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MBBS in Azerbaijan

One of the education abroad goals that picked up the consideration of the Indian students in the ongoing past is Azerbaijan. Joining MBBS in India has become very serious. Students think that it’s hard to get MBBS admission considerably in the offer of scoring great marks in NEET test. Furthermore, the cost of medical training in private medicinal education is quite high. Increasingly several students like to study MBBS outside India.

Students consider studying in Azerbaijan for numerous reasons:

  • One of the forthcoming goals to study MBBS at a reasonable, rather lower cost with no trade-off on the nature of education.
  • WHO, MCI, and numerous universal endorsement and acknowledgment – students need not stress over the endorsement of the medical courses.
  • A cordial situation with a great tropical atmosphere.
  • Compulsory learning of the Russian language during the primary year of study, which empowers simple correspondence all through the school grounds.
  • A large portion of the colleges prepares the students to clear the MCI screening test in India.
  • Bother free admission procedure to join the course.
  • Indian students who join MBBS in Azerbaijan gets qualified to show up in the USMLE, PLAB and so forth.

Why Azerbaijan?

Azerbaijan, officially known as the Republic of Azerbaijan, is a nation located in the eastern piece of Eurasia. It is situated on the fringe of Georgia and Russia. It is a delightful nation that is encompassed by the Caspian Sea and Caucasus mountains. Baku is known as the capital city and one of the biggest cities of Azerbaijan. In 2019, the number of inhabitants in Azerbaijan is roughly 10 million individuals. As per the United Nations Development Program Report 2009, the education pace of Azerbaijan is close to about 99.5%. It is notable among Indian students to seek after their education of MBBS in Azerbaijan. The official language of Azerbaijan is Azerbaijani which is otherwise called Turkey language. Russian and English likewise assume a significant job of the second and third language of education and correspondence in Azerbaijan.

Nonetheless, this confusion doesn't emerge regarding picking the medical college or picking Azerbaijan as the favored medical investigation goal. With a clear educational program affirmed by worldwide medicinal sheets, incredible foundation, magnificent offices, and alternatives for exploring joined with excellent training makes Azerbaijan an extraordinary study goal for Indian and global students.

MBBS in Azerbaijan is an affirmed medical program. It is given an MD degree, which is equal to MBBS in different nations. This is proportionate to the MBBS graduate program in India. MBBS educational program and the education framework are broadly perceived.

Length of the course is 6 years. It is required to study the Russian language as a piece of the medical educational plan, which is common in Russian medicinal universities for global students. Azerbaijan was a piece of the USSR and it follows the education framework comparable to Russia. Plus, there is a one-year entry-level position required for the students. Students get a lot of chances to proceed with their temporary job in the USA and break the USMLE test.

Benefits of studying MBBS in Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan has increased a great deal of fascination among global students to study MBBS in Azerbaijan. As we probably know, there is a vicious challenge in India for MBBS situates in government just as private universities. Because of restricted seats in India for MBBS, students don't get admission in notable universities independent of clearing NEET test with great score. Students who don't get situates in Indian universities can apply for MBBS in Azerbaijan.

MBBS in Azerbaijan has become popular in the ongoing years. Azerbaijan gives MD degree which is comparable to MBBS degree in different nations of the world. MBBS in Azerbaijan is affirmed by the Medical Council of India (MCI), the World Health Organization (WHO) and other significant global bodies. The degree granted by the medical colleges for completing MBBS in Azerbaijan is perceived as all-inclusive. The term of this course is 6 years. In the sixth year, there is a required temporary position for the students. The training framework and educational program for MBBS in Azerbaijan are as per the global standards. Medical colleges likewise set up the students for clearing USMLE examination.

Different favorable circumstances are of low education costs. Comprehensively perceived degrees granted by medicinal colleges after completing MBBS in Azerbaijan. The majority of the colleges are MCI endorsed to study MBBS in Azerbaijan. A straightforward admission methodology is followed. MBBS in Azerbaijan is being educated in English. A student can show up for a screening test like USMLE, MCI, PLAB, and so forth after completing MBBS in Azerbaijan. A few colleges offer help to the students to clear MCI screening test.

  • It is a safe nation as the crime percentage in Azerbaijan is extremely less when contrasted with different nations.
  • Minimal effort of living in Azerbaijan.
  • Universal introduction to the students who need to pursue MBBS in Azerbaijan.
  • No separation among students based on religion, belief, race, sexual orientation, and so on.

Top Universities in Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan N. Narimanov Medical University

  • Azerbaijan State Medical University was established based on the Medical Staff of Azerbaijan (Baku) State University on June 19, 1930. The medical courses have established the solid framework of the education system, just as given unmistakable researchers to medical science around the world.
  • AMU has arranged more than 63,000 completely qualified doctors and medical specialists both for Azerbaijan Republic and for some nations on the planet. Quantitative and subjective lists of the AMU on getting ready gifted specialists and medical researchers are practically identical to those of some driving nations. More than 7 thousand students are learning at the 7 resources, for example, General Medicine 1 and 2, Pediatrics, Medico-Prophylactic and Medico-Biological, Dentistry, Pharmacological, Military Medicine. There are more than 1000 outside students from 21 nations.
  • The University consistently does scholastic trade and logical research collaboration with more than 30 colleges and organizations from more than 20 remote nations. AMU has as of late got new 3 Clinical University Hospitals, for example, medical (since 2010), Oncology (since 2007), Dental (since 2002). These clinics are completely prepared for treatment and instructed to get the world-equivalent outcomes in all fields of medication. The Study Program is under nonstop modernization being animated and motivated by current logical examinations and European guidelines (Bologna Process, since 2005, TEMPUS ventures).

Khazar University

Khazar University was built up on March 18, 1991, as indicated by goals N41 of the Cabinet of the Ministers of Azerbaijan Republic as Azerbaijan University with English as a medium of guidance to fulfil an extraordinary need of the nation in qualified English talking experts. In 1992 Azerbaijan University was renamed to Khazar University as per the choice of the Academic Council of the University. In Azerbaijan, Khazar University is giving Western-style education on all levels: undergrad, graduate, and doctoral. Khazar University additionally invites students from abroad from remote nations. It likewise runs a lab.

The mission of the Khazar University Graduate School is to advance the highest caliber of graduate education and to guarantee that all Khazar University graduate students, paying little heed to ethnicity, sexual orientation, or other individual attributes, are managed the chance to accomplish their maximum capacity as future researchers and experts. Enlistment Trends Khazar University selected 242 alumni/postgraduate students in fall 2012. The proportion of ladies and men, for the most part, has remained inside the scope of 57:43. At present, 74 alumni and postgraduate worldwide students are learning at Khazar University. This comprises 31% of all-out alumni and postgraduate enlistment.

Admission Process in Azerbaijan

The admission procedure is exceptionally basic here. Simply present the records and trust that it will take a month to get ensured confirmation. The main thing that you should take care of is the planning of the application. Even if you apply inside the predefined time, there is positively no issue to finish the admission procedure and leave by 20th August to study MBBS in Azerbaijan. The on-line and direct confirmation framework guarantees total straightforwardness for the Indian students applying for MBBS in Azerbaijan.

Eligibility Criteria

MBBS in Azerbaijan is the ongoing hotly debated issue of conversation among students who want to seek their MBBS Abroad and explicitly MBBS in Europe. Indian students having lower scholarly, for example, 60% in PCB and as yet wishing to go for high caliber and lower cost MBBS in Azerbaijan programs pick Azerbaijan Medical University. Indeed, even students with 55% may apply with just application cash as their hazard factor and verify the admission.

Student's age ought to be between 17 years to 25 years. For confirmation in Azerbaijan Medical University, students should be accompanying subjects with different subjects at school: Biology, Chemistry and. Physics. Students must get minimum of 60% checks or evaluations in the above subjects for confirmation. Students should pass the NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) Exam.

Admission Timeline in Azerbaijan

Popular Programs

  • Business
  • Natural Sciences
  • Engineering and Technology
  • Medicine
  • Law
  • Social Sciences

Cost Of Living in Azerbaijan

Low High

Common Questions about Study in Azerbaijan

How are living in a house? Is it true that they are shared? Single bed/cot?

All settlement is imparted to two different tenants. Convenience will fluctuate from lodging to inn, from area to area. A few rooms are en suite. Students may quit mentioning settlement to look for their own. As of now, numerous students lease private settlement.

Students, for the most part, bring a limited quantity of cash and a worldwide Mastercard. Comfortable apparel for the winter and some light attire for the late spring ought to be incorporated. Most students just purchase winter covers and shoes as these are progressively adjusted to the nearby climate.

This administration is remembered for the bundle charges.

TRC won't have the option to give visa solicitations to parents. TRC could help/exhort guardians who land in Azerbaijan as voyagers with discovering transport and settlement at an expense.

The application form must be finished by mid-August for September consumption.

An enrolment structure can be downloaded from an operator's site or be sent to your email upon demand. Students will likewise need to sign 2 agreements.

Charges must be covered yearly.

Students will require around USD$300 [and more for other expenses] in the main year to cover interpretation services and medical tests.

In the primary year at AMU, course readings are subbed with methodic flyers and notes gave by teachers. Students can duplicate from or obtain books from the library. Students should select to buy reading material. They can gauge to spend roughly US$400 in the main year.

Students may bring a workstation however this isn't required. Most students, be that as it may, do have PCs.

The expense at Azerbaijan Medical University differs relying upon the picked program and choices: Only Baku, with or without a settlement, or Baku-USA Clinical practice.

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