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MBBS in Curacao

Curaçao is one of the many island countries of the world, being precise this is a Dutch Caribbean island. The sovereign state of the country is the Kingdom of The Netherlands. Before the separation of the country, it was counted in the Netherlands Antilles, this is one of the newest countries of the world, merely ten years in age. This country was established in October in the year of 2010. Willemstad is the capital city of this country and is also the largest city in the country of Curacao.

The official languages that are followed in the country are: Papiamentu, Dutch and English. The country is home to a large number of ethnic groups, some of them are, namely, Dutch, Arabian, Colombian, Bonaerian, Haitian etc. Etc. The ethnic group that has themselves in the majority are the Dutch people, with a percentage of 75.4 percent. The natives of the country are either Dutch or Curacao. The government type is a Parliamentary Representative Democracy, within a constitutional monarchy. The estimated population of the country as estimated by the census of 2019 is 158,665. Then comes the density, the country has a density of 358 per square km. The GDP as estimated of the country is 5.6 billion USD, with a per capita income of 20,020 USD. The country has a Human Development Index of 0.811, which is considered to be as very high index. Netherlands Antillean guilder is the national currency of the country, denoted by the initials ANG.

Well now talking about the history of the country. This nation was a part of a dependency colony, namely; Curacao and dependencies colony from the year of 1815 to the year of 1954, and then was a part of the Netherland Antilles from the year of 1954 to the year of 2010. The country includes the main island of Curacao and many smaller islands which are uninhabitable islands and named as Klein Curacao. Curacao is a country is best known for its aesthetic beauty and natural richness; this Island country is one of the best countries of the whole group of Klein Knip Beach. The country is a combination of pristine sand, spectacular views that means high aesthetic value, and the beautiful combination of blues of the water of The Caribbean Sea, these all combines and glorifies the beauty if the country making it a place worth visit for the tourists.

Now talking about the name of the country, there are many explanations behind this name that has been given to the country, now the most famous story that is believed by the people is that: the people, being more precise the indigenous people of the country identify themselves, with their autonym by the name Curacao.

The country has been eminently featured on the Spanish maps since the year of 1525, except for the name of Curacao, it also appeared in many maps as Curacao. In one of the maps found from the year of 1562, the country had its name mentioned as Qúracao.

Now talking about the geography of the country, the country lies on the shelf of South America, the topography that is hilly. The highest elevation of the country is the height of 1,220 ft. But a part of the country called Klein Curacao is a flat island completely opposite to the actual island, the country from a distance would look like a thin island zone.

About Curacao

Curacao is a country that has a dry climate from the months of January to September and it also has a wet season zone from the months of October to December. There are comparatively very less variations in the temperature zones of the country throughout the year, the coolest month is stated to be as January, with an average temperature of 26.5°C and the month of September holds the record of being the hottest month of the year with an average maximum temperature of 28.5°C . The average maximum temperature of the country is 31.2°C and on the other hand, the average minimum temperature of a year in the country is 25.3°C.

Education sector of the country

The public education of the country is based on the Dutch educational system, there are three types of schools present in the country, that is; primary schools, secondary schools, and parochial schools. Now parochial schools are an organization that teaches the candidates taking admission there about the happenings in the local area, or the area they reside in, they don't usually care about all the other things be it of much importance or less importance. In the year of 1992, the country came to a phase where a new education law was introduced. Now this law makes primary education compulsory for everyone and this compulsory education is to be started at the age of 6 for the children of the country. Now the duration of this compulsory primary education is six years, then the students reach the next level and that is the secondary level, now this course takes 4 years.

Talking about a medical degree in the country, institutes are present in the country for the same purpose! The institutes are accredited and licensed by the government of the country, and moreover the institutes state that they aim to provide best quality medical education and training, and other facilities required for any graduate to establish their career in the world and field of medicine, they also, state to provide licensed residentiary placements for the graduates of the Institute. A number of medical schools of the area are listed in the international medical education directory, making themselves known to the world and this also helps them getting recognition from people across the world and this also adds to the features of the institutes.

Some of the Institutes of the country has been recognized by some big organizations namely, WHO and MCC. Here WHO is World Health Organization and MCC is Medical Council of Canada. The institutes state that graduates from these institutions not only become graduates but also a good human, with high values as they practice medicine with the care of the patient’s health with safety.

Why Curacao for MBBS

Then the institutes there usually focus on morals with academics, they have picked up facilities for all international students from the airport!

They provide the candidates with labs in the campus, because we all know for medicine how important labs can be. The graduates from these universities are practicing medicine in countries like USA and Canada. The institutes focus on personalized education's power now you might be wondering what's that! Personalizing education means a particular teacher or a professor getting a lesser number of students to teach at a time. At time this personalization can be as low as ten students to one teacher which is a great way to improvise the quality of education provided. Tutoring and mentoring are given full focus by the faculty of the institutes. The teaching language is English, with high-end professors to meet the requirements of the students in the field of studies.

Now institutes provide a course of premed, to make the foundation of the candidates stronger and then MD programs.

International students from places such as Asia, Canada, and America study MBBS in the country.

Top Universities in Curacao

New York Medical University, Curacao

Dedicated to building a community of intellectuals which supports and promotes the advancement of nursing, the New York Medical University in Curacao is one of the best nursing schools in the world. Graduates from this medical school are complete physicians in all aspects- they excel in basic sciences; deliver brilliant clinical care, share and gain knowledge, and work to improve the healthcare services provided to the public. With an aim to innovate medicine, the New York Medical University provides state-of-the-art technologies and research experiences for its students.

In 2019, nine of the New York Medical University students were named Schweitzer fellows, along with one of the professors being given the Tow Humanism in Medicine Award. The Medical Programme at NYMU starts with one year of Pre-Medical, 2 years of Pre-Clinical Sciences Program, and finally 2 years of the Clinical Sciences Program. Thus, in this complete five-year course, students are helped in preparing for the USMLE (The United States Medical Licensing Examination), which allows them to continue with their residency and licensure within the United States.

Located in Curacao, a small Caribbean Island, NYMU provides the perfect environment without any distractions for doing dedicated hard work. The most unique feature of studying at NYMU is that students get hands-on patient experience from the first day itself. With an intimate and diverse classroom, NYMU also offers one of the lowest tuition costs in terms of medical schools. Recognized by several boards like Curacao Ministry of Health and The Medical Council of India, NYMU is well-equipped with great classrooms and a library, along with laboratories for gaining practical knowledge. NYMU graduates have completed clinical training from numerous reputed hospitals like Jackson Park Hospital, Saint Joseph Hospital, Holy Cross Hospital, etc., mostly located within the United States.

St. Martinus University, Curacao

St. Martinus University is one of the top medical schools located in Curacao. The University’s Faculty of Medicine became operational in 2003, and is located in Willemstad, Curacao. Students studying at SMU get to study a well-analyzed course, which includes the Pre-Medical Program and the Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) Program, which also includes Basic Sciences and Clinical Training programs. These courses eventually help the students to prepare for the USMLE, and they also have an opportunity to avail an additional preparatory course for the same.

St. Martinus University has been formally chartered by the Government of the Netherlands Antilles since 2000; along with this, it is also recognized by numerous boards including the Ministry of Health of Curacao, World Health Organization and so on. Located in one of the safest islands of the Caribbean, SMU houses some of the best facilities for its students; these include the SMU Fitness Centre, Student Government Association and so on. Students at the St. Martinus University Faculty of Medicine has numerous feathers in their caps; they have worked with the Red Cross to provide medical assistance at the annual KLM Marathon, and also participated in the community outreach programs organized by Fundashon Wit Gele Kruis.

Admission Process in Curacao


For the students applying particularly in the course of premed and MD program, the students need to have their certificates of higher secondary education.

Another the thing they want is if you are applying as a transfer student the institutes will only take up an application from any U. S accredited medical school or any school that is present in the directory of world medical schools.

Then let's talk about finances, the school takes up a tuition fee is 18,000 USD. With few additional costs that would be told to you as fee brochures.

Admission Timeline in Curacao

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Common Questions about Study in Curacao

Do the colleges/schools provide loaning and scholarship facilities?

Yes, the schools of medicine do provide both, loaning also and scholarship too. The students might have to go through different procedures to check through before the institution actually providing you with help for finances. But yes, you can always apply for both of them.

Well, accreditation is very important, this is a tool which helps the students of the accredited universities get a certificate called ECFMG certificate, now further you'd be asking what is this? Then this is the certificate provided to all the international students of medicine from any accredited institutes, allowing them further to apply for the residentship of USA, for staying there and practicing medicine in the territorial premises.

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