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MBBS in Austria

The MBBS in Austria prepares Austrian and global college students for German language and major topics for their look at Austrian universities. All global students want to visit the departments of their importance after enrolling inside the university. We suggest saving time and beginning with proper guidance after completing the course here in India.

In the MBBS course that you plan to remain in Austria for over five years, you should apply for a housing license or named otherwise as a habitation license. It would be ideal if you ensure that you register with the enrolment office inside 3 working days of stay in the Austria.

During the time you apply, if you stay in any EU/EEA country or Switzerland, you won't require any visa. All you need is only a legitimate medical coverage and your course plan to stay there in Austria.To get your visa, you should apply to the department or international embassy before going to Austria. It might take 15 days to get your Student visa.

Guidance application for clinical training

All through this program of MBBS, college students are examined by chemistry, biology, math, physics, and have extensive training paths for the entrance examination and they've also German language course of clinical nature. The extensive syllabus is helpful for future doctors by coming into Austrian clinical universities.

Top Universities in Austria

The Medical University of Graz in Austria had its beginnings in 1863 when Emperor Franz Josef established the workforce of medication at the Karl Franzen’s-University of Graz.

In any case, it was not until 2004 that the personnel turned into a free college, opening as the Centre for Medical Research with a library and Learning Centre. Simultaneously, a Nursing Science program was started.

The college was an early supporter of female specialists. After seven years, Dr Octavia Auguste Aigner-Rollett, a graduate of the University, turned into the main lady to open training in Graz. Today, the college has a Laura Bassi Centre of Expertise, some portion of Europe-wide arrangement of such research places which are led by top-level female researchers.

The Ludwig Boltzmann Institute is only one of an Austrian system of specific research establishments named after physicist Ludwig Boltzmann. Around the same time, the college launched its first universal PhD program.

Different offices incorporate a best in class MRI scanner examination office, the Bad Aussee Hospital for psychosomatic medication and psychotherapy, and in 2009 turned into the first in Austria to open a Clinical Skills Centre.

Its graduate class consists of Fritz Pregel, victor of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry and Julius Wagner von Jauregg, champ of the Nobel Prize in Medicine. Pharmacologist Otto Loewi, who won the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1936 for his revelations about neurotransmitter signal transmission had to escape two years after the fact to New York University after the Nazis captured him and numerous other Jewish researchers.

The Medical University of Vienna is the biggest medicinal research organization in Austria. It was established in 1365 as a Medical College of the University of Vienna and has worked as a free organization in the extent of self-governing college and self-organization since 2004. The Medical University of Vienna offers an alluring investigation and expert improvement program for individuals keen on turning into a therapeutic expert and a prepared restorative professional. The Medical University of Vienna offers a wide scope of further and proceeding with training for your representatives. Our postgraduate proceeding with instruction courses spread a wide range of fields. The Human Resource Development office offers preparing and courses, just as help in all issues concerning individual and expert advancement.

The Medical College of Vienna is the most important medical employer in Austria, in addition to one of the pinnacle-level research institutions in Europe and offers Europe's largest health centre, the Vienna well-known vital, with all of its medical personnel. It includes 31 university clinics and clinical institutes, and 12 scientific-theoretical departments, which carry out around 48,000 operations each 12 months. The Vienna Trendy Medical Institution has approximately 100,000 patients dealt with as inpatients and 605,000 dealt with as outpatients every 12 months.

There have been seven Nobel prize laureates affiliated with the Clinical College, and fifteen in general with the College of Vienna. These consist of Robert Bárábig Apple, Julius Wagner-Jauregui and Karl Landsteiner, the discoverer of the AB blood kind device and the rhesus element. Sigmund Freud qualified as a doctor in the medical college and laboured as a medical doctor and lecturer at the general health centre, sporting out studies into cerebral palsy, aphasia and microscopic neuroanatomy.

Within the 2014–15 instances of better education rankings, the Scientific College of Vienna is indexed a few of the pinnacle 15 scientific faculties in Europe and 49th inside the international. (scientific, pre-clinical and fitness).

In 2019, there had been 8,217 candidates for 660 locations in medication right and eighty in dentistry, which corresponds to an admission rate of approximately 9.01% admission is primarily based upon ranking in an admission take a look at known as "meat", that's achieved every summer season in conjunction with the three different public medical schools of Austria: the Clinical College of Graz, the Medical University of Innsbruck and the Medical College at the Johannes Kepler University Linz.

The University of Salzburg, positioned in a breathtakingly beautiful alpine placing in north-western Austria, the town of Salzburg boasts a rich cultural heritage, an old metropolis that could be a UNESCO global background website online, stunning parks, palaces, and an implementing citadel. It's also a town known internationally for its favored son Mozart and for the famed Salzburg song and arts festival. For the reason that 1622, it has also been a university city when prince Archbishop Paris London based the college that now bears his call.

These days it contains four schools, with approximately 18,000 students and a couple of800 personnel. As a centre for innovative research, it's miles firmly integrated into the colorful cultural and financial lifestyles of Salzburg and its environs that expand ways into southern Germany.

With its cultural, intellectual, and monetary ties, it is a cutting-edge information hub positioned within the coronary heart of Europe. We are also proud that our university blends seamlessly into the architectural ensemble of the ancient centre. The College of Salzburg offers students a large variety of specializations with a balanced ratio of teachers to students.

The University of Salzburg is committed to academic excellence and progress via studies. It intends to play an important function in supporting addressing the exceptional questions of our time. Reinhard Reinisch, chair of the department of political technology on behalf of the rector of the college of Salzburg, Prof. Heinrich Schmidinger.

The College of Herbal Sources and Life Sciences, Vienna or Universität FürBodenkultur Wien (Boku) turned into established in 1872. It's far from a schooling and research centre for renewable resources. 10500 college students have a look at right here.


The College of Natural Resources and Lifestyles Sciences, the alma mater Viridis, perceives itself as a coaching and studies centre for renewable assets, that are important for human existence. It's far Boku's objective to assist make a big contribution to the conservation and safety of sources for destiny generations by means of providing range in its fields of study.

Connecting herbal sciences, engineering and financial sciences, we want to boom expertise of the ecologically and economically sustainable use of herbal sources, to provide a harmoniously cultivated landscape.


The Office of Technology Switch is answerable for the protection of intellectual belongings (IP) and gives ready supervision inside the exploitation and transfer of Boku Studies and Technology for Society’s use. They offer information inside the subject of invention disclosure, licensing & patent, spin-offs and entrepreneurship, and assist scientists inside the commercialisation of modern ideas.


The process gives off the University of Herbal Sources and Life Sciences Vienna. The medical, non-medical, process gives for students and alumni.

Admission Process in Austria

  • For enrolling in the Austrian clinical university, students need to take an examination, apart from the 12th Board examination and NEET. The exam that is required in extra is the German language test and also the student should pass the stage C1.
  • The main motive of medical universities in Austria has been in preparing wonderful future doctors. To give the German test, you have to register on 31st March. The exam takes place around the first Friday in July. Results could be announced within the first week of August. Finally, the registration in the various medical universities closes by 5th September.
  • The syllabus for the MBBS course consists of 4 main subjects, special training medicine in German language and also this course of MBBS requires a good command of the German language.
  • Importance of German language in the MBBS Course
  • Understanding scientific literature and expert texts are considered one of the 4 parts within the courses. Students doing MBBS in Austria take unique medical courses while learning the German language, and they even examine professional reference book and train themselves with the various terms of medical science in German.
  • If a student does not know anything about the German language (b2 stage), then also he or she can be admitted to the MBBS course but in this case, the practice program starts with an extraordinary-in depth German language courses. In that case, the duration of the program is extended by one semester.

Documents Requirements for MBBS in Austria:

  • Application structure.
  • Your visa size photos.
  • Give the bank statement which can confirm the money related capacity.
  • 10th Marksheet and 12th Marksheet
  • Verification from the police that speaks to that you haven't been into any crime.
  • Get the Medical Certificate.
  • School Leaving Certificate

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Admission Timeline in Austria

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Cost Of Living in Austria

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Common Questions about Study in Austria

How highly-priced is it to stay in Austria?

General in keeping with month approx. 1000 euros

Austria is one of the one's Schengen states which provides training to all college students. However, they need to pay a social rate and pupil union charge which is in no way extra than € 379.36 consistent with the semester. Due to this low charge, many students come to study in Austria at top Austrian universities.

Yes, there are few English language necessities: IELTS 7.0 (no much less than 6.5 in analyzing and writing) Cambridge advanced certificate.

In case you are a non-European/EEA scholar, federal/public universities in Austria can be with the handiest rate of approximately 36372 - 36776 euros according to the semester for tuition expenses and plus 19.20 euros for scholar union membership price “öh-Beitrag” and the pupil medical insurance price.

There are over 200 English-taught programs in Austria. universities in Austria will need to look for evidence that you have good English-language talents so that you can effortlessly achieve their courses. Almost all Austrian universities take delivery of those professional English exams: IELTS. However, the MBBS or medicine course is generally taught in German Language. So, you need to take an exam in German.

In case you plan to work within the capital Vienna, there must be ample activity possibilities in industries, like research, IT, tourism, and the provider enterprise and if you are from an EU or EEA country, you will be able to stay and do jobs in Austria without a special permit or visa. In case, you are from other countries, you would need to follow the rules of your visa. For eg., Indians cannot work more than 20 hours and that too the jobs should be on campus.

The common earnings in Austria are $ 76,000 annually.

Austria has 23 public and 11 non-public universities. established in 1365, the University of Vienna is Austria's oldest and largest University. a dozen or so undergraduate and many greater postgraduate courses are taught in English.

Austria is a wonderful region for destiny international college students such as you. It has very affordable training fees whilst compared to different popular ones have a look at destinations, like us, United Kingdom, or Australia.

The pay goes somewhere in the range of 300 and 400 euros for every month (which doesn't surpass the minor work edge).

The route toward moving to Austria is significantly more straightforward in case you are an EU or EEA occupant, chiefly because you needn't mess with a visa to live there, nor a residence or work permit. Those from a non-EU/EEA country ought to apply for a visa.

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