Why Nanjing University is labeled as the best Chinese University for MBBS

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MBBS is known as the best course a medical student can pursue them. The cost of the course MBBS in India is quite high for a student from a middle-class family. There are many other ways where a person can get their MBBS degree. One of the best ways is study MBBS in China for Indian students, as it provides the cheapest MBBS course all over the world with quality to students. There are many Chinese universities which provide intake to many international students for MBBS and got official approbation from various international medical councils to provide education to international aspirants.


Nanjing University is among the top leading universities who provide MBBS for both national as well as international students is a reasonable cost. There are various reasons a person can consider of while choosing Nanjing University for MBBS. The Nanjing University is formerly known as the Nanjing Medical University and a candidate need not score 70 or 80 % for taking admission in Nanjing Medical University. A student seeking for admission in Nanjing University will find many numbers of Indian students already studying at Nanjing University.


Why Choose for Nanjing Medical University

An approximate of the 8,000 Indian students currently study in the course of MBBS in China in more than 45 universities. Among all the medical universities, Nanjing Medical University has more than 300 Indian students studying at various levels of courses currently. The past ratio of the passing of MCI screening test is known to be 28%. This ratio is very high in comparison to the average passing ratio of test every year. The Grade of University was B+ till the year 2015 and applied for upgradation under consideration by World Health Organisation for ‘A’ Grade. The condition of weather in Nanjing is known to be favorable for the Indian students since it provides Indian weather for 9 months and while the rest 3 months of the year would be cold matching with the weather of Himachal Pradesh in India which is pleasant for the students studying there. Nanjing University provides the facility of Online Seminars or webinar frequently for guiding the students towards the right career path.


Hostel of Nanjing Medical University

Nanjing Medical University has in total 20 hospitals spread across the province of Jiangsu which is affiliated with the University. The total number of the hospital beds is around 8,000 for the students with the glow of total 1 million patients every year. The internship experience for a candidate is not required at Nanjing Medical University. The students of the Nanjing Medical University can move back to India for the internship program in the 6th year and can save the fees for last year. Most of the students continue to do their internship at Nanjing Medical University due to the high-quality laboratory and research work with infrastructure apart from the huge flow of patients at the hospital allows students to have good practical experience offered by the Nanjing Medical University.


Facilities and Amenities of Nanjing Medical University

The Nanjing Medical University has owned a large campus spread in an area of more than 500 acres and provides one of the most excellent facilities to students such as 8 canteens with International, Indian, Muslim (Halal Food) as well as Chinese cuisines. The university currently has more than 2,400 international students from India residing in the world-class facilities of the dorm with pantry to cook own food in every floor. The campus has each kind of offerings such as Bicycle, electric scooters, two-wheelers, and well-stocked Grocery store, Mobile and laptop stores as well as Banks and ATM. The facilities are provided to students because they need not spend their time traveling outside the campus for facilities and disturb their busy schedule. The best part of the Nanjing Medical University is the Indian restaurant on the campus premises which provides both Veg and Non-Veg food to the Indian students. This is turned out to be one of the biggest attractions since many other medical universities in China offering MBBS course do not provide this advantage of Indian food.


About the Nanjing Medical University

The Nanjing Medical University is considered among the top medical colleges in China for MBBS, in the year 1941 the establishment of the Nanjing Medical University occurred. The University has teaching experience of approximate 75 years in the medical teaching and is known to be definitely good enough for a student to understand the quality of education. The Nanjing Medical University is aided by the China Government and accordingly, offers the high quality of the education at low cost to study the 6-year program which leads to MBBS all over China. China’s Ministry of Education allowed total intake of the 100 international students every year in the course of MBBS. However, medical seats for Indian students are limited in total for every year in one of the top-ranked Chinese medical university approved by the Medical Council of India.


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