Germany Education Consultants in Jaipur

Germany Education Consultants in Jaipur

If you are looking for the best Germany education consultants in Jaipur, we can assist you to get admission in Germany university. Since 2010, we have been assisting students in pursuing higher education in India and abroad. In Jaipur, we are the most trusted and oldest educational consultants for Germany, the UK, Australia, and other European countries.

About Germany

If you are interested in pursuing a bachelor's or master's degree in Germany, there are a few things you should know before entering a German university. Germany is the land of inventions, innovation, excellence, and opportunity. For centuries, Germany has been associated with discoveries, new ideas, quality education, creativity, and whatnot. For this reason, studying in Germany is an excellent idea, particularly if you want to join the tech industry. However, remember that it is not limited to technology. Germany is beyond expectations.


Why Study Abroad in Germany?

Germany is a great option for Indian students, in terms of quality of education, fees, facilities, course curriculum, and infrastructure. One of the biggest reasons to join German universities as an Indian student is that public universities in Germany offer free education. To add, Germany’s high academic standards and globally recognized education is the second-best thing about Germany.

The list of advantages doesn’t end here. German universities have cutting edge technology, modern teaching and learning gadgets, an international standard course curriculum, the best learning environment, and a vibrant student community, all of which will help you excel personally and professionally.

Germany is the hottest destination to study abroad. Many overseas students join German universities every year because of their extremely high standards in all terms.

Germany for Indian Students

Germany is the second most popular country for hosting international students. More than 200 international students arrive each day, and more than 50,000 arrive every year. Germany is the most sought-after destination for Indian students looking to pursue their dream career. At present, there are approximately 33,000 Indian students enrolled in German universities. In Germany, there are 400+ institutions offering more than. 20,000 programs in various fields. Indian students can choose from more than 1,000 study courses in English.

Some top universities provide a wide range of courses partly or entirely taught in English. You can choose programs across various fields like agriculture, the arts, computer science, medicine, nursing, law, economics, management, engineering, etc.

Indian students seeking to pursue their bachelor's degree in Germany, have to prove their language fluency. As the majority of bachelor programs are in German, your German language skills will be tested before admission. However, at the master’s level, a number of courses are available in English. It is recommended that you learn German in order to get the most out of the course and to work in Germany.

What Will Be the Cost of Study in Germany?

For Indian students, universities in Germany are like blessings. Various German universities offer free education to national and even international students Tuition fees in most of the public institutions across Germany are zero or minimal, while private universities are likely to charge a little more when compared to public universities. In short, public universities are inexpensive in Germany. Despite the low course charges, Germany's universities don’t compromise on the quality of education and facilities offered to international students.

Studying in Germany is quite affordable for Indian students, although, as Germany is a developed country, the cost of living there can bother you. One would expect Germany to be an expensive country to live in. On average, international students studying and living in Germany require about 800 euros per month for basic needs and expenses incurred during study. 800 euros are sufficient if you do not spend money on the unnecessary.

Planning to Study in Germany?

Individuals who are planning to study in Germany, but don’t have an idea of how to apply, which is the best university, how to manage funding, and all that stuff, should join Jagvimal consultants in Jaipur today. We are the best German education consultants in Jaipur.

We will help the students get admission as well as visa assurance. Even an average student can get admission in Germany, so don’t worry if you are not a bright student. Our study abroad team consists of experienced members and study abroad experts who will provide you with "out of the box" solutions and assist you throughout the journey.

As compared to the other consultants, we have a wide range of programs and tie-ups with top German institutions. We are representatives of some of the top German universities.

Why Choose Us?

So why should consider Jagvimal Consultant for Study in Germany? Jagvimal is the most popular and verified educational consultant for studying in Germany for Indian students. In Germany, Berlin, Cologne, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Heidelberg, and Munich are the top educational cities to study.

Jagvimal's verified educational counsellors will assist students with the admission process, university selection, and course selection based on their preferred field in correspondence with Germany career opportunities.

Our knowledgeable admissions counsellors and visa assurance team will assist you with travel arrangements and visa issuance. They will serve as guides in achieving your academic and professional objectives. Book a session today to check your eligibility and pursue free education in Germany.

We assist from preparations to settlements. Jagvimal is an all-in-one center for all your educational requirements. At Jagvimal, we also provide IELTS coaching by industry experts to train the students for a bright future. Here you will learn, crack the test, and secure valid scores to follow your dreams.

However, if you are running low on funds, we are always there to help you. Our team will help you find the best options available to support you and reduce your financial burden. We have assisted numerous students in achieving their academic and career goals and gaining admission to top German universities. Book a session today, because it’s now or never.

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