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MBBS in Aruba

Talking about an MBBS degree from Aruba, you can see various things offered by the country's universities. The university there in Aruba states that due to limited seats available in America people do not get themselves admitted there, so the university of Aruba provides them with seats and a university to reach their dream to become doctors along with that it ensures the quality provided by the Americans. The universities there provides one degree in bachelor's for health care studies, offers two degrees of MD in healthcare studies. The universities also have a premed program for the duration of 1 and a half year, with 4 semesters. This is for the students wanting to pursue MD program. After doing this, students might apply for the MD program which is basically a post-graduate degree given to an individual upon graduating from a medical school. The total fee for the premed and MD programs would sum up to somewhere around 171,680 USD.

The biggest advantage of doing your medical degree from Aruba is that you can practice in USA, and you can also get residentship of USA. There are scholarships available for students in Aruba university. The students of different nations can apply for an exchange program to get themselves to study in Aruba for a specific period of time.

Basically, exchange programs work between a university and their partners, they exchange students for a certain period of time to give them knowledge, academics, everything of the same criteria but in a different social zone, in a different set if environment. It's fun for both the students and the teachers. They both get to experience something new even being related to the same academic schedule. Aruba being a country with the high aesthetic value the students get to see a very different aspect other than just academics when they get themselves enrolled into exchange schemes and travel from their places of study to Aruba.

Why is Aruba as a country very attractive for the Students?

Aruba is basically one of the island countries, also can be counted as a constituent country of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in the southern part of the Caribbean Sea, and located about 1,000 kilometers, west to the main part of the Lesser Antilles and then 29 kilometers north to the coast of Venezuela.

Talking about what can attract you towards the country, you'll find stunning blond beaches, wind-sculpted desert landscapes drawing your attention towards them. Not only these aesthetic beauties but people are also attracted to this country due to the hospitality shown by the people of that country, and so it gets the title of the best Caribbean island to visit. Another noticeable fact about the country is that it has the world's second-largest salt-water purification plant. Dutch stands to be the official language of the country. The estimated population counts up to 112,309 with a 4.483 billion-dollar GDP. The official currency is named as Aruban florin (AWG). It is one of the four countries that form the kingdom, i.e. the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

Talking about climatic conditions, the country, unlike the other Caribbean islands, is dry, and arid. The landscape is cactus-strewn. But indeed, the climatic conditions have helped a lot in attracting tourists from everywhere in the world. Aruba is a flat, riverless island. It has white sand beaches. Western and southern coasts are the major attraction to the tourist population.

Education facilities provided in Aruba

Now coming to the education system of the country, the education system here is patterned after The Dutch System of Education and the government of Aruba finances the national education system. There are both private and public schools present in this island country. The country provides three types of the general education systems, one with a duration of 4 years, another with a duration of 5 years, and then one with a duration of 6 years. The literacy rates of this country are 97%.

The government states that education plays an important role in the improvement and development of the country. Throughout the country, the land gives place to 80 plus schools providing education to twenty-two thousand students. The education system of the country provides for the education of all levels. The government does not finance the private schools but takes up the responsibility of the government public schools, and the private schools work on their own finances and their own accord.

Top Universities in Aruba

American University of Medicine, Aruba

This institution is one of the best institutes of the country, aiming to give the aspirin physicians the best platform to fulfill their dreams. The university aims to provide the students with the best faculty, staff, and instruments (technology). Currently holding three basic degrees where they are working on: Basic science (MD program), Clinical Sciences (clinical rotation) and Pre-med (preparation for medical school).

The American University of Medicine has been licensed by the ministry of education of the country. Moreover, in the year of 2011, the Attached Charter was granted to the university and then the university has its place secured in the world directory of medical schools. The school has teachers from different nations. It takes care of the exchange scheme and does work on bringing teachers from Canada, USA, India, for its students. The university is located in the heart of Aruba, known as One Happy Island. Due to the peace that is offered by the place itself, the school is One Happy School, and it provides you with the best environment required for studying. Moreover, a brand-new campus has been opened in the year 2018.

Aureus University School of Medicine, Aruba

This university was previously known as the All Bahamas University of Medicine; the name was changed later in 2011 and then came the name that we know now. The type of this university is Private, located in a place called Oranjestad, on Aruba. This institution was established in the year 2004. The Institute states the academics to be cheaper, or to be precise affordable tuition fees are set for the students.

They aim to teach the students not only the academic part but also the knowledge of what profession they are getting themselves into, the social responsibility of the profession and how noble the profession is. What will attract you to the Institute? It is their aims to make the doctors more ethical. This is what goes missing in many Institutes' motto and aim. The students from this university are free to practice in other countries such as Canada, US, UK, etc. Along with that, the university talks about providing the scholarship to the deserving students, anyone interested to take up a scholarship scheme is advised to meet the dean of the Institute.

Talking about the money part of the whole scenario, the institution charges you with 795 USD as enrollment fees with an additional amount of 50 USD as the application fees, which sums up to 845 USD. The citizens of Aruba do get a benefit and that is, as approved by the government of the country, they get a 50% scholarship on tuition fees.

The lodging and fooding might give you an additional budget of 900 USD and above, the institution also charges you up with an onetime lab fee, a health insurance fee. Moreover, the fee can't be generalized as different course structures have a different range of fees for it. But the given amount can give you a rough estimate about the fees required for the admission.

And along with that any individual getting into some unavoidable circumstances and deciding to step back, will get a chance to refund their fees, that also has a whole set of batches set for different refunding for a different time.

Cost Of Living in Aruba

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Common Questions about Study in Aruba

Do the students get to use scholarship if they only apply for premed program?

Yes, students do have different scholarship schemes for different programs in the Aruba university. Even after being a scholarship student for premed, you can again apply for another for the MD program.

The government and the university take care of the faculty very well, as being an island country their aim is to reach more development. The university does have teachers for foreign students coming up to their university via exchange programs. The students arriving there would not feel out of place after they reach the destination.

If you are asking that does the University of Aruba provides scholarship to exchange program students, and then no but then the university sending the students can provide so. Some university does provide a scholarship. What can be done further is there might be a reduction in the fees of all the exchange program students by a the contract between the partner universities.

The country earns from tourism, that's their source of income, but the government clearly states how important education is for the country. After all every country craves development and the government understands that the way is getting a good education. So, the education sector does not get hampered by the tourism factor going on in the country.

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