Germany Education Consultants in Gurgaon

Germany Education Consultants in Gurgaon

Germany is a holy grail for international students. It is a dream land and a country known for its innovation and technological advancement. Germany is an ultimate destination for young minds looking to flourish and excel in this cutthroat environment. So, if you have decided to study in Germany, and are searching for the best German education consultants in Gurgaon, we are open to helping you.

German institutes offer the most innovative, subsidized free education in Germany. They mainly emphasize providing premium education and opportunities, even to international students.

Who We are?

We are Jagvimal Consultants, India’s top-leading overseas consultants. Unlike other traditional consultants, we don’t follow rigid strategies because we are trend-setters in the industry. Our team of professionals continuously strives to make your study objectively attainable. There are several educational consultants across India, but our strategy makes us stand out.

The experts at Jagvimal Consultants help our students in every step of their pursuit of their dream course in Germany and turn their dreams into reality. We ensure 100% success for our students. Get online Germany education consultation in Gurgaon by our top Germany counsellors for free.

How Can We Help You?

Our team at Jagvimal Consultants works closely with the students to comprehend their educational, personal, and career goals so that we can provide the best match for them with the appropriate curriculum. We provide a wide range of programs to study in Germany.

Additionally, we also assist the students during the application process. Our team provides guidance on the application procedure, including admission requirements, last dates for applications, documents, and others. The team also reviews the applications, essays, and personal statements and edits them if needed.

Furthermore, we also provide guidance on Visa requirements and visa issuance, travel plans, accommodation, safety, and health insurance, financing support to the students. Students will get an outline and tips on how to adapt to the foreign culture.

Our Services

When it comes to services to aid the student’s seeking admission in the German universities, Jagvimal consultants offer complete assistance and support to the students. Jagvimal serves as an admirable intermediary in realizing the aspirations of the students who wish to pursue higher education at top German universities. When you join us, we guide you from preparation to settlement.

Personalized guidance

The team of experts at Jagvimal helps you explore a variety of courses depending on your grades and also lets you know the challenges associated with them. You will get the latest and most detailed information and complete guidance to choose the most suitable course that is convenient for your pocket and appealing to you.

Coaching for students

Those students who are weak in English or who want to excel in the language can get coaching from the industry experts. An English proficiency test is very important when you are planning to study abroad. For this, we at Jagvimal Consultants conduct IELTS coaching sessions, to prepare you to succeed and achieve perfection so that you can fulfil your dream of studying abroad.

Financial Guidance

After choosing a course and cracking the preferred exam, arranging funds is the biggest challenge. If you're concerned about your finances, we can assist you.We will help you find the best finance option available for you.

Student Visa

Lastly, we make sure that our students who achieved appropriate bands are granted visas, and we assist the students in getting their visas approved.

Why Study In Germany?

Indian students, in particular, have recently witnessed Germany. Higher educational standards and cutting-edge technology are what Germany is best known for. There are several options for studying that might improve your knowledge and skills. However, one of the biggest attractions is the ability to study for little to no tuition fees.

Reasons to Study in Germany

Here are a few reasons to opt for higher education in Germany.

Wide variety of courses

400+ universities in Germany offer around 20,000 courses to study. As an international student, you can pick one from a list of courses. Germany is not only recognized for featuring globally recognized universities, but it also provides thousands of programs in all different fields.

Numerous public universities

International students are fascinated by the huge number of public universities in Germany. These universities do not charge a tuition fee, or just charge a small amount as administration charges at the beginning of the semester.

Availability of English-based Programs

One of the major benefits of studying in Germany is the availability of English-language programs. To overcome the language barrier, some universities offer programs in English.

Scholarships for Internationals

When you come to study in Germany, there are numerous options to get financial aid. The students may be able to get financial support via scholarship and fellowship offered by the institutions, private organization and government.

Learn and Earn

In Germany, you can choose to work part-time and supplement your income while studying. Throughout the semester, the students have the option to work 20 hours a week.

Top Courses to Study in Germany

These are the top courses offered by the German universities to international students.

  • Medicine
  • Engineering
  • Business and Management
  • Arts, Science and Humanities
  • Math’s and Computer Sciences
  • Law
  • Natural
  • Architecture
  • Psychology

Why Choose Us?

The number of international students in Germany is increasing rapidly. To gain admission to the best university in Germany, you may require the assistance of a leading Germany education consultant.If you are looking for counselling in Gurgaon, we are the best German education consultants in Gurgaon. We will help you at every step, from the beginning to the end.

When you are confused to select the course, or how to apply, we can help you. We know that applying to a foreign university can be tedious, but we are experts at handling the tiresome and nerve-wracking process of applying to universities. You don’t need to worry, since Jagvimal's consultant is open to helping you get admission to the foreign university.

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