The institutions here have caught the attention of the whole world because of the focus they pay to the quality of education that is being provided.

Admission Process for MBBS in Malaysia

  1.  Carry your certificates of higher education or any other certificate you might need in the admission process.
  2.  Carry your student ID, while you get to the campus of the institution, also have a copy of your visa with yourself.

Requirements for MBBS in Malaysia

  • Candidates should be at least 17 years old
  • Should have passed higher secondary with a minimum 50% marks,
  • Some institutions might require you to qualify NEET examination.
  • Do visit the website of the institutions you prefer to go for,
  • Fill the application form
  • Double-check your application any mistake might lead to the cancellation of your application.

Malaysia University

The International Medical University (IMU) is a health science university located in Kuala Lampur in Malaysia with over 22 years of experience in the field. The university was founded by Dr Kamal Salih and Dr Mei Ling Young in 1992 with the support of the Malaysian Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education for the Malaysians to avail a medical programme with international standards. The University offers Pre-university, Undergraduate and Post-graduate programmes in streams such as medical and dental sciences, nursing, pharmaceutical sciences, medical biotechnology, nutrition, Chinese medicine etc. This is an all-inclusive university that offers modern and conservative programmes under one roof. There are around 3600 domestic and 200 international students from around 30 countries enrolled in various programmes. The IMC has partnered with around 32 universities in Australia, Canada, China, Ireland, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. The curriculum of the undergraduate courses is developed at par with international standards with the relevant credit transfer accepted by multiple international universities for the exchange and transfer students.  The university aims to imbibe reflective and proactive critical thinking abilities in its students through its teaching programs. They aim to create the leaders of the future in various healthcare and medical streams.

University of Medical Sciences (CUMS), also known as University of Cyberjaya (UoC), was founded in the year 2005 with the aim to improve the quality of healthcare in Malaysia. Malaysian Ministry of Higher Education’s SETARA has conferred a 5-star status to the university which is at par with the public universities in the country. The university has a five-acre green campus in the smart city of Cyberjaya in Malaysia. It has five faculties and two academic centres on campus. The UoC offers around 30 programmes which range from diploma to degrees to post-graduate to doctorates in different courses such as medical sciences, pharmaceutical sciences, homeopathy, physiotherapy, biotechnology, business and other Allied Health sciences. The university currently has 4000 students enrolled across all these programmes and 200 academicians and scholars handling the teaching programme. The UoC has collaborations with various pharmaceutical corporations and public research universities in order to provide their students with the best research and learning materials and opportunities. They have also collaborated with MERCY Malaysia to form the Young Mercy Programme for their students to experience a first-hand relief operation. They aim to create an inclusive learning environment by promoting problem-based learning.

This university, is a nonprofit private institution, this institution provides tertiary education to specifically Malaysian Indian students, the motto of this institution is to educate the leaders of tomorrow, established in the year of 2001, the institution is accredited by The Ministry of Higher Education of the country and by the qualification agency of Malaysia. The campus of the institution has a hostel for every student and has on-campus food facility along with this there is transportation facilities for the students of the same. Mission of this institution is to provide quality education in the field of medicine to all the students in an affordable rate so that no student it is left out with a broken dream. The institution also states that it has partnerships with international organizations for the faculty purposes so that the students get the best quality education. The five-year course of MBBS in this institution is divided into two three phases. In the phase 2 and 3 the practical involvement of the students is taken into care and for that specific programs for junior and senior clerkships are provided.

The tagline for this university states that it empowers the leaders of the future. The quotes of MBBS duration of 5 years and the institution charges 300000 RM per course for the local students and a sum of 407000 RM for the international students for each course. The program offered here is a traditional program helping the students to achieve the degree of MBBS after the course duration of 5 years. The institution also provides the students with an opportunity to do specialization courses in the field of medicine for example there are courses in nutrition, Orthopaedic, Pediatrics, dermatology, internal medicine, surgery etc. The institution states that the course offered by them is the best in the whole country and the fee charged by them is the lowest and the most affordable fee in the whole country.

Institute states that the course provided by them in the field of medicine and Health Sciences is to produce the best competent doctors for the world. They also state that the degree from this institution will help the candidates with the license of practicing medicine in countries such as New Zealand and Australia. This Institute requires a mark of 85% for the admission in the same. Charges a fee of total 333300 for the international students, excluding the money required for food and lodging. The campus of the Institute, has laboratories for the students also along with that, it also has its focus on research issues.

This Institute is a private ownership university, and the best in academics in the country. This Institute provides a course of 5 years with the name of the course as MD program, which further means that doctor in medicine, and these 5 years include two phases, phase one works as a phase of basic medical science and the next phase is of clinical experiences and practice. Each year will cover 2 semesters, and that sums up to 10 semesters for the duration of 5 years. The first phase is of the time duration if two years and the second phase have a time duration of 3 years. The Institute states that at the end if these five years if graduation in the field of medicine will teach the students with the appropriate requirement of a candidate to become a doctor, the knowledge provided in the college will also help the students of the university to choose a right path for their career ahead.

This university is located in the capital and the largest city of the country, that is Kuala Lumpur, also known as UM. A proud fact about this university is that this Institute has its rank secured in the list if top hundred universities of the world. This university is one of the oldest universities of the country still in existence, also by many higher international educational Authorities this university is counted as the best place to get higher and tertiary education. Another proud feature of this university is that it has produced two prime ministers of the country, they were the graduates of this particular university. The university caters the motto stated as knowledge is the source of progress. Established in the year of 1905 and if you have to be precise then it was exactly established in the day of 28th Sept. 1905, since then it has been catering education to the students. The university is a public research university. Also, this university has an endowment of 385 million dollars, with a total number of 2.2 thousand teachers and a total of 21 thousand students including a total of 12 thousand students for the degree of Under graduation and some 8.6 thousand students under Post graduation.

The institution has an urban campus setting, with a living cost of 288 USD per month, the approximate student population of the Institute ranges above the total of ten thousand, there are 10 percent international students in this university, the type of this university is Public. Talking about establishment this one got established in the year 1969, another feature making this a unique university of this country is this was the second-ever university of the country that ever got established. The institution provides excellent education quality to its students not only local but international too, and in courses dealing with Under graduation as well as Post Graduation. Although the non-Malaysian students have one thing to worry about and that is the limited number of seats available for them to take your any full-time course in this university. So any candidate who is not a resident of Malaysia, make sure you keep an eye on the admission portal of this country so that you can fill up your form as early as possible, so that due to the limited seats you don't miss out an opportunity to get into this University.

This institution is commonly known as Taylors. This institution was established in the year of 1969. Firstly, this was a college then, later on, it got upgraded into the status of being a University College and for the later along the time got it further up-gradation and turned into a University. The institution from being a college in 2006 got a gradation and turned into a University College, moving farther along with time in the year 2010 it got its upgradation from the status of being University College to the status of University. This university caters the motto of excellence, integrity and wisdom. This university is a member of Taylor's Education Group. The curriculum of this institution focuses on clinical training in medicine and surgery. The name of this education institution while preparing students for MBBS course is to provide the students with extensive knowledge of the clinical practice of medicine and surgery. The institution also aims to mould all the candidates taking up the course of MBBS into competent Medical professionals ready for the world with the message in the mind that the safety of the patient is worth a lot. Accredited by MQA with a course duration of 5 years, the Institute intakes in the month of March and August.

This university situated in Perak, in the country Malaysia opposite the course of MBBS which is the bachelor’s course in medicine and surgery. The institute provides a course with a course duration of 60 months which is equivalent to 5 years. The fees that is charged for this course of MBBS by this institution called Question International University is MYR 315500. The course type that is for what duration should be the student available to this institution and the course is full time, which means that the course requires full-time dedication. For this university, intakes are done in the months of April and September for a year. This university doesn't only provide the students with the degrees related to medicine but it gives the candidates a wide range of courses subcategorized under certain fields, to be precise they are Undergraduate degrees! Normal training degree courses, courses for Post-graduation, foundation courses, along with all that the students also get the option of Diploma courses. Even if you consider to take a glance through the courses provided by the university under the category of Under graduation, there a handful of courses available, be it for accountancy, mass communication, language paper, medicine, business or anything you will surely find it under this institution premises.

This is an organization to be more precise it is an initiative that was launched in the year of 2011. The current prime minister of the country of Malaysia was the Founding Chancellor of this institution. The institution states to provide the best quality education to the candidates of MBBS in the university they also state that the quality of education that is being provided use of exceptional quality. The institution provides and their campus facilities of library e student support services Laboratories research centres etc. MBBS program of this institution is a 5 Year program for the students applying in it moreover the institution states that they have a partnership with the surgeons and professors from the institutes present in the country Ireland. In all the five years of the program for or the MBBS course in this Institute, it has been very well divided for better understanding in the students. In the duration of 5 years talking about the first three years each year has been divided into 2 semesters. Moreover, talking about the next two years the whole year has not been divided into any semester but will be taken as 1 semester per year. Being a Biology student or a medical student studying with the goal of practicing medicine the institute takes care of a fact that the candidates, do not only excel in bio but also in subjects like chemistry and mathematics. It is also taken into account that the students just not for the sake of certificate pass the subjects such as chemistry and Math but acquire high knowledge in it with satisfying marks.

The university says that their undergraduates are aware of the global conditions, they state that the students are clearly aware of the career options for themselves. And that they would work in the field of medicine for the welfare and integration of society. The MBBS program of this institution is of a time duration of 5 year with a very different feature for the students. Talking about the different feature what differentiates it from all the other universities in the country, it has been stated that the university provides the candidates of MBBS in the 4th year of the course a chance to go and study in the campus of America. The university also states that the degree given by them in this MBBS program is equivalent to the degree provided by the institutes or the colleges present in UK. The aim of this program is to prepare candidates for the field of medicine and to create doctors who'd practice medicine with the fact of the integrity of the world in their minds. The university is stated to be famous for its high-quality teaching that is provided to the students as well as for the faculty taking care and charge of the university, along with the research work for the students that are made being available. The medicine institute badged a rank in the list of top 50 institutes of medicine and research, in the world. The research of students from this university has been ranked as the 9th best research in that particular field by the UK.

The University is a privately owned university, with an establishment in the year of 2001. The university is having a motto of transforming life and enriching future, there are 655 teachers in the university, the university has been awarded excellent status university twice in two years straight. Research states that the graduates of this institution get a job within the time span of six months and the percentage of such students who get employed at the duration of six months is 96.5 %. The MBBS program in this institute is a 5 year program, the program is divided into 3 phases of the study, being precise in this the phase year, in reality, means 1st year of the program, and then the second phase is basically the second year of the course, moving forward to the phase three this deals with the rest three years of the course that is year 3,4 and 5. The students filling up the form should be proficient in English.

Mahsa University

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Malaysian Allied Health Sciences Academy, in short, MAHSA University, was founded in 2004 in Pusat Bandar Damansara is a township inseam but constituency, Kuala Lumpur. MAHSA initially established as a college and gained the status of university in a mere period of 4 years. It was upgraded to the university in the year 2009. Spread around 48 acres of land, MAHSA University is a private university in Malaysia with incomparable world-class infrastructure and facilities. 

About Malaysia

Malaysia is a country on the Asian continent. Being precise about its location, the country is located in the South-Eastern parts of the Asian continent. The country constitutes the Malay Peninsula and the island named Borneo. Kuala Lumpur is the capital city of the country of Malaysia, and the administrative capital is stated as to be the city called Putrajaya. Although Kuala Lumpur holds the tag of the largest city in the country. These Bhumiputerans are an ethnic group that consists of people from Malaya, Orang Asal, and some of the indigenous groups from Sabah and Sarawak. The Bhumiputerans constitute 68.8 percent of the country's total population. Talking about the religious groups in the country there is a handful of the designer in the country of Malaysia. Some of the religious groups present in Malaysia are Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, Chinese folk religion. The official religion of the country is Islam and also it is the religion of the majority of people of the country.  The demonyms of the country are called the Malaysian people. The type of government in the country is a federal parliamentary elective constitutional monarchy. The country has a parliamentary legislature. The country lies in a total area of 330,803 sq. Km. And the percentage of water present in the country is 0.3 percent. According to the estimate of August 2019, the population of the country is 32,772,100. Comparing with the census of 2010 the population then was, a sum total of 28,334,135. Talking about the density of the country, in the area of 330803 square kilometers there live 92 people per square km.

Talking a little bit about the economy of Malaysia the GDP, in the PPP model according to the estimate of 2020, 1.18 trillion USD. And the per capita income of the country is 34,565 USD. The human development index of the country with a count of 0.804. The federal constitutional monarchy of this country constitutes of many numbers of states and federal territories. There are 13 states and 3 federal territories. This federal constitutional monarchy of 13 states and three federal territories are divided by the South China Sea, this division or separation has brought up two regions with similar sizes.  The names of these two divisions East Malaysia and Peninsular Malaysia. Talking about Peninsular Malaysia shares its borders with Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Singapore. Then the region of East Malaysia shares its borders with Brunei, Indonesia, Vietnam, and the Philippines. The population count of the country makes it the world's 44th largest populous country. Malaysia is one of the 17 countries which is home to a large number of endemic species.

This is one of the many countries which can be stated as multi-cultural and multi-ethnic. Although the national language of the country is Malay, English remains the second most active language in the country. After the independence of the country, the GDP grew with the rate of an average of 6.5 percent for a duration of 50 long years. The industrialized market economy of the country is dated to be the third largest among all the countries of the world.

Thinking about why Malaysia is famous, let's talk about the same,

Malaysia is known for the Petronas and the Twin Tower, a company in Malaysia that is known to be the highest profited company in terms of revenue. Malaysia is also famous for its capital city that is Kuala Lumpur, a city with Rain forests, thunderstorms, a beautiful garden, etc.

Then this country is also counted among the top 5 best airline service providing country. AirAsia still holds the rank of the world's most reputed airline services; some parts of the country Malaysia are found in the world's third-largest island that is Borneo. The country also shares its maritime borders with the world's busiest water routes. Also famous for the multi-ethnic groups living in the country, as mentioned above too, the country is home to a large number of very different ethnic groups. Talking about aesthetic beauty, seventy percent of the land of the country is covered with wild forests making it aesthetically rich. On that note of aesthetics, this country is beautifully covered with beaches and seas. And due to that, this country is one of the most popular countries for coastal tourism. Next coming up with the food of the country, okay breaking it down to a simpler level, there are a lot of ethnic groups living in this country, Malays, Islamic people, Christians, Indians, Buddhists, so everybody has a different taste of food, even every other group has an overall a different way of presenting the foods even, mixing them all together in a country space, that's what you get in Malaysia, it is famous for its too good food, that basically comes from the rich ethnicity of the country. Also next comes up, Malaysia has always taken education very seriously even one of the oldest universities had a motto saying education is the way to progress, and matching up to that Malaysia has always been a step ahead in the world of education from every other country, people mark Malaysia as the best option when they consider abroad studies. Being said that Malaysia also has a handful of education systems existing in the country, for the locals. Another reason why Malaysia is known is The Golden Triangle Area in the country and the Genting Highland Park.

The country features the geography of coastal plains rising to hills and mountains. Talking about climatic conditions of the country it has high humid regions with an average rainfall of 250 cm. There are risks of flood in the country.

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How is the Transportation in Malaysia?

Transportation is really great in fact it is suggested to the students to prefer public transportation because it is cheap as well as makes you reach at the destination way earlier.

The cost factor always depends upon the student but if we take in consideration of an average amount then it is somewhere around $1000 per month.

Since the country is known for its excellence in education, they won't let the environment required for a good study environment get hampered. The students are safe in the country and in the Institutes, the study environment is also perfect for the candidates. Because to be honest without a proper study environment no Institute can ever provide quality education even with the best teachers, buildings, facilities. The environment is a must.

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