Why You Choose UK for Study

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Why You Choose UK for Study?

The United Kingdom or majorly known as the UK, is quite famous for its epic landscapes and vibrant lifestyle. The country is not only home to some of the world’s oldest universities and colleges, whose history goes back to 1096, however, the place is full of charm and bursts with many unforgettable experiences.
The UK consists of  England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland along with the pretty British Isles. The country's history reveals it to be a major political force along with it being a cultural superpower. Being the birthplace of the greatest dramatist of all time William Shakespeare and writers such as Emily Bronte and Jane Austen, the country boasts its great contribution to classic English literature.
The country offers an amazing academic experience for the international students who are looking for a chance to gain high-quality education and a well-secured future. Studying in the UK can be a turning point in your career. Students are most likely to witness a great academic structure  along with the best research facilities. Since, UK is world-famous for its great educational structure, nearly 6,04,000 students (both EU and non-EU) move here in hopes of getting the world-class education.  Universities in the UK have a record of excellent results in terms of career. Country has a great reputation and stable economic conditions which makes it even easier to create a good teaching environment here.


There are many reasons why it is very recommendable for the students to study in the UK, and these can definitely not be summed up in one go. However, below are some of the reasons why your decision to study in UK can be a turning point in your life and career:

1. Wide-range of subject choice: UK is home to some of the most virtuous Universities and colleges in the world. Not only the great virtue, these Universities provide a wide-range of Subject choices to the students, with some really good combination choices. If you wish to study Business Management along with Literature and values, you can get the combinations in one of the Universities, where you can study both.

2. Cultural Values: This country is filled with diverse cultures and traditional beliefs. Not only can you witness a great lifestyle in the vibrant metropolitan cities in the UK, you can also learn about its multicultural society. From Scottish to pure English culture, you can experience it all here. 

3. High-Quality Education: The Universities of UK, holds the reputation of providing the most high-class education and providing the opportunity to their students to learn first-class information from its world-class professors. They simply believe in providing the best of education without any compromise. Since there are many Universities that brag about their historical heritage, it is a must for them to provide the best education. One will never regret choosing the UK for higher education.

4. Part-time Jobs: When you are an international student in the UK, it is most definite that you might need some extra finances to cover for all your expenses, and working is the only option. In the UK, students can work part-time jobs as per the law, if you carry the work permit along with the student visa. You can work 20 hours/week and earn enough money to cover your expenses.

5. Explore a New Country: The UK is one of those countries that contains almost everything from countryside villages to great metropolitan cities. When you decide to move here for studying or any other purpose, you get the chance to explore this country at its best. From historical landmarks to diverse British cuisine, everything keeps you occupied during the duration of your stay in the country.

6. Career Boost: When a student graduates from the UK, it boosts up their chances of getting better job opportunities. Education system in the UK is famous worldwide for preparing the best workforce and is recognized everywhere in the world. Employers generally seek high quality graduates to work with best skills and utmost sincerity. Students from Universities in the UK are their first choice.

7. Learn English: English is the globally spoken language, and is used as a medium of communication almost everywhere. To learn the language, the UK is the best place to be at, where the language originated from. You not only learn the language, you also get the proper use of grammar and become fluent in the language.

8. Duration of the Course: You will be shocked to know that compared to all the other countries, educational courses duration are much shorter in the UK than the other countries. Generally, you can finish your graduation in about 3 years if you're studying full time, and a master's degree lasts for 1 year. It is beneficial if you wish to dive into work life sooner and save up on finances.

9. Scholarships While Studying: When you are studying in the UK, you do not need to worry about your expenses, since there are many scholarships and financial aid organisations that are willing to cover the costs for you. Universities not only offer their personal scholarships, however, there are many government scholarships as well that helps you with the expenses.

10. Healthcare: When you are enrolled in an educational course that lasts for more than 6 months, you are entitled to the free healthcare facilities by NHS healthcare cover. Anytime you need healthcare services, you do not need to worry about your financial status. One only needs to register with a local doctor, whether at the educational institution or outside.


Educational courses in the UK are globally renowned, due to the high-class education provided by the Universities in the UK. Universities such as University of Oxford, University of Cambridge and many more carry a global reputation for their excellent skill creation courses and hardly any other University in the whole world can compete with these Universities in terms of education.

1. Universities in the UK believe in providing quality education which not only generates the skills in the student, however it also prepares them for the life ahead. Students are pushed to their extreme best level, in order to create a perfect individual for the best job opportunities.

2. There are many other opportunities that come along with studying in UK, such as, 
i.) One can learn the English language and develop the best communication skills along with fluency in the language.
ii.) Wide-range of choice when selecting the subject combinations which team up with short duration of courses, helping with finances

3. In the UK, once you complete graduation, you are allowed to stay back for the time period of 2 years and work internships, part-time jobs and gather all the foreign experience which can increase the value of your resume.

4. It is very easy to get Student Visa for the UK compared to all the other countries.
The UK is well-equipped with the latest technology, excellent educational infrastructure, top-notch distinguished teaching methodology, quality research, rich heritage and diverse culture, which makes it severely different from the other countries and one of the best places with a good educational environment. One should know that their educational destination makes a whole lot of difference in the future. And the UK provides the best education along with the guarantee of the future.

Unlike the other countries, there are 3 major intakes in the UK for the international students which totally depends on the colleges and the educational institutions. The 3 major intakes are below:
1. Fall Intake: September-October
2. Winter Intake: January-February
3. Spring Intake: May
Below you can find the further details regarding these 3 major intakes:

1. Fall Intake:
It is the most popular and the primary intake for the international students planning to move to the UK. This happens in September and  October. During this intake many Universities open admission for the international students and the choice of subjects is very wide. Not only for the subjects, students also get a wide range of Universities to select from. The admission deadline for this intake is from February to May.

2. Winter Intake:
It is the second intake for international students where a reasonable number of Universities are opening their applications, however, it is a good chance for those students who missed fall intake due to any reason. This intake is not as competitive as the fall intake which makes it even more convenient for the students to apply for it. For Winter Intake, one must complete their application process between June and September.

3. Spring Intake: 
The summer intake is the least preferred intake out of all the three since it is generally the time for the spring break. However, this is the least competitive intake for the students wishing to study in the UK. One should complete their application process by January and February if they wish to go for Spring Intake.

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Which intake is best for the UK?

September or the fall Intake is one of the best intakes for the international students willing to study in the UK. During this intake many Universities open admission for the international students and the choice of subjects is very wide. Not only for the subjects, students also get a wide range of Universities to select from.

Compared to India, the UK has many more educational courses to offer and also the Universities are quite flexibe with accomodating the new combinations of the courses. Also the research structure is very well advanced and the country is well-equipped with the latest technology due to the huge budget that is granted to education.

International students can apply for a permanent residence card in the UK after completing five whole years while working a job. Also the graduation must be completed.

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